Title: Just How Close?
Author: Wisecracks
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/David
Status: WIP
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Summary: Just how close are Jack Kelly and David Jacobs? Well they're about to find out. Now they only have to worry about getting caught...
Disclaimer: All characters from "Newsies" are copyright Disney. I am in no way associated with them or making any money off of this. It sucks too. I don't consider what i'm doing wrong by any means, i'm just using my creative lisence to explore a bit. Disney, I promise i'll put the boys back when i'm done playing with 'em. Please don't sue me. All i have are tons of your merchandise and four dogs. Trus me, you don't want the dogs. Um...love you? Thanks.


The snow fell silently outside the Jacobs' tenement window. David watched each snowflake fall until it passed his line of view. One word could sum up his mood right now-bored! Boredom in its biggest degree. He wondered what the gang was doing right now. If they were selling any papes at all in this weather. His mother had kept him from selling today, saying "You'll catch your death out there!". Mothers. He vowed to himself that he'd sell tomorrow no matter what his mother would say.

Esther had taken some warm food to her friend's home a couple blocks away. Her friend was a sweet old woman she'd met at a bakery one day. The woman lived all by herself and Esther was her only friend. David figured she'd be there for a few good hours. The only good thing was Les was forced to go with her. Don't get him wrong, he loved Les as any brother should, but sometimes the age difference made for a lot of arguments that Dave just didn't need today. As for the others, Mayer was back to work in the factory as a supervisor thanks to Denton and Roosevelt, and Sarah was at someone's tenement on the 1st floor. Some new neighbors that David really didn't care about. She's helping them get settled in. David softly snickered. The reason she's being Miss Helpful is probably due to the fact that the new neighbors had a young man around her age, he thought. Sarah had Jack, but to quote her, "I may be with Jack, but that doesn't mean I can't look at other men."

Jack. David wondered what he was doing and if he was okay in this storm. Just then, two knocks sounded from the door. David jumped up and unlocked the door. He opened it to see the cold, red face of his best friend. Speak of the devil.

"Hey, Dave, let me in! My toes is numb!", Jack smiled, teeth chattering. David wrapped his arms around Jack's shoulders and led him in.

"Of course! Here, sit down.", David pulled out a chair and Jack gladly relaxed in it. David rubbed his arms, trying to get him warmed up. "Did you sell papes today?"

"Yeah, I bought 50 instead of 100. Sold 'em all too!", He smirked proudly, "Am I good or what?"

"Yeah, yeah, Cowboy, don't be modest now.", David took Jack's scarf and jacket and hung them up. He then took a seat on Sarah's bed. "Sorry I couldn't help you, ma had to be her motherly, protective self this morning."

Jack had turned in his chair to face him, the redness in his cheeks fading."Dat's okay, pal. I had it covered. Just so ya know, you're not getting squat from the profits, though."

"What?!" David exclaimed. Jack chuckled and flashed his trademark grin.

"Easy, Davey, it was only a gag! You shoulda seen your face. Dat was priceless.", Jack got up and sat next to him on the bed. David gave a mock glare.

"I knew you wouldn't cheat me, Jack.", David then mimicked Jack's strong New York accent, "Ya knows you'd hafta answer to me fists." David raised his fists for emphasis.

"HA! That'd be a sight! Face it, Dave, I just knows how gullible ya are." Jack said as he tussled David's dark curls. David stood up and took a fighting stance.

"Oh, yeah? Come on, Cowboy, let's see what you're made of!" He laughed as he took a few light jabs at his friend. Jack chuckled and stood up to Dave, throwing in a few playful punches of his own. David pretended to take a big swing at Jack's face, coming an inch away from it and made a punching sound with his mouth. Jack pretended to get hit and flung his head to the side adding a fake cry of pain. They kept on like that for a few more moments before David misjudged the distance between them and actually got Jack in the face. It was soft, of course, so no harm was caused, but David acted as though he'd just killed him.

"Jack! Jack, I'm so sorry! Are you all right? Jack?". Jack, seeing the reaction from Dave, decided to really sell it. He grabbed his face and doubled over while throwing in some light curses. David tried to get a look by prying Jack's hands away from his face. "C'mon, Jack, let me see! I'm sorry!", Dave continued, his voice full of concern.

Suddenly, Jack stood straight again and launched a tickle attack on Davey. "AAH!" David yelped in surprise before laughing like a mad man. "Stop! HA! JACK! I...I can't...BREATHE! HAHA!" Jack didn't stop. He didn't even slow. David laughed so hard he couldn't stand any longer. He fell backwards onto the bed. Jack wasn't gonna let him get away that easily. He knelt right down beside David and continued to tickle the poor boy. "Okay, Jack!...That's...ACK! That's enough! This isn't...Heehee!...fair!"

"Well, you'll learn not to hit me den, won't ya?" Jack grinned. He looked at David squirming under him all red in the face and decided that was enough. He stopped tickling and let his friend finally breathe. David giggled a few more times as he gasped for air. Jack giggled a bit also then stopped abruptly. His eyes came to rest on David's face, his smile, his twinkling eyes. He tried to tear his own eyes away but failed. Jack's chest and stomach had a strange tingly feeling that wouldn't go away. David was breathing normally now and stared at Jack, wondering what was wrong.

Without warning, Jack leaned down and kissed him softly. Their lips pressed together for a couple seconds then slowly parted. Jack pulled back to look at David's wide eyes. What the hell did I just do?! Him...me...us...kiss? Jack's mind raced. It was the strangest thing, like he wasn't controlling his actions at all. Dave blinked at last, but shock was still written all over his face.

"Wha...what just happened?"

"I don't know. I...I...Oh God, David, I'm sorry! It was, I just, and you were...," Jack became very nervous and turned away, unable to look at him. He didn't think he could ever look at him or any of the Jacobs again. Should he go? Should he stay? He was so confused! All the while, David was playing the last few moments over again in his mind. It didn't worry him so much that Jack had kissed him, it was the fact that he may have liked it. He licked his lips trying to remember the feeling, the taste. He glanced over at Jack. His bangs masked his eyes as they burned a hole in the floor. Dave's conscience started a war. Was this right or wrong? Should he trust his feelings right now, or his brain? He licked his lips one more time before coming to a decision.

"Jack?" Jack turned his head and David's thin lips were on his again. He shut his eyes letting the feeling take over his body. This time, David pulled away. Jack opened his eyes immediately to see David's open slowly. His eyelids unveiling his beautiful ice-blue eyes. The dark-haired boy half smiled and looked down, unable to meet Jack's gaze. When he could no longer see those eyes it was as if he was cut off from oxygen. He needed those eyes. Jack gently raised David's chin and searched his face. Eying every feature, etching it into his memory. He quickly closed the distance between them. Lips closed, kissing softly at first. It made the passion rise. Jack's hand caressed David's jaw line.

David needed more, he craved more of that taste. His lips parted and covered Jack's own. Jack was all too happy to follow suit. David, so caught up in the moment, grabbed Jack's bandanna and started to lie back on the bed. Jack followed those lips hungrily, half on top so their chests touched. They increased the passion with each kiss, pressing as close as they could. The feeling was incredible! They felt each other's heart pounding to the same rhythm. Jack's mind asked so many questions. His cynical side conflicted with his side that had given in to this passion long ago. What if this is wrong? Then let it be wrong. What if the gang finds out? How could they? What if someone walks in? The door's locked, you'll be ready. What if David stops it? He won't. He needs this, wants this as much as you do. Both sides shut up as David pulled on Jack's bottom lip tenderly with his teeth. The tingly feeling in Jack's stomach started moving south.

David's voices of reason had been silenced also. All train of thought derailed as Jack's scent, taste, touch washed over him. He might never have had a real thought again if Jack's bangs hadn't started to tickle his eyelids and cheekbones. That seemed to be the distraction he needed to get that train back on track. Think about what you're doing, David. You're doing this with your partner, best friend, almost brother! Doesn't this seem wrong to you? The voice faded for a second when Jack's thumb rubbed against his hip. Yes! Wrong. Wr--UGH! No, right. Right! He regained control again. I wonder if this is a sin. Papa would know. PAPA! If Papa ever found out he'd disown me! He could walk through that door any minute and I'd be on the street in no time. Anyone could walk in! David stopped kissing and pushed Jack away a little.

Jack gazed down into his eyes. Something had changed. He was troubled. "David...?" He whispered. Dave bit his lip and pushed Jack all the way off him.

"I can't," He stated simply, swinging his legs over the other side of the bed facing the window. He sat hunched over, elbows on his knees and head resting on his palms. Jack exhaled loudly. He stopped it. David actually stopped it. No. There's no turning back now. I'll make sure of that. He smirked, getting an idea. He then proceeded to kneel right behind David, sauntering up almost cat-like.

"S'ok, Dave. We can just sit here an' enjoy each other's company," He placed his hands on each of David's strong shoulders then massaged them. He could feel Dave stiffen for a moment before relaxing his muscles. Step one complete. Next, he positioned his face close enough to David's nape so he could feel the hot breath hit him. A chill ran down Davey's spine. This didn't go unnoticed by Jack, who put on a feral grin. He flicked his tongue out over the soft flesh. He started kissing it, caressing it with his lips. David could feel Jack's hands slowly drifting down under his arms and wrapping up and around to rub his chest through the shirt. He felt Jack's hot mouth leave behind a line of kisses and quick nips as he moved over to the left side of the neck, doing the same there. Dave unconsciously dropped his head to right, exposing more of his neck. "Yeah. Just...enjoy...comp...any," he said breathlessly.

In time, Jack covered it all with kisses. The skin was so smooth and delicate on his lips and tongue. He could taste the salt in it and smell the soap David washed with. When he moved his mouth closer to the jaw, he felt the pulse, quick and steady through the strong neck muscle. It was when he nibbled the earlobe that a hand came around the back of his neck and nimble fingers played up into his hair. He quickly glanced at the other's right hand, seeing it grasp the bed sheet in a killer grip. Jack surpressed a chuckle then let his mind get back to what he was doing.

He rubbed hard over Dave's chest and worked his way up to the collar, unbuttoning both the shirt and undershirt's. He took his left hand away and brought it behind David once more. He slid off the left suspender then tugged at the now loose collar, pulling it away as far from the shoulder as he could. Jack laid his lips there, feeling the slope between the neck and shoulder.

Each move Jack made drove David closer to the edge. His brain fought to regain control with little victory. It was mainly instinct now. Oh my God, what am I doing?! OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod! This...isn't...mmmmm...right. Oh...my...God! Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that feels good! Ding, ding, ding! Instinct won by a land slide! David leaned back and to the left, locking his lips with Jack's again.

Jack smiled. Success! He pushed David back into the laying position, getting in between his legs this time. His groin aching with need now. He slowly laid himself on top on David and was met with equal hardness. Jack clenched his eyes shut as he brought his pelvis down on his partner's. David let go of the kiss and gasped. Jack ground his hips downward so that their erections rubbed together.

"Mmmm...," David raised his own hips to get them closer. That sound was music to Jack's ears. That's what would drive him, to get more of them sounds out of that amazing mouth. They started up a steady rhythm. Jack feeling the same tingles going throughout his body, David feeling as though his body was on fire. The rest of the world disappeared completely. Nothing mattered except this. Jack jerked his head back suddenly as another wave of pleasure went through him. This was what David had half-consciously been waiting for. He raised his head and ran his tongue over Jack's Adam's apple, then kissed around it. He was sweating some. David continued running his tongue over the rough skin and kissing it afterwards, letting a audible growl escape his throat.

When Jack heard it he trembled with excitement. That certainly wasn't something he'd expected. But ol' Dave's just full of surprises, isn't he? He reminded himself. Some really, REALLY good surprises! Jack's brain must've flown out of his head at some point and was now orbiting Saturn. Some part of him wanted this to continue, but the other part, the part that desperately needed to always be in control fought back. He gently pulled David's head away from his neck and looked down at him. David looked up at him almost seductively. Jack lowered his head so their foreheads touched. They both were panting, each feeling the other's warm breath upon their faces. Their eyes were closed, feeling the heat the other's body was giving off.

David wondered why they had paused. He flicked his tongue over Jack's closed lips. Jack smiled, titled his head and kissed David. Slow, intense kisses. David's hands slid down his back and grabbed his hips, forcing them down hard. Jack moaned into Davey's mouth. They built up their rhythm again, thrusting greater than before. Jack slid his tongue past Dave's lips, exploring. David felt it glide over his teeth and almost tickle him. A shiver went through his body, all the way to his cock. This made him tear away from the kiss and arch his back violently. His groin lifting up and hitting Jack in just the right spot. "Ooohhhhh!"

He grabbed David's wrists, pinning them to the bed. He started humping faster and faster, David gratefully keeping up. The boys striving for release. Yearning for it. Dave tried to speak only for it to come out a shuddering breath, "Jaaack...". Jack's reply was a whimper he couldn't hold back. He pressed his head into the crook of David's neck. Both were close. Finally, with a jolt, David came. Without a fist to bite down on there was no way to muffle the loud moan that followed. Jack came quickly after the moan, that having pushed him into the abyss. He collapsed onto the boy beneath him.

Their hearts pounding a mile a minute through their chests. The sound of shallow breathing filled the room. After what seemed like an eternity, Jack lightly kissed David's neck then rolled over next to him. He looked up at the ceiling. It had been incredible! He turned his head to gaze at David, whose eyes were blissfully shut. Jack grinned a little. David's left hand rested on his chest, rising up and down. Jack turned on his side to face him, propping himself up on one elbow. His left hand brushed against Dave's cheekbone. David opened his eyes a quarter of the way to peer at Jack through dark eyelashes. Jack moved his hand down and laced his fingers with his friend's.

"You okay, Dave?" he whispered. David cleared his throat and talked low.

"Yeah, I just don't know what to say"

"Well, I'll start by sayin' that all of Manhattan musta hoid that moan."

David gave a quick laugh, "And I suppose you're proud of yourself?"

"You bet!" Jack joked before his tone became dead serious, "Look, Dave, I dunno how this happened or why it happened, but alls I know is dat it was amazing. I mean, I've never felt somethin' like dat before."

David happily sighed, "Same here. I don't know why, but it felt right."

"Not to mention damn good!"



"What happens now?"

"Shh," he soothed, "Nothing happens right now. You let time handle things in the future, right now, like I said before, we just lie here an' enjoy each other's company." Jack laid his head on the pillow close to David's. David smiled and let his eyes drift shut. Lying there, neither one was exactly comfortable. Their pants filled with their own semen now sticking to them, but they both were very tired and soon drifted off into dreamless slumbers.

They both started to stir when the handle of the front door began to rattle and squeak. Following that was three loud bangs. The boys bolted upright and stared at each other with their mouths agape.

"David, are you in there? You have got to stop locking this door!"

"It's Sarah," David whispered, "Get up! Move!" Jack did as he was told, only to trip over his own feet and land with a thud on the hard floor. David jumped over his form and slid to the door. He fixed himself up as best he could then waited for Jack to pick himself up and do the same. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door with a smile.

"Hi, Sarah. Sorry about that; force of habit." Sarah pushed past him rudely. I'm not even gonna ask about that thud. David narrowed his eyes at her as he shut the door. She grinned from ear to ear when she saw Jack. She ran into his arms and planted a kiss on his cheek. He hugged and kissed her back, hesitating only for a moment. Sarah stepped back to look at him and worry washed over her features.

"Are you okay, Jack? You look pale," She glared at her brother, "Did you even offer him anything to warm him up when he came in?" Jack had to smirk at that question. Oh, I can think of a few things he did to warm me up. David was about to open his mouth when Jack butted in.

"Easy, sweetheart, I'se fine. An' ease up on yer bruddah, too. He's too much of a worry wort ta let me get sick." Jack didn't know why, but Sarah and Dave weren't exactly on the best of terms lately. She'd get on his case for the smallest thing. Dave tried to ignore her, but even his patience was wearing thin. And that's something to say.

Sarah's eyes softened to look at Jack again, "I guess you're right. Can I get you something? Did you eat?"

"Nah, don't bothah. I was jus' leavin' anyways," He grabbed his coat and scarf and intentionally brushed past David to get to the door. "See yas latah,"

"Bye, Jack," Sarah said then blew him a kiss.

"Oh...uh, later, Jack," David snapped out of a light daze. Jack waved once and then he was gone. David leaned up against the door, shutting it with his weight.

"So, the new neighbors are wonderful," Sarah began after a few minutes," They even said I could come and have dinner with them tonight. Well, they didn't say it, Brad did. Brad is their son. He's such a gentlemen. And guess what? He's studying to be a doctor. Isn't that great? I think he's going to your school. Oops, your soon to be old school. Does Papa know you're dropping out yet? Tell me later. Anyway, about Brad..."

She just droned on and on. David wondered how she even got oxygen into her lungs. He sure as hell didn't hear her take breaths. He groaned. She'd carry on like this for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, he'd think of how to tell Papa about quitting school.

The next day, everyone met at the distribution center as usual. When David and Jack saw one another they tried to act as if nothing had changed. Who were they kidding? Everything had changed. Changed over some forty-five minutes filled with heat and lust. They spoke after they had gotten their papes, and that was only to come to a decision to sell separately until after lunch at Tibby's. Les had of course wanted to go with Jack. Jack was okay with it as long as he didn't look at Les that often. Whenever he did, for some strange reason, he saw David's face and his seductive look. Those kinda thoughts wouldn't exactly help at the moment.

When David walked into Tibby's later that day, he had about thirty-eight papers left to sell. He was greeted by various other newsies there, some eating, some not. They always met here anyway. Even if it was just to take a break and clown around. David hung up his coat and slid into his usual booth. He was extremely glad it was warm in the restaurant. His fingers were starting to get numb from the frigid air outside. He set his papes aside, unbuttoned his collar and took off his hat, lying it atop the said papes.

Dave sat there staring at the table like it was the most fascinating thing he'd ever seen. He only half-listened to the conversations around him. The loudest one being that of the group surrounding Mush. They were teasing him about something he hadn't understood. Nothing new there. Mush finally got sick of it and stomped over to sit by David. The others laughed about his not being able to take a joke. Mush would forget about the whole incident later as always.

Mush sneered at them before turning his eyes to Dave just sitting there like a statue. He was about to speak when he saw something. "Ohhh! Davey got some action last night!" he yelled. This was followed by some hoots and chuckles. David snapped his head to the right and looked wide-eyed at Mush.

"Why?! What have you heard?! What?!" he demanded. Mush just pointed at David's neck.

"Ya's got a hickey on yer neck," he stated, bringing David's attention to a small, red mark low on the curve on his neck. David's fingers instinctively went up to touch it. Thank God Ma and Pop didn't see it! He dropped his hand and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, um...yeah. Heh, guess so." Just then, the bell on the door rang. All looked up to see Jack and Les trot in. Many called out a greeting and the others waved. Les flung off his heavy coat and ran to all the boys his age. They proceeded to mock duel and brag about how many papes they each sold. Jack finished saying his hellos then slid into the booth, across from David.

"So how'd sellin' go, Dave?" Jack asked with a grin.

"I still have about forty to go, "David informed him, "And let me guess. You sold all yours?"

"Ah, ya know me too good!"

"Oh I bet there's lots of things I've yet to find about you, Jack," David smirked. Jack just had to laugh. Kid Blink slid in beside Jack at that moment. He wanted to talk to Mush no doubt. Those too were great friends and partners. Blink probably ran out of things to talk about with the others and decided to come to Mush.

Just as predicted, Blink only nodded to Jack and Davey before going into a conversation with his friend. They discussed the headline for today, which was weak. Jack looked as if he was totally interested in what they had to say. David, with loss of anything else to do, turned their way and nodded a few times, seeming to agree.

"Have you seen the headlines they've been comin' up wit? Blink began.

"Yeah, it's embarrassing! Why don't dey jus' fire da guy?

"Cuz da guy prob'ly woiks for cheap an' if Joe fires 'em, he may hire anuddah guy who wants higher pay."

They continued talking, but David has stopped paying attention. Jack's foot had started rubbing against his ankle. David didn't think much of it at first. He thought maybe Jack was just stretching his legs. Then the foot started moving higher to the inside of his shin. David looked at Jack like a deer in headlights. Jack, who acted like he was listening to the conversation before them, glanced Dave's way, smirked, then turned back to the other two like nothing was happening.

Kid Blink and Mush were completely unaware of what was going on under the table. David turned back to look at them. He shifted in his seat and tried to ignore the sneaky cowboy wannabe. No good. Jack's foot went higher and higher until the tip of the shoe reached his thigh, then...

David jumped, making the table shake and the occupants of it stare at him curiously. He stared back not knowing what to say or do. He looked at Jack, whose face mirrored the duo beside them. Looking concerned, innocent, almost angelic. A moment or two later, all eyebrows went down and things returned to normal.

"So, anyways...," The boys didn't lose their place. Jack had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing. Both feet now on the ground. Had been ever since that mile high jump Dave had taken. Dat was precious. He wished there was an invention that he could use to sort of record that moment and play it over again numerous times. Heh. Wonder if anybody would ever make such a thing. Somewhere, a Heavenly secretary jotted that down on her "To Do" list.

It was not long after that the gang began to file out of the restaurant, eager to sell the rest of their papes. Jack and David paired up again for the rest of the day with Les as their shadow. They managed to sell all but 2 papers. Not bad considering the weather. Jack had to get back to the Lodging House and prepare for his date with Sarah that evening. David and Les walked him there and were about to leave for their home when something cold and wet whacked Davey on the back.

David yelped and turned around to see Jack holding another snowball. He let it fly, hitting Les in the chest. Jack chuckled almost challengingly. Les and David looked at each other, wordlessly coming to the same decision. They accepted the challenge!

"You're dead, Cowboy!" David said as he made some snowballs of his own and aimed them all at Jack. Most of them hit their target, others hit the Lodging House behind him and one other hit Skittery, who had just opened the door. The cynical boy brushed the slush off himself then slowly shut the door again.

"Ya knows I'm gonna get an' earful when I go in dere," Jack stated, pointing back towards the closed door. The brothers' only reply was to keep sending snow his way. "Hey, hey! Two against one ain't fair!"

"Oh look, Les! Jack can count!" David grinned evilly. Les smirked back. Jack narrowed his eyes playfully.

"Now youse gonna get it!" he exclaimed. They waged a full out snow war. Snowballs flew back and forth drenching their cloths. Suddenly, a huge wad of snow collided with the side of David's face. He wiped it off and turned to the culprit--his own brother. The little boy was smiling and backing away to stand by Jack. "Ah, da boy's loyal. Now da odds is against ya, Dave. Do you surrendah?"


"Den prepare ta suffah de consequences!" The snowballs flew again. Poor David couldn't compete with Jack's strength and Les' great arm. He was almost white from head to toe by the time he raised his hands in defeat. "All right! Enough, I give!" Les dug up a whole arm load of snow.

"Take no prisoners!" he tackled his older brother. David took a fall backwards onto the snow covered ground. There he pretended to die. Les placed a foot lightly on his chest and gave a triumphant "Wahoo!" Jack casually strolled over and saluted the young one.

"Very good, soldier. As a reward ya get hot chocolate at Tibby's tomorrow."

Les beamed up at Jack and hugged him. David opened his eyes and sat up. Les glared at hm.

"Hey, you're supposed to be dead!"

"Yeah, love you too, Les," David joked. They all laughed and Jack took David's hand to help him up. The siblings walked home after Jack went inside.

An hour and a half later, Jack and Sarah were on their date. He'd saved up his money to take her to Coney Island. The couple had a great time riding the carousel, ferris wheel and walking around catching various performers' acts. During all this, Sarah was glued to Jack's arm. It made him sort of uncomfortable. Usually it wouldn't, but a certain event from yesterday made it feel odd.

Then they passed by a fortune teller's booth. Sarah immediately pulled him inside with a smile.

"Sarah, what are ya doin'?"

"I'm curious, Jack. Don't you want to know your future?"

Jack sneered, "I don't need no old broad tellin' me somethin' only I control!" Sarah didn't listen. She sat down in a chair and forced Jack into the other one. A dark lady came from behind a long, dark purple curtain. A hood shaded her face, but her eyes seemed to glow. Sarah smiled and Jack nervously tapped a finger on his chair.

"You have come for your fortune, young ones?" the lady said, her voice harsh and erie. Sarah placed a penny on the table.

"Yes, ma'am."

The woman picked up the penny and dropped it into a pouch that hung on her belt. Jack eyed his surroundings. A crystal ball sat in the middle of a round table infront of him. A deck of cards laid at the edge. Incense filled the room with a scent that reminded him of death somehow. Candles covered the room in faint light. He swallowed and turned back to the old bird.

"Give me your hand," She demanded from Sarah, who obeyed. Jeez! This lady could tell Sarah to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and she'd do it with a smile! Jack thought.

"I see you will have a happy and fulfilling life, but you'll face an event that will be confusing and hard for you very soon."

"What is it?", Sarah knitted her brows. The fortune teller dropped her hand and curled her lip.

"I cannot tell you everything, child. The Fates mean for you to live and learn for yourself; I can only warn you of things to come. If I did, your future may be torn to bits." Sarah held the hand the woman had read protectively. She started to stand when the woman shot out a hand startlingly. "I want to read the boy's!"

Jack went wide-eyed, "No way, Lady. I've had jus' about all I'se can take in here."

"Sit! I will read your fortune!"

Sarah put a hand on Jack's shoulder, "Just do it, Jack. There's nothing to be afraid of."

"Who says I'm afraid?" he defended himself and sat down hard in the chair, thrusting out his palm,"Do your worst!"

The woman smiled, if you can call what she did with her mouth a smile. "I will not need your palm," she whispered before taking the cards and laying them out in a pattern. After a moment she looked up at him, "You have had a troubled past, leaving you with a hard outer shell and a single dream."

Jack's jaw dropped then he regained composer, "Lucky guess. Lots of people have dat."

"I see you've recently had a great victory. This victory helped change the future. It set a new wave of freedom in motion."

"Ya coulda easily hoid dat from anywheres. Ev'ryone knows about da strike."

"Very well. I also see that you are troubled about something. You...are worried about some feeling that you have, hmm?"

Jack blinked, "Uh, I dunno what youse talkin' about!"

"I can see the distress in your eyes. Your body and soul want something that your brain warns you about, " she smiled knowingly. Jack didn't like that. She could see right through him, and it was making him mad. He raised his defenses.

"You're jus' a crazy broad! I'm outta here!" he grabbed Sarah's hand and stalked out of there.

"Jack, what was that about?" Sarah asked confused. Jack didn't answer, he just kept weaving through the crowd. "Jack!"

"Look, Sarah, the dame was nuts! Pay no attention. I'se takin' you home." Sarah didn't believe a word of it, but it was useless arguing with Jack. She silently let herself be dragged home.

The fortune teller sat there snickering to herself, "Ah, the children are always the easiest. Oh, blasted! I should have gotten him to pay!"

Jack laid in his bunk that night after taking Sarah home in a rush. He would never admit it out loud, but what the woman said had shaken him. Laying there, it seemed like he was going through mood swings. One second he would curse himself for going as far as he had with David, a second later he would thank God that he did. Then again, he thought about how stupid it was and what happened didn't mean anything. Next, he thought about what it did mean and how it felt. Argh! He felt like pulling his hair out. Maybe things would be clearer in the morning.

They were. He got an idea. Jack told Racetrack to take Les with him today. He explained that he and David had business to attend to. Racetrack was all too happy to take Les; it meant more money. The kid was a natural. Race also understood about the business thing cause Jack and David, being the leaders, always had things to take care of. He didn't know this time it would be different.

When David and Les came everything was settled. Jack told David that Les was better off with Race today. That's all he told him, too. No sense in ruining a perfectly good surprise. Everyone got to work "improving the truth" on today's headline. Jack and David sold a few feet away from each other. They hardly spoke, intent on selling as many as they could before lunch.

David's stomach grumbled and he pulled out his pocket watch. He noted the time, 11:30, then turned to get Jack. He wasn't there.

"Jack? Jack!" he called. No answer. Great, now I have to go look for him. He better not have gone to Tibby's without me! David walked along the sidewalk searching. All of a sudden, a hand came out and pulled him into an alleyway. David dropped his papes and twirled to fight whoever it was.


"Shh!" Jack put a finger to his lips and walked down to the very back of the alley. He turned and motioned for Dave to follow. David picked up his papes and did so. Jack lead him around the corner to where another alleyway started but had a dead end. Old boxes, crates and hay piled up against the wall. Jack smiled at the blank face of the boy before him.

"Gimme yer papes," Jack whispered hotly. David stared at him, but complied. Jack took them and laid them on a crate some feet away. He came back and, wasting no time, places his hands on David's chest. He rubbed them upwards and laced his fingers behind the neck, pulling him into a kiss.

David broke it. "So this is why Les had to go with Race," he said softly. Jack grinned and nodded. David gave a brief laugh before kissing him. Jack backed Dave against the wall, getting as close as possible. He took his right hand and slid it down to David's trousers. There he tugged open the coat then pulled at the shirt and undershirt until they came untucked. He slipped his hand under them, feeling the contours of the warm chest infront of him.

David shivered. Jack's hands were cold from the outside. He loved the feeling it gave him, though. He rubbed his hands up and down Jack's sides. Jack took his hand and brought it to David's pants again. He paused for a minute before sliding it down inside. David twitched and dug his nails into Jack's coat.

Jack gently grabbed the hard shaft and rubbed. David pulled himself away from Jack's lips and bit his knuckle. Jack settled for sucking on David's neck instead. David tried to talk, but let out a soft cry instead. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Jack...ungh, do...don't do...tha-at." Jack stopped sucking, but kept pumping his hand over Dave's cock.

"Why not?" he whispered into David's ear, giving it a lick.

"Be...cause, if I...get a hickey...we're both dead."

"Good point."

David brought his head around to kiss up Jack's neck. It took all he had in him to only let very low moans and whimpers out. Inside he was exploding. Jack brushed his thumb over the tip which unintentionally made David bite down. The strange part was it didn't hurt, just made a wave of pleasure go over him. Besides, David made up for it by slowly kissing and suckling the wound.

Jack ducked his head down to get in the line of David's kisses. Their lips covered each others. David started to get light-headed and pushed Jack away. Jack understood, letting Dave turn to face the wall. He pressed himself against Dave's back, kissing the nape. David released onto what little snow still covered the ground. His fingers clawing the wall.

Jack waited until the body before him slumped. He laid his head sideways on the shoulder. David's breathing returned to normal and he backed away from the wall to fix his cloths. Facing Jack again, he smiled slightly. Jack gave him one last deep kiss. Davey walked over to get his papes.

"You're coming over for supper tonight, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

David lifted his papes up on his shoulder. "I'll pay you back then," he whispered as he passed by Jack. Jack found himself grinning ferally.

"I look forward to it," he said as he followed his partner back out into the busy streets.

Part 2