Title: The AceWarBoi Romances
Author: VinylNoMiko
Pairing: Jack/Spot, David/Denton, OC/Skitterey
Summary: David desires to meet his online lover, Denton, and Jack and Spot introduce the new kid, Skitterey.
Rating: R
Status: Complete, One shot
Feedback: Always.
Disclaimer: Do not own Newsies
Archive: Seize the Night (http://insanity4ever.tripod.com/index2.html), Colour Overs (www.colourovers.net)
Warnings: Glam, David bashing, slash, David/Denton, Spot/Jack, Skitterey/Three (not me, my friend I swear.. this is not a Mary Sue), lemony implications.


David was blowing on his nails, wishing that the purple glitter could dry faster. He sighed, and his computer made a beeping noise. He jumped up and began to squeal.

"Buddy Alert, AceWarBoi has just signed on."

AceWarBoi: Hey, sexy.

PacifistAngel69: Hello yourself, hot stuff.

AceWarBoi: You know, my Davy, I would like to see a picture of you..

PacifistAngel69: *blushes*

PacifistAngel69: Hold on, Iíll take one

David ran around the room in circles. "Where the FUCK is my whore red Ďstick?" He grabbed the phone to see if Jack Ďthe Cowboyí Kelly could hurry some over.

It rang twice. "íEllo?"

"Jack?? Jack! This is an emergency!!"

"Iím kinda of busy right now.." David tried to ignore the loud moans coming from the phone, jealous of the fact that Jack could fuck his boyfriend constantly if he wanted too, and frankly, he did.

"Please, Byrhhan is online and he wants to see a pic of me.."

"Wow," said Jack thrusting into Spot.

"Yeah! I know, I think he might be in love with me!"

"Thatís special and all, but I think Spot is about to reach orgasm.."

"Itís ALWAYS about Spot, isnít it!? Ever since you started going out, and even when a friend needs whore red lipstick.."

"Check under your vinyl skirt.. I have to go, bye," A particularly loud moan of pleasure was heard as Jack hung up the phone. David put the phone back on the receiver and looked under the vinyl skirt on the floor. Sure enough, a tube of whore red lipstick could be found alongside a quick concealer stick.

David smeared on the slutty red lipstick, and put some concealer on as well. "You can never be too careful..." he said to himself. He grabbed a tube of hairgel, slicking it through his hair and layered glitter on his face. He picked up his digital camera, and sent the pic to AceWarBoi, his online lover.


"Hello," Spot Conlonís unmistakably sexy voice echoed through the hall. Two hands found their way around Spotís waist. The person with the hands licked Spotís neck and purred. "Hello, Jack.."

"Spot, darling."

It was Skittereyís first day at school. They had made him switch schools when he recovered from his cocaine addiction, afraid his old crowd might

reel him back in. As he walked down the hall, he saw two other lone figures in the hallway.

He sighed as he saw that it was a guy making out with a girl. He decided to go over there and introduce himself, as they appeared to be the only other people here at this hour.

"Hi, Iím Skitterey."

The two figures pulled apart, and Skitterey realised he had made a vast mistake. He looked at the so-called girl. His blue eyes gleamed with suppressed anger at being interrupted, and his blond hair was tousled. The little black dress he wore was tight and had ridden up as the other boy had slid his hand under it. There was a small bit of green eyeshadow around the enraged blue eyes, topped with eyeliner and mascara. Shuddering from the mean look the boy was shooting him, he turned to the other boy.

The other boyís brown hair was long with bits of glitter in it, as if he used glitter shampoo. His firm ass was clad in a pair of skintight vinyl pants and the fly , which Skitterey tried not to notice, was open, revealing he wasnít wearing underwear. The snug black shirt he wore had slits up the side which were threaded with purple string. The logo on the shirt read in rainbow lettering, "The Cowboy". His brown eyes were lined perfectly in eyeliner, and his lips were tainted with a light pink. Little bits of star shaped glitter fluttered alongside his eyes, and on his eyelids was purple eyeshadow.

"Iím Jack, or Cowboy," said Jack motioning towards the shirt with one hand as he zipped up his fly with the other.

The other boy adjusted his dress, "Iím Spot."

"Why do they call you Spot and Cowboy?"

"Why do they call you Skitterey?"

"Because, I uh.. was a former coke addict.. and when I was high.. I was skittish... Why do they call you Spot and Cowboy?" Skitterey asked, persisting.

"Iím Cowboy because I come from Santa Fe."

"And Iím Spot because Iím small."

"And tight," Jack growled. Spot winked at Jack. Skitterey stood there uncomfortably until an annoying voice came out of the hallway.

"And then Bryhhann was like, Ďyouíre soo sexyí and then we like totallllly cybered."

"Wow. Thatís pretty special."

Then the two figures came into view. One was a girl, a very pretty annoyed girl, and the other was a uh... a shim. A she him. Skitterey wasnít sure. It was dressed like a girl, but it looked like guy who had been whooped with an ugly stick. Skitterey looked at the girl again- she was pretty hot.

He approached her, and kissed her hand. "Do you have a map? I think I may have gotten lost in your eyes.."

The girl giggled, and said, "Hi, Iím Three."


"I donít know what to do about Bryhhhannn..."

"I donít care. Go away."

David, completely ignoring the objections of everyone, kept on talking about Denton.

"After awhile you just complete forget heís there," Jack told Skitterey.

"That happens soon, right?" Skitterey said, undying hope in his voice, and a pounding headache bring pain to the tone.

Three patted his hand, "I hope so. I hope so."

"And Bryhhhhannn told me I have fantastic eyes, and I was likkee.."

Spot pushed a highlighted bit of hair out of his eyes before leaning over, kissing Jackís cheek and stealing a couple of chips with his hand.

Jack, too busy trying to recapture Spotís lips, failed to notice that his chip bag had somehow mysteriously appeared on Spotís tray.


David giggled as Denton signed on and then smeared on his lipstick in case Denton wanted to do some webcamming again. David picked up the phone, and dialed Jackís number.


"David, please leave me alone. Spot and I would like to have wild passionate monkey sex without you interrupting us. And yes, IM him." And with that, the phone line went dead.

PacifistAngel69: Hello, I couldnít stop thinking about you.

AceWarBoi: Mmh, I was just thinking about you

AceWarBoi: I think I got a new pose I wanna see you do on your webcam

David positively wet himself with delight.


"And he wants to meet me!"

"-Probably cause he knows David is easy," Spot whispered to Skitterey, as they pretended to actually be someone who cared.

"-He says weíd really hit it off.."

"-in the sack," Jack muttered.

"-he meant jack off," added Spot in an undertone.

But as always, David didnít hear them. They severely doubted heíd get the joke even if he did hear them.

"I mean, I donít know what he looks like.."

"-cause heís old and gross," murmured Skitterey, who was catching on.

"But Iím supposed to meet him here right about now.. Does anyone have any eyeliner? Mine smeared on the left and I think it looks sexy, so Iíll try it on the right.." Spot sighed and handed over eyeliner and some eyeshadow. "Ooh, perfect! I can make my eyes look smoky.."

David smacked his whore red lipstick lips together, unaware of the fact that he looked like a female prostitute. His tight leather pants sagged down to his hips, and he had worn his tightest black hooker shirt.

Spot looked over at Davidís attire before thinking to himself, "Disgusting.. he could at least have some class.." Spot ran his hand over his snug sapphire colored dress. The dress ended about halfway up the thigh, and the rest of his legs were clad in purple fishnets with purple Doc Martens. His purple eyeshadow was faint, but still brought out his eyes.

Jack smiled as he looked at his boyfriend, Jack ran a hand down his own jeans, which were black and studded. His shirt read "Let the Cowboy ride you.. all night long.." The shirt had a little arrow, which pointed to the pelvic area. Jackís own hair was slightly gelled, but yet kept the look that it was all natural. His lips were a light pink, and a dash of glitter played around his eyes.

Skitterey was playing it cool in plain navy jeans that really emphasized his tight ass. Skitterey had been planning on seeing Three again that day, and had decided to dress up his look with a bit of eyeliner and a shirt that ended enticingly a bit above the waist.

And then he spotted David. A much older guy approached the four, and then went straight to David. Skitterey was sure the guy was about to ask "How much for a night, kid?" When he instead spoke different words.

"Hey sexy." He let out a growl, and pulled off his sunglasses. Spot wondered exactly how old this guy was, considering his outfit looked like he wanted to be Fonzi from Happy Days. His plain white shirt, leather jacket, boots, and impenetrable pants were a bit tighter than Jack wouldíve preferred with a man of his... build.


"Yes, sexy."

Spot shuddered at the sight of the wrinkles.

"I think I hear my mom calling me.." Jack suddenly said.

"Me too."

"Me too."

"Ooh, Denton. Youíre so sexy!"


"And I got laid..." David said proudly.