Title: The Alley's Empty
Author: Pegapanther
Pairing: Racetrack/Spot
Rating: PWP NC17
Status: complete
Archive: Yeah sure, just ask first.
Series/Sequel: Consult your magic 8 ball
Disclaimers: I don't own 'em or make money off of them, but I can guarantee they'd have tons more fun with me!
Notes: Most people think Spot and Race are really good friends.  I never got that.  I figure Race respects and fears Spot, that's about all. Actually, you'll get a better picture from the story.
Summary: I'm not sure how to summarize this story...

"Hiya, Race."

Spot. Why is he sayin' hi to me?  The only one he evah talks to directly is Jack. Is dere anyone around me? No. I'll bet dere's someone hidin' in the shadows, waitin' for Spot to do some'tin.

"Don't you say hi?"

He sounds...unlike himself.

"Uh, hi Spot...Brooklyn..." Smooth, Race.

He's laughing at me. Wit' good reason.

"What'sa matter, Racey?"

He's gettin' closer to me, which is scarin' me. He's got dat strange tone. Am I backing away? We were in the nearly empty street, but now we're in the alley. Is he gonna soak me?

"You look frightened, Race."

Hell yeah, what do you expect, chasin' me into a hidden alley? My back's against the wall and yet he's still closin' in on me.

"Don't...don't hurt me please." Boy am I pathetic.

Of course he'd be laughing at me, why shouldn't he?

"Hurt you? My dear, sweet Racey," he's kissing me? "Why would I do that?"

He's punctuatin' every word with little kisses along my face and neck. I can't move. Is dis what shock feels like? He's not talking anymore, just sucking and nibbling on my neck. His fingers are roaming over my face, my chest. His warm breath is on my ear.

"I wouldn't hurt ya, Racey. I've been wanting to be alone with ya for a long time now. Glad I could catch ya alone."

His lips and tongue are back on my face but his fingers are toyin' with my nipples, teasin' them, pinchin' them. My breath is ragged. Never thought of being with Spot. Never thought of being with any of the newsboys really.

And yet, I'm likin' it. Likin' it to the point of kissing him back.

His mouth is so hot. I need to take off his shirt. My hands are moving faster then my mind, they've already finished unbuttoning his shirt.

"Race, you've got mighty talented fingers."

Oh, yeah, thanks. I'm returnin' the favor he's payin' on my nipples. I have to take a breath and let my mind catch up to my body.


"Just need to breath, Spot. My fingers are moving too fast."

I'm gettin' sick of him laughing at me, no matter how damned cute it is.

"Sorry sweetheart, I don't really think you're funny. It's just that you're really adorable." He's still groping me, undoing my pants and...oh sweet, merciful Lord on high!

"How does someone your size carry around something THAT big?"

He's exaggeratin', I'm not really that big. Well, I'm bigger now then I've ever been. Never been in this hot of a situation. Even that time I lost my virginity with Kristal. 'Course, now I'm thinking of giving up girls altogether!

His hands are warm and rough. They feel so good jerkin' me off like this. My hands are running before my brain again, payin' him off the same way he's payin' me off. He's moving faster, both of us breathin' too hard to kiss. Who was that just now, moanin'? Oh good, it was him, it has to be because he's bitin' his lip. God, he's so hot. Ok, that time it was me moanin'. I have to kiss him, have to press my lips on that hot mouth.

Oh, how I'm lovin' his final moan of release on my lips. My vision is goin' blurry with my own sweet release. I feel weak. I'm glad there's a wall behind me and Spot's strong body in front.

"Thanks for that, Race."

I think I'm saying he's welcome or something.

"Racetrack. I don't want this to be a one time thing. Can we talk at the diner later? I'm here all day."

"Yeah, sure. Talkin's good." How pathetic am I?

He's doin' up my pants and shirt, which is good because I can't move. There he goes, whistling down the alley, out to do whatever he came to do. I have a lot of thinking to do.