Title: Aeternus Termeni
Author: Slash!
Sites: http://kiss.to/okp and http://lumosetnox.envy.nu
Fandom: Newsies
Rating: PG
Why: Slash, of course.
Pairing: Mush/Blink
Disclaimer: Nope, not me.
Archive: My site; The Official NML Fanfic Site; StN, if 'Cracks will have me; anywhere else, please ask.
Notes: Another POV piece.  I love writing these way too much.  I'm going to do a series of these; does anyone have a suggestion for a title? Let me know!
Summary: Blink, from Mush's POV.

Aeternus Termeni

He's met someone else.

She's a sweet girl; I know they'll be happy together.  I met her yesterday.  She's so pretty, with long brown hair and gentle blue eyes. Her conversation is quick and she has a good sense of humor.  When she laughs, it sounds like silver bells.

I want to shove her face into a window.  I want to take her beauty away from her.  I want to rip out those pretty blue eyes and break that silvery laugh.  I want to tear out her hair and smash her to pieces.

I hate her.  She took him away from me.

He swore it was forever.  How many times did he take my hands, look into my eyes, and say, "We're together forever, baby.  You and me." 

Then, just last week, he comes up to me and tells me he's met someone else; a girl.  He's pretty sure it's love, he wants to marry her, and I didn't mind, did I?

I wanted to scream OF COURSE I MIND! You're mine! What happened to all those pretty words of forever? I wanted to take him by the collar and kiss him hard, remind him of what he was giving up.  I wanted to beg him not to leave me, to reconsider.  

I just smiled and said of course not.   

I didn't want to hurt him.  He looked so happy and hopeful, and the way his eye lit up when I said okay was like a fifty-foot headline screaming I LOVE HER!

He said thank you, and leaned in to kiss me, then thought better of it and just clapped me on the shoulder.  He told me I'd definitely be the best man.

Some reward.  I should be the groom.

I want to hate him.  I want to hate him so badly it hurts.  I want to hate him with my mind, body, and soul.  But . . . I can't.  I love him too much.

They’re getting married next week.  Next week, I get to stand there and smile politely while I watch the love of my life get married to her.

He said it was forever.

Funny, I didn’t think forever ended. 

~la fin~