Title: The Anniversary to Remember
Author: VinylNoMiko
Rating: R (language)
Disclaimers: I love Disney, but that does not mean I own it. I love Newsies, but I donít own it. Iím doing this without anyoneís permission. I do highly suggest you see Newsies, as it is an EXCELLENT movie.
Pairing: Jack/ Spot
Status: Finished
Feedback: Yes, please!
Archive: Seize The Night, Tainted Wings (www.colourovers.net)
Summary: Spot forgets his and Jackís anniversary. And Jack gets pissed and threatens to leave.
Warnings: Slash (boy x boy love), drama, a dash of humor, OOC (out of character) for Jack
Notes: This is my first Newsies Slash fic, or any Newsies fic for that matter.

Dedicated to Three Bee because I still havenít finished her B-day fic.


Jack sighed as he glanced up at Meddaís theater. He walked around the back and entered. He pulled a piece of paper and stared at his one way ticket to Santa Fe. He placed it back in his pocket and opened the door.

"Excuse me? You ainít supposed to be heres!" exclaimed a pretty woman in a long, blue dress. Her eyes dazzled under a bit of eyeshadow, and her short hair was curled.

"Relax, Iím just heres to say goodbye to Medda."

"Well, the show is gonna be anudda hour..."

"Iíll be on the train by then.." Jackís voice trailed off.

The woman looked at him and bit her lip. "Do you want me to deliver her a message?"

"Tells Medda, Jack says goodbye. Tell her, Spot screwed him over. Tell her, Iím going to Santa Fe. Tell her Iím going home."

"Ah, so itís just relationship problems?"

"You wouldnít understand."

"Try me." Maybe it was the fact Jack just wanted to rant, or maybe it was the sympathetic look on her face.

"To sum it up, my boyfriend forgot our anniversary."

"Thatís all? My boyfriend, Havok, he forgets our anniversary every year. Weíve been engaged for three years. You just learn to deal with it after while." The girl smiled and then squealed as the silence revealed a particularly funny line on stage. "I have to go, thatís my cue. I hope things work out for yous."

Jack sighed again, and walked out of the building. "Why does everyone make everything more confusing for me?"

"I hope I didnít add to yous problems, Jackey." Jack spun around, and stared deep into Spotís deep blue eyes. "I heard yous are going to Santa Fe."

"You donít expect me to stay here forever because of a man who forgets me anniversary?"

"Heís a man who loves you," Spot whispered walking over to Jack.

"Donít make this harder for me."

"Jack.... I love you."

Jack stared at the night sky, before muttering, "And I loves you, even if you forget our anniversary. But Iím leaving. I need time to think. I need to be free."

"Love will bond us together forever, Jack, even if yous tries to get rid of it."

"Donít make this harder than it already is!!"

"I have to go. Iím leaving in twenty minutes." Jack stared at the sorrowful eyes of Spot, before leaning in for one, final kiss. The two boysí lips combined. Spot and Jack held each other fiercely. Jack broke the kiss, and tears sprung out of his eyes. The Brooklyn leader kept his in, even if his heart was breaking. Jack kissed his cheek. "Bye."

Jack walked down the alleyway, and Spot slumped to the ground. When Jackís retreating figure was gone, Spot let his head collapse into his arms. The tears emerged and did not stop. He was crying for Jack, for himself, and for love. Spot lifted his eyes to the sky, and he pulled something out of his pocket. He let his eyes drift to the ring he had been planning to give Jack that night. He sighed.

Spot gained control of his emotions, and stood up. With one last longing look, he slipped the ring into his pocket and turned to the direction of his home.

He turned around again, this time to the direction of the train station. He wasnít going to let Jack leave.

He was half- way there before he ran into someone else. "Watch where yous going!" he exclaimed.

"Why donít you?" responded the angry voice of someone who had challenged the newspaper leaders.

"Jack?" Spot let the tears slip out as he held Jack. "Wait, before you do anything." Spot got onto the ground, and lifted one knee up. "I know we canít get married, but will you.. stay true to me?"

Jackís teary eyes glowed with insuppressible passion as he nodded.

The two kissed, and walked home, arms around each other.

They walked past Meddaís, and a figure clad in blue emerged. "Oh, it did work out! Good!"

"Who was that?"

"Nobody, Spot. Nobody."

Jack turned once again to Spot, and gave him a hug. He whispered into his ear, "I love you."

"I love you too, you messed up Santa Fe fanatic, you."

"Why do you always have to ruin the moment?"

"What? I did no such thing!"