Title: The Anniversary to Remember [Prologue]
Author: VinylNoMiko
Rating: R (language)
Disclaimers: I love Disney, but that does not mean I own it. I love Newsies, but I donít own it. Iím doing this without anyoneís permission. I do highly suggest you see Newsies, as it is an EXCELLENT movie.
Pairing: Jack/ Spot
Status: Just a mere prologue, but it is part of a series. Unfinished series, that is.
Feedback: Yes, please!
Archive: Seize The Night
Summary: Spot forgets his and Jackís anniversary. And Jack gets pissed.
Warnings: Slash (boy x boy love), drama, humor, OOC (out of character) for Jack
Notes: This is my first Newsies Slash fic, or any Newsies fic for that matter.
Dedicated to Three Bee because I still havenít finished her B-day fic.


Jack lay on the bed, completely beside himself with fatigue and worry. It was ten thirty. Where was his one and only? He thought of the beautiful man, with the angelic sapphire eyes. "I canít stand it! Where is he?? Itís our- our anniversary! Could he be cheating on me? And itís his fault Iím talking to myself!"

"Jack? Darling?"

"Oh donít you use that tone with me! I know the truth!! Itís Denton, isnít it?"

"Huh?" the cocky Brooklyn newsie cocked his head to one side cockily.

"You forgot our anniversary again!" Jack shouted.

"Sweetheart, youíll wake the neighbors!"

"Fuck the neighbors! I know you are! You forgot our anniversary!"

"Iím sorry you think I forgot, itís just-"

"Iím not taking it anymore!"

"Taking what?"

"Iím leaving you!"

Spot stared at Jack, who was leaving their apartment. "How did that go wrong? Fuck! Damn, itís his fault Iím talking to myself."

-To be continued-