Title: Birthday Man
Author: Jazz
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Racetrack/Spot Conlon
Summary: PWP, just to get in the newsies mood again for some more fics i plan
on writing for this pairing and J/David
Archive: Seize the night and My website
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Notes: Not checked so if it sux its my fault

YOUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuu!!!!" every newsie sounded out in song to celebrate
Race's nineteenth birthday. It was great, Race was smiling like a goon and
all of his friends were screaming and laughing like a bunch of cats stuck in
a trash can. It was just...Great!

A yell was heard through the crowd and everyone's attention was turned away
from Race and his small, more cupcake than cake, birthday cake. "Hey!
Brooklyn Comin' through!"

Race's face lit up as one of his best friends stepped through the crowd and
towards him with a menacing prowl. "So, Lil' Racey thinks he's a man now,

Race nodded in defiance and leaned back in his chair, placing his feet on the
table in front of him, careful not to hit his birthday cupcake. Spot smirked,
grabbing the cupcake and smashing it into Race's smirking face. "Happy
birthday!", Spot said with a smile and a laugh as Race removed the cake from
his face and began to lick it off of his fingers. He sucked a finger
innocently into his mouth and Spot's eyes widened. He turned away quickly,
clearing his throat, "So is he gonna open his presents or what?"

Everyone cheered and soon various small gifts were placed infront of Race.
Money, a cigar, a comb, and a new hat that many pitched in for. He was
beaming as his friends began to dance around while singing their own version
of 'For he's a jolly good fellow.' But soon, as with all good times it had to
come to an end, and Race's smile lessened as his friends moved off to get
ready for bed.

Race smiled slightly, gathering his gifts and walking to his bed. He felt
long fingers caress his back and turned around slowly, "Ya didn't think I
cames all dis way just ta sleep heah, did ya?"

Race smiled and shook his head as he started putting his things away, being
careful to hid his cigar where the other boys couldn't get to it. Spot
snorted in amusement and pulled Race to him, "Still haven't given ya my

Racetrack looked worried and Spot laughed, "Time for youse to become a man,
me boy." Spot led his very reluctant friend out the door and down the street
to a familiar place.

"What's we doin' heah, Conlon?"

"Making you a man," Spot said with a smile as he tugged Race closer to the
door of the whore house. He stopped and looked at Race with narrowed eyes,
"Youse a virgin, right?"

Race looked down with a blush, "Nah...No...ok, yah.."

Spot smirked and walked inside making sure that he was closely followed by
his companion. He grabbed Race's collar, "Which one youse want?"

Racetrack shrugged and Spot looked over at the women in barely there
garments. He saw a short one, petite and thin with shoulder length blonde
hair.  She was well figured and perfect and obviously new to the game. She'd
be the one. "That one", Spot pointed her out to Race who blinked in surprise.

"Yah..but, how much money, I don't got enough and..."

"How muchcha got?"

"'Bout ten cents.."

"Dats good, we got enough put together ta have one."

"How do ya know she'll say yes to our offa?"

"Cause Ise always gets what I want", Spot replied confidently before walking
over to the hooker and offering her a business proposition.

The girl giggled, looked at one of her friends and when the woman nodded she
began to walk up the stairs. Once up three steps she turned around to make
sure that the two boys were following her before continuing.

She stepped to one of the doors and opened it slowly, ushering Race into the
room, "I'll be with you in a second.", Race only heard a muffled, "Wait in
the next room for my friend, mister Colon, she'll be with you soon' before
the door closed completely.

Race fidgeted around the room, 'What do I do now? Oh God, I'm about to have
sex...I..wow...', he had already grown hard with just the idea of sex. He
looked around the room, 'This is the room I'm going to have sex in...', he
smiled and laughed at himself, his laughter quieting only when he saw the
bed. He hurriedly removed his clothes, tripping over to the bed. He lay down
on the bed and closed his eyes, he was shaking all over and the cold air
against his erection was not helping. He opened his eyes and began to fidget
more, he needed to figure out a way to calm down, 'The lights...', he reached
over and turned the gas lamp off.

Suddenly the room was plunged into darkness and by some miracle he felt calmer.
He forced himself to calm down and felt his breathing slow, after a few more
minutes past he was sure that the girl wasn't coming, but almost as soon as he
thought that the door opened.

Race gulped, his breathing quickened and he could hear his heartbeat thudding
in his ears. The door closed behind the slim figure and the room was once
again dark. "H--Hello?", It was a stupid thing to say but he couldn't think
of anything else. No words were spoken in response only the sound of clothing
falling to the ground clued him in that she was there.

He lay still, frozen in place when he felt the bed move as the other body
joined him. Long fingers caressed his bare chest and he shivered. Everything
in his body was tense and as if sensing his discomfort the girl began to kiss
his chest and up to his neck.

Racetrack couldn't help it, something felt wrong, "I--This is my first,
OooOoO...time, and I'm noivis and I always thought that..Oh God. Uhm, what
was I say..Oh. Oh yah, I always thought that you should do this with someone
you loOoo...Love.."

He felt a smile against his abdomen before another kiss was placed there,
followed by a lick up to his bellybutton. He shuddered as he felt her body
rise up, she whispered softly in a deep monotone, "then imagine I'm someone
you care about."

Race was now to far gone to care as he felt those long fingers trail circles
around his cock. "Oh...ok.", Racetrack gasped as he felt a warm tongue lick
up the side of his hard dick. Soft lips kissed the tip of his erection before
sliding an agile tongue out to lick the slit at the top. Race moaned, running
his hands through the soft shoulder length hair. He closed his eyes,
imagining bright blue-green eyes and a priceless smile, Spot. Suddenly the
mouth plunged down, taking him all the way in and Race couldn't help but
tighten his grip on the fine hair. He needed something to keep him from going
insane. Going over the edge. He felt the tongue swirl over his shaft and he
unconsciously began moving his hips, wanting more, deeper, now. He felt a
strong hand push his hip to the bed and he whimpered, wanting, needing
everything. The person on his cock swallowed, massaging the tip of his member
with the back of their throat while their lips moved up and down his cock
slowly, pressed tightly around the hardness. Racetrack wrapped his fingers
around the silky hair of his partner, using it to guide the mouth up and down
his cock, wanting everything he could get.

The person giving him these great sensations slipped a finger into his mouth
letting Race suck on the finger just as the girl sucked on his cock. His lips
parted in a moan and the finger slipped free, sliding down his body and
caressing his balls before moving down and massaging a circle around his
opening. The mouth on his cock began to swallow and he gasped, barely feeling
it as the finger slid into his body. The finger began to thrust in and out of
him and suddenly it hit something and between that and the sucking on his
cock he was gone, screaming out and cumming hard into the mouth on him. He
kept thrusting his hips as he came down from his orgasm, whispering the name
Spot into the darkness.

Race came down slowly from his high, his breathing labored as he tried to
process everything that had just happened. He felt a body crawl up his own
and then he felt those same soft lips that had just driven him crazy kiss his
sensitive lips. He had bitten them unknowingly during orgasm, making them
swell slightly and when that warm tongue trailed along his bottom lip he was
in heaven.

"Screw horse races...This is like ten times better...Woo..Wha?", Race felt
himself being tuned over on his stomach and wondered what was going on as he
was raised onto his knees. He felt sharp teeth nip at his earlobe and moaned
as a very husky, very male voice spoke in his ear, the same whispering voice
from earlier, "I told yas, Racey, Ise always get what I want", Race only had
time to gasp before a rock hard cock was pressed against his walls and then
slowly entered inside. Spot licked up the back of Race's neck tasting the
sweat there and moaning as he entered in another inch. He had wanted this for
so long and now feeling the ultimate, intimate, heat of his friend he was
overcome and he felt like he could explode right then. He was brought from
his thoughts as Race pushed back, wanting more to enter him, "Spot..."

"Oh God, Race, what youse do ta me."

Racetrack smiled, turning his head to the side to kiss Spot as the boy pushed
the rest of the way inside of him. It hurt but the pleasure was so much
stronger than the pain and he just wanted to be filled up like that forever
until he felt the even more intense feeling of Spot pulling out slowly and
then slamming back into him and hitting him in just the right spot. Soon they
were both moving in time to a music only they could hear and a rhythm formed
by the sounds of skin sliding against skin. Spot turned slightly to hit that
place again, wanting to hear the sweet moan that the movement produced.

"OooooOAaaahhhhh...SPOT! YES!", Race moaned as Spot gripped his cock, which
was now rock hard for the second time that night. Spot curled his fingers
loosely around the hardness of his mate and began to pump it in time to his
thrusts. Suddenly Spot felt something tighten within himself and he began to
thrust harder and faster, pushing Race into the bed with his ferocity.

"God! Spot!", Race screamed as he came, thrusting back against Spot over and
over. Soon Spot was cumming also yelling Racetrack's name before falling
ontop of him.

Spot rolled over, pulling out gently and kissing Race's neck when he heard
the soft whimper of pain at his exit. Race turned towards him, kissing him
softly and letting the kisses grow until they burned a passion through them
that sent tingles through body of their bodies.

Racetrack pulled back from the kiss with a snort of laughter, "What?", Spot
asked in confusion.

"Nuttin', it's just nice ta know youse can do other things with your mouth
than talk.."

Spot smack Race with a pillow, "Go to sleep, Birthday boy."

Race smiled and spoke in a confident, smug, voice, "Birthday *Man*"

Spot laughed, "Yah, Birthday man"

The End