Title: Bona Fide

Author: Stage

Email: NillaWuchachacha

Rating: R

Pairing: Specs/Dutchy

Part: 1/3

Summary: The long-awaited sequel to “Illusory”.  Specs returns to the dismal town, determined to liberate Dutchy at all costs.  [Time Frame: Six months after “Illusory” ended]

Disclaimer: I don’t own newsies.

Notes: Well, I finally got my act to together and finished up this chapter.  I don’t know how long of a fic this will be, but hopefully shorter than “Malevolent Sins”.  That is going to be very lengthy.  Because I’m a bitch, I didn’t post this until now.

A big ol’ shout out to all who reviewed “Illusory”!



He stepped off the train, pulling his fedora down tighter over his dark brown hair.  He looked around, stuffed his hands in his black overcoat’s pockets, and walked through the crowd milling about the station stop with his head bowed.  Not many sent curious glances to the man, he looked like everyone else populating this town.  What they didn’t know is that he wasn’t—in fact—from around this place and had a quiet upbringing.  There was only one thing bringing him back to the God-forsaken hole.


Specs looked up at the tall apartment building.  He was getting Dutchy back, whether he had to die trying or not.




Dutchy drowned another glass of wine.  He set the empty wine glass on the counter and gasped for breath.  It was only his third glass…Dutchy needed five more for the desired effect.  If he drank, he couldn’t feel anything.  If he couldn’t feel anything, there was no reason for him to cry about it afterward.


Or at least, that’s what he told himself.  Dutchy looked up at the clock—five-thirty.  It would be another hour before Vinnie came back.  He turned back to his bottle of wine.  Dutchy knew that he should have bought a cheaper kind, not taken one from the cabinet.  He knew it was improper to drink vintage wine this way, but he didn’t care about a stupid bottle of wine more than himself.


Dutchy heard clattering on the fire escape outside and the bedroom window slide open.  His breath caught in his throat…Vinnie was early.  Panicked, Dutchy fell to the floor and scrambled inside a cabinet, shutting the door tightly.  He tried to control his ragged breathing and stifled sobs.




Specs silently closed the bedroom window behind him and turned around.  He removed his shoes and padded softly towards the door.  Specs listened for any sounds and, upon hearing none, walked into the main part of the apartment. 


He walked through the kitchen and stopped to listen for a moment.  Was that…crying he heard?  Specs turned and looked to where it was coming from.  His eyes fell on a cupboard below an opened bottle and an empty—but used—glass.  Specs pulled open the door and jumped backwards when a form tumbled out of the small space.  He breathed easy when he saw it to be Dutchy and touched his shoulder.  The blonde jerked away, blinded by the sudden brilliant illumination.


“Vinnie…please, just kill me already.” Dutchy whimpered, curling up and burying his face in his hands.  “Just finish me off.  Kill me.  Please.  I’m asking nicely…”


“Dutchy, its me.” Specs said softly, kneeling down and drawing Dutchy to him.  Dutchy looked up and blinked rapidly.  His vision finally cleared and his face showed an elaborate mix of emotions.


“Specs!” he sobbed, throwing his arms around the brunette and burying his face in his shirt.  “God, I’ve missed you.  I thought you weren’t coming back!”


“Of course I came back,” Specs smiled.  “I love you, Dutchy.”


“I love you, too.” Dutchy answered, his voice muffled by Specs’ shirt.  He let out an explosive sigh as he let himself relax.


Dutchy forgot that he was a hit man.  He forgot that his boss was coming over soon to abuse him.  Dutchy forgot where he was, the dangers, and everything else.  All that mattered was that Specs was back again.  And Dutchy could finally get out of this town.




“It’s him!” he jerked back from Specs.






“HIDE!” Dutchy hissed, grabbing Specs by the wrist and pulling him down the hallway.  He opened the first door he saw (the linen closet) and shoved Specs into it. 


He had just started to close it when the door burst open and Vinnie stormed in.  Dutchy froze, too scared to move and only watched as Vinnie walked over and grabbed the wrist of the hand that was on the door.


Specs held his breath as Vinnie’s eyes stayed fixated on Dutchy.  He ground his teeth together angrily as Vinnie swung the blonde around and slammed him against the wall.  Dutchy winced and opened his mouth to cry out but Vinnie slapped his hand over it.


“You come when I call, you speak when I say ‘speak’, and you do what I tell you to.” He snarled.  “Do you understand me, Alec?”


Specs clenched his hands together as he watched Dutchy tremble.  He nodded slowly, tears streaming down his cheeks.  Specs gasped when Vinnie slapped Dutchy (“I told you never to cry.”).  He quickly covered his mouth and watched in panic as Vinnie turned towards the closet.


“What was that?”



part 2...