Title: Bona Fide

Author: Stage

Email: NillaWuchachacha@aol.com

Rating: R

Pairing: Specs/Dutchy

Part: 2/3

Summary: The long-awaited sequel to “Illusory”.  Specs returns to the dismal town, determined to liberate Dutchy at all costs.  [Time Frame: Six months after “Illusory” ended]

Disclaimer: I don’t own newsies.

Notes: ^^;;; Hahahahaha…Stage remembers her fics.  XD Anyways, I came across this last night and decided I’d better finish it before y’all stabbed my eyes out with sporks.

It wouldn’t be pleasant, no da.



“I didn’t hear anything.” Dutchy replied.


“You’re lying.  Who’s here?”


“No one!”


“Are you hiding more hits in your apartment?”


“You won’t let me work any—”


“Shut up.”


Dutchy ducked his head.


Vinnie released the blonde young man and strode over to the closet.  Specs gasped and shrank back against the back wall of the closet, eyes wide with fear of what was going to happened to Dutchy if he was found.  Light flooded the closet and Vinnie’s hand shot out, grabbing him by the front of his shirt.  Specs staggered as he was yanked roughly from the closet.


“You again.” Vinnie growled, holding Specs up by his collar.  “I should kill you right here for butting into my business.”


“Vinnie…” Dutchy said weakly, touching Vinnie’s shoulder.  “Please…don’t…just don’t hurt him.”


“How cute.” Vinnie sneered.  “You love him.”


Dutchy’s bloodshot blue eyes shone with tears and he looked away, closing his eyes as tears cut paths down his blotchy cheeks.  Vinnie laughed and pushed Specs up against the wall behind him, smirking.


“Of course—I can see why.” He smirked.


Specs swallowed hard, trying to get rid of the lump forming rapidly in his throat.  He did not like the look Vinnie was giving him.  Specs squirmed, not wanting to be anywhere this man that had been everything but nice to Dutchy.


“But it’d be hard to break his spirit.” Vinnie commented, looking over Specs as if he were some wild animal that had to be trained.  Vinnie looked over at Dutchy cowering against the opposite wall.  “But I think I know how.”


He dropped Specs and turned, hands reaching for Dutchy.  Vinnie suddenly fell hard on his chin on the carpet.


“RUN, DUTCHY!” Specs bellowed.  “RUN!” [1]




[1] This reminds me of The Drowning of Stephan Jones.  Which made me bawl and yell aloud with frustration, might I add?  ^_^; Heh.  ‘Tis a good read, tho.


Except for the author’s Iim-going-to-use-five-exclaimation-points-at-a-time.  -_-;;

part 3...