Title: Bona Fide

Author: Stage

Email: NillaWuchachacha@aol.com

Rating: R

Pairing: Specs/Dutchy

Part: 3/3

Summary: The long-awaited sequel to “Illusory”.  Specs returns to the dismal town, determined to liberate Dutchy at all costs.  [Time Frame: Six months after “Illusory” ended]

Disclaimer: I don’t own newsies.

Notes: … … …enjoy?



Dutchy snapped out of his deer-in-headlights and did as he was told, jumping over their sprawled forms. 


Vinnie wriggled, trying to get his leg released from Specs’ grip but the brunette held tight.  He swung out a fist that came into contact with Specs’ cheek.  Specs let go of the leg and fell back, a hand flying to his cheek.  He soon got over his shock and jumped up, shoving Vinnie into the wall behind him.


“Stop being stupid.” Vinnie hissed, throwing Specs off of him.  “I’m stronger than you and far more powerful.”


Specs used the wall to help himself up.


“When I get ahold of Dutchy, he’ll pay.” Vinnie snickered, pulling out a pistol from the waistband of his pants.  “For everything, including your mistakes.” His face took on a pout as he released the safety.  “It’s a pity to waste you like this.  I’m sure you’d do well under my authority.”


Specs squeezed his eyes shut, prayers running through his head.




A body crumpled to the floor, a bullet lodged in his skull.


Specs’ eyes flittered open, looking with surprise at Vinnie’s body sprawled at his feet.  He edged along the wall, away from the pool of blood forming around his face-down skull.  Specs looked over and saw with a surge of relief and surprise, his savior.


Shakily, Dutchy lowered his still-smoking gun.  He let an explosive breath out of his nose and carefully wiped his fingerprints from the gun handle.  After doing so, Dutchy threw the weapon away in disgust with a violent and sudden motion.


“You okay, Specs?” he asked, finally.


“Yeah.  I’m fine.” Specs replied, walking over to him.  “But what about you?”


“Never felt better…I’m finally free of it.”


Specs smiled slightly.  “I’m glad.” He looked back at the body.  “Let’s get out of here before somebody calls the cops, eh?”


“No cops in this town.” Dutchy replied, chewing on his bottom lip.  “But we can go anyway.”


“I’ve got two tickets for the train that leaves in an hour.  Can you be ready by then?”


“I’m ready now.”


“What about your things?”


“Don’t need ‘em.” Dutchy replied with a smile, slipping his hand into Specs’.  “I’ve got all I need right here.”  He paused.  “Well, besides food, water, and a place to sleep.”


Specs chuckled.  “Don’t worry about it.  My mother makes the best food and we have plenty of water.”


“What about a place to sleep?” Dutchy asked, trying to look innocent.


Specs chuckled again and pulled Dutchy along by the hand as they exited the apartment.  “What do you think?”


“I think I’m never going to sleep again.”


Specs’ face turned a dark crimson.  “DUTCHY!”


“Heh, heh…”






XD ‘Bout time, eh? 

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