Title: Brains and Fists
Author: Niko
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Dave
Status: Complete
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Archive: Seize The Night
Summary: An alternate encounter after David's attempt
to set Jack free from the refuge.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money, broke anyway.

"Jack, wait!"

Jack Kelly turned, an look of irritation and anxiety
in his posture and on his face, "What you want, Davy?
I thought I told you to scram?"

The alley way was damp and dark, the pungent stench of
rat excrement and mold almost overpowering. The cops
were going to find them soon, even if they did have
the night air to hide them. David had just lead Jack
away from Pulitzers mansion, Snyder and a lot of other
people from the refuge had tried to stop them but not
one of them was fast enough to catch a Newsie.

"You won't let them catch you again, will you?" David

Jack walked up to him, "What kind of stupid question
is that? You think I'd jus' go walkin' back into the

"Then why won't you come with me?" David shouted, "You
can come back to my house where they won't find you!"

Kelly grabbed him by his shoulders, "You listen to me,
Davy. I ain't willing to take the chance that somebody
will find me ther'. Ain't nobody going to touch you or
your family you hear me? Not if I can keep you guys

"So what are you going to do? Just stay here in this
stupid alley and wait till things blow over?" David
pulled back from Jack and glared at him, "That's not
the Jack Kelly I know. He wouldn't stand back and
wait. He'd take charge. When things aren't fair Jack
Kelly stands up and fights. And it ain't fair that the
Newsies are out their leader. They need you Jack,
can't you see that! You give them strength!"

Jack blinked and set his jaw tight, "You don't
understand how things work in the business world like
I do, Davy. Just go home, okay?"

"Don't let them take you back."

"And what does it matter to you, Davy? You ain't
worked the streets for years like the rest of us
Newsies so what does it matter to you if the strike

"You're right, I haven't been out there as long as you
but this isn't about the Newsies."
Jack felt David's hands but didn't register anything
till long after. Two arms pulled his body to David's
melding them together in a tight and warm embrace,
"It's not about the Newsies, it's about not seeing you
again until your twenty-one. You can't let them lock
you up that long. We need you, my family. Les looks to
you as a hero, my sister thinks you're the greatest
man alive and my father and mother feel a great debt
of gratitude to you for helping us sell papes. Come
back with me, please!"

Jack let his face fall into David's curly locks,
returning this hug as he felt David relax against him,
"You know, if they find me here like this, theirs
gonna think we're queer for each other."

David laughed, pulling back to wipe away tears, "Well
screw them. Who cares what them jerks think."

Jack smiled slightly, "I certainly don't care what the
hell they think but personally, I'd rather be
concerned on screwing you than who they screw."

David's face flew into a mask of shock but was hidden
from view as Jack's face found his, lips brushing
against his exciting sparks in his senses. Then he
kissed him, David locking his hands behind Jack's neck
and bringing Jacks face lower, making a casual kiss
into a deep passionate lock. They pulled back only as
foot steps became loud in the tunnel and the need to
breathe rose above every other need.

"Go, Get out of here." Jack whispered, nuzzling
David's hair.

"Not without you."

"It's too late for this. You hear them coming? You're
family needs you, Davy. 'Specially Les." He pushed
away and began to walk backwards, "Don't worry. I'll
be out long before I'm twenty-one. "

David wanted to run back and pull him out of the ally
way but found his feet taking him in the other
direction. He had to trust Jack.

Jack looked on and hung his head, fingers caressing
where David's lips had only just been.

"Keep running, Davy." He whispered, "And I'm sorry."
With that he turned around, walking back to the
carriage and the offer that awaited his consent.

The End