Title: A Chance of a Life Time
Author: Emmie
Rating: PG
Pairing: Snoddy/Skitts
Status: Work in progress
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Archive: Seize the Night
Summary: Well, it kinda goes that Snoddy and Skitts get the chance to do something they have wanted to do for a very long time.
Disclaimer: No characters are mine just write stories about them!!
Notes: Sara please read it all!!! ALL OF IT!!!! not just the good scene! thanks for listening!!!

    A Chance of a Life Time

 Snoddy ran into the bunkroom and straight to his bed. He crulled up and laid there and cried for hours until the newsies started to file in and he decided to go to one of the private room to avoid all the questions. He was alone until Skittery, his faithful friend, came looking for him. When Swifty found him he decided that he would tell him and only him.

 "Skitts, Misty broke up with me," he paused just for a second and then conitued," and ya know the kid. Yeah well he's not mine." Skitts pushed Snoddy down on the bed and pulled Snoddy's head into the hollow of his collar bone.

 "Oh Snoddy! I'm sorry."

 Snoddy pulled his head away only to say something then put it right back,"Its some rich guys. She's been cheating on me for awhile." Soon Skitts heard Snoddy snoring and pushed his head on to a pillow near by and pulled his body as close to the other boy as he could and then started to softly kiss his neck and cheek and he did this until Snoddy flenhed after alittle nibble on his neck from Skitts. "Snoddy, I wish you were awake," Skitts whispered into Snoddy's ear then kissed it. Skitts laid his head on Snoddy's chest and fell asleep to the slow and soft beat of his heart.

***The next day, Distrubution Center***

 "Heya Skitts, can I talk to you for a sec??"

 "Yeah," Snoddy pulled Skitts back into an alley way behind the center.

 "Ya remember last night," Skitts nodded his head, getting alittle nervous now,"Well.....I was awake during must of it and the weird this is that I liked it and....," Snoddy didn't finish, couldn't finish. He just ran away.

 For the next few days, Snoddy avoided Skitts and Skitts did the same. Both very confused and hoping but knowing that the other didn't want what they wanted.

***About two days later, bunkroom***

 "Emmie, Jack. I need your help."

 "Yeah so what can we do Skitts??"

 "Well promise you wont think less of me when I tell you this!"

 "Yeah Jack and I promise," Emmie elbowed Jack in the stomach, Jack nodded in a kind of "I don't really want to know this but go ahead" way.

 "Well, ummmm........yeah I'm gay and I think Snoddy is too!"Jack eyes went wider then anyone had every seen them."And I kissed him the other day when I THOUGHT he was asleep and then he told me that he liked it and has been avoiding me ever since and would really like to know what is going on with him!"

 There was a long pause until Emmie decided to help Skitts,"Well Skitts, I think you should just go up and talk to him. Don't worry what other people are going to think just talk to him and see how he fells!

 "Hey i want this to be private so can we use your room, please?"

 "Yeah,but you can't do anything in there!!"
 "Ok ok I promise!"

 "You have until lights out."

 "Ok thanks!"

 "Heya Snoddy can you come here please!"

 "Yeah Skitts comin'"Snoddy followed Skitts into the room that usually held the newlu weds Emmie and Jack but now held the two guys who had no idea what to do.

 "Snoddy, I hope you fell the same why I but I," he was silenced from something that completely answered his question. Skitts finally tasted the sweet taste of his new found love.

***I wont tell you what happened here!!You can conjer up what ever you want for them to do here***

 "Lights out.Lights out." Snoddy heard the faint voice of Klopp.


 "Ok Jack we're coming."

 "Wait Skitts. Your pants out them back on."Snoddy tried to talk softly so that Emmie and Jack couldn't hear him but Jack had heard him and was very mad now.

 "Skitts what did I tell you! What did you do it there??" Jack was very mad and didn't really want to know what they had done in there but still asked. 

 For the next few days, Skitts and Snoddy spent more time toghter. To both of their surprise, the boys where ok with it. They made their jokes but they knew they were just kiding.

***Three days later at Tibby's***

 The door swung open and a young boy and a girl attached to his arm appeared. Skitts looked up at the slam of the door. to find it was his boyfrien's ex-girlfriend, Mitsy. Skitts ,trying to keep Snoddy's attention away from the two of them placed a soft kiss on his lips, but by this time Misty had noticed snoddy and now was freaking out that her ex-boyfriend was gay.

 "Terry David Wanye, Jr." at this Snoddy looked up to see a very mad girl standing half  way across the resturant.

 He broke the kiss to give a simple answer, "WHAT?!?!"
 "How long have you been like this??"

 "Can we keep the noise down, your scaring the little kids!!"

 "I don't care about the damn kids!! I just found out out that the guy i just broke up with is GAY!!! How would you fell??"

 "You shouldn't care!"

 "Why shouldn't I??"

 "Because you aren't in my life anymore. Skitts here is my lover now and there's nothing you can do about it!"

 "Nothing aye!" She walked across the room and pushed Skitts away, making room to plant a sweet kiss on his lips like she used too. Snoody pushed her back, making her hit the floor and cluddled back up his new found love.

 Misty stormed out of the room, grabbing her boytoy on the way. Just as she reached for the knob, Snoody gave another soft kiss and then whispered into his ear "I love you, Skitts!"

***Four days later, Brooklyn Bridge***

 "Heya, its the queers!"Spot said as Skitts and Snoddy came into veiw holding hands, giving them alittle smile.

 "So how ya been, Spot?"

 "Well, I'm fine. T haven't seen my girl friend in the last 48 HOURS!"

 "Pissed are we Spot?!?!"

 "Yeah yeah, shut up!"

 Just then Sara "Brooklyn" Stephens came running down the dock and into Spot's arms.

 "Spot, I have to tell you something." She said in between gasps for the air that is nessecary for life, "Spot, come over here, these queers are scaring me," pointing at Skitts and Snoddy, att the moment were sitting in each other's laps and kissing. Sara and Spot took a few steps to the right "Spot, You're going to be a father!!"

 "You're kidding," Spot said with eyes wide eyes like a little kid in a candy store.

 "No, I'm with child, nine months there's going to be Brooklyn leader."

 "Sara, I want our child to grow up in a proper home and have a better life then we did and that can start right now with this. Sara Stephens will you marry me?" Spot reached around his neck and pulled out the red string and key. He pulled it off his neck and gathered it into his hand.

 "Yes, Spot! You know I'm yours!"

 He placed the key around her neck and said, "And I yours!"

 In their happiness and joy they walked to Manhattan to tell everyone and anyone.

 "Jack, your lookin' at a family man, father and husband."

 "Good God Spot. Gettin' a good start there."

 "I thought Jack and I would be the first parents, but seems Spot beat you to it baby."

 "Hey, don't think we haven't been trin'"

 "Hehehe,"Emmie went into one of her giggle spells like she so often did. Could be why we call her Giggles.

 "We all know this Jack. You got aloud one her!" Snoddy made Emmie blush and stop giggling for about two seconds.

 "So, whens the date?"

 "We're thinkin' about two months."

 "Wow, that means alot for us to do in alittle amount of time, Sara."

 "We can do it!!"

 "I'll do the money promblems. Spot you are not getting in this agian!!!"

 "Aye,SHUT UP!!!!!" Spot grabbed Emmie around the neck, but soon let after she had kneed him in the  stomach.

***Snoddy and Skitts appeared***
 "Heya, Queers. Did you hear?"


 "Spot and Sara are gettin' married!"

 "Yeah yeah, shut up the braggin'"

 "What are ya talkin' about braggin'??"

 "Well, ya see since Skitts and Snoddy are "gay" they can't get married...legically." said Emmie in her "I know everything in the world" voice.

 Snoddy hugged Skitts, comforting him. Both knew from the beginning that they couldn't get married, but both would love to be married.

***Two months later, two days before the wedding,Emmie's and Jack's room***

 "Emmie, thanks so much for your help." Sara hugged her.

 "Your welcome. You helped us so much with our wedding, its the least I could do."

 "I wish we could afford the wedding you had." They both laughed to themselves.

 Skitts walked in followed closely by Snoddy.

 "Skitts you look wonderful in your tux."

 "Yeah babe, you look very sexy," Snoddy hoping to gross out the girls only to find that the only one affected was Skitts, who elbowed him in the stomach.

 "Tell 'em, Snoddy!"

 "Tell us what?!?!"

 "Yeah what?!?!"

 "Skitts I thought we were going to tell Jack first."

 "Oh well, just tell 'em."

 "Ok ok. Well ya know how Skitts and I would really like to get married but we can't," the girls nodded their heads,"Well, we thought we would take the next step and ummmmmm.....adopt.....a...child!!"

 "OMG!!!! That is so sweet!!!"

 "Will they let you? I mean a gay couple adopting a child. I'm not sure if they will let you."

 "We're not so sure either, but we really want this and hope we can."

***The next day, Adoption agency***

 "Heya mister. Who do we talk to if we want to adopt?"

 "Fill out these!"

 Snoddy and Skitts filled out the papers, hesatating to put they where gay in fear of losing the child.

 "Mr.Terry Wanye and Mr.Jacob Smith, room five."

 "Hello, well not to many times do we get gay couples seeking a child but thats ok. Well what sex would you like?"

 "We were hoping that we could have a girl."

 "Ok and what about the age?"

 "Well that we would like to be a newborn if possible."

 "Ok, well we will see what we can do and get back to you."

***Later that day, Tibbys***

 "Heya, Queers. How did it go?"

 "We think it went well."

 "I really hope it works out for you."


 "Heya, Emmie. Come over heah!"

 "What do you want?"

 "Ok, well I want to give those two," pointing at Snoody and Skits,"their dream. I want to let them get married."

 "What?? You know they can't ?"

 "Yeah, but what if we dress one of them up like me they will never know."

 "What does Spot think??"

 "I haven't told him yet. Will you help me, please??"

 "Yeah!! Spot, come here."

 "Yeah, what did I do this time?"

 "Nothin' I ummmmmmm......well yeah see......I have to tell ya something. Ok, Spot ya know how much Skitts and Snoddy want to get married. I want to give them that chance."

 "And how did did you intend on doing this."

 "Well, we could dress one of them up like me and the other like you and no one will ever know."

 "So, why did you plan on doing this?"


 "WHAT THATS OUR WEDDING DATE!!!!"with this everyone started to look at them and Spot soften his voice aliitle,"Sara, you can't give them our date. Did you intend on giving them our church and reception too??"

 "Yes, I did. Spot please let me do this!"

 "Ok whatever Sara! Just tell me how we are going to get the money back that we spent on their wedding??"