Title: Cherry Pie
Author: Miche
Rating: PG
Pairing: Pie Eater/Skittery
Status: 1st in a series of many
Feedback: Oh heck yeah!
Archive: STN
Summary: Pie Eater comes to terms with his sexual preference.
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of the Newsies, but I do own this plot.
Warnings: This is NOT GRAPHIC. If you think that kissing is too explicit for your tastes, then I don't know how the heck you even got to this website, but leave now or be prepared to face permanent corruption...just not from this story.
Notes: this is just a prologue-type-thing, and it's not graphic as I've said....hence the title. It will get, um...better in future entries though.
Pie Eater walked down the street, listening as his footsteps made hollow, slapping echoes against the wet cobblestone pavement. He walked fast, his head down-turned as he peered through thick lashes. No one else was out on the streets, save for a few vagrants who had also been caught in the storm. Not even the vendors had pulled their wares out onto the street that morning, all knowing that a rainstorm was heading their way.
Pie was feeling that now, running over his cold legs and limbs -- every part of his body getting wet from the downpour. He wrapped his arms around his torso, feeling warm, slick skin through his thin linen shirt. His suspenders hung limp at his sides, and he cringed when his socks became soggy from trudging through a shallow mud puddle. Pie Eater walked down the narrow alley, occasionally glancing further upwards into the sky to check how dark it was becoming.

Manhattan was a large city, and one could easily spend all day just getting from one end to the other, as he was doing now. Unfortunately though, he hadn't counted on the winter's night coming upon him so fast. He quickened his pace and turned down one of the darker alleys that lead into a maze of back roads. These older streets would cut into some main ones further into the city, which would eventually lead straight to the Distribution office. From there Pie knew he could easily get back to the lodging house within minutes.

He was still in thought about getting home, when suddenly someone seized him from behind and shoved him face-first against the brick wall of a darkened alleyway. Strong hands shoved him flat against stone, firm fingers painfully digging into flesh to keep him still. He didn't call out, knowing that no one would hear him, but struggled nonetheless.

Pie Eater knew his attacker was strong; it was clearly measured in the strength of the grip that clasped his hands behind his back and the weight of the other body pressing against his own. He was about to say something -- anything -- but at the same moment that he opened his mouth, the assailant sharply spun him around and again pushed him into the brick wall, causing his shoulder blades to grind cruelly into worn stone. The breath knocked out of him, Pie couldn't find his voice quickly enough and didn't even feel the forceful softness pressing against his parted lips. It wasn't until his head cleared and he felt a foreign, exploring object in his mouth that he came to his senses and whipped his head to the side, causing the unfamiliar presences to clear away.
He kept his eyes shut tight, regained his bearings, and slowly turned back. Cautiously, he cracked his eyes open; almost afraid of whom he'd see. When hazel eyes met large, brown ones, again his voice was lost. Incredulously he spoke, though it only came out in a croaked whisper.

"Skittery?" he breathed, unable to comprehend what was happening. He didn't have the time to think about anything else, because as soon as the name was out he was again seized up in a fervent kiss, a tongue slipping it's way through his lips and running along his bottom teeth.
Pie was in shocked disbelief. Again, he tried to pull out of the older boy's grip. He wrenched at his arms and tried to knee with his legs, but each time his blows became weaker and weaker, and with each moment Skittery's passionate kiss became stronger and less intolerable...until he found himself kissing back. The grasp of hands holding arms and the restraining pressure against the brick wall lessened as Skittery felt Pie come into the kiss, and eventually the two were holding each other, hands running around waists and fingers entwining in hair.

Pie Eater was lost in his emotions. He wanted to break away -- to run away and spit and vomit all that was happening into oblivion...but still he accepted this other boy's mouth that was closed around his own. He still accepted the shivers of exhilaration that coursed through every vein in his body when the tongue of his friend went from tender caresses to a forceful lashing around the interiors of his mouth. Still he wanted to run away and be sick, and still he yearned for more.
It wasn't until both boys were on the ground, covered in mud, water, and pieces of filth from the streets that Pie Eater felt the first pangs of uneasiness. For the first time he successfully pushed away from Skittery, staggering up on unsteady feet and glaring at the boy lying on the ground. His chest heaved for air, all of it having been spent on kisses, and the drops of rain ran over his stricken features. He looked out of the alley, wondering why no one had come at all the noise he was sure they had been making. He turned his face up to the sky, his lids falling shut over eyes, and allowed the rain to wash away previously unknown sensations. His breath came in ragged gasps, more out of the internal turmoil he was feeling than physical fatigue.
"Pie, no one will know," he heard Skittery whisper. He listened to the other boy getting to his knees, pulling himself onto his feet -- and his presence, right behind him. He felt those once powerful, confining hands soften and come to rest gently on his shoulders, turning him around. Pie Eater was forced to look up, to look into Skittery's dark, penetrating eyes. Again he said it, "No one will know."

It was like speaking a curse, Pie Eater thought. Something that would forever haunt him and forever be gnawing at his insides. How could he deal with this? How could he live with knowledge that he was in love...with Skittery?