Title: Darkened Alleys and the Right Mistakes
Author: Stage
Rating: PG
Pairing: Skittery/Pie Eater (can you believe it? I wrote a new slash pairing!)
Status: Complete
Feedback: Sure.
Archives: Here, eventually my site (Slashyways), and Seize the Night.
Summary: Skittery meets someone in the alleyway and finds out that All is not what it seems.
Disclaimer: Oh honestly…If I owned the newsies…well, all hell would break loose.
Opening Comments: ::hits head repeatedly upon keyboard:: Somebody stop me! I have to STOP writing for at least one day! o.o I think this is the shortest fic that I’ve ever written! ::Dances:: WOO!


Skittery put on his best lady-killing, charming smile as he gazed across the table at the girl sitting across from him. Jennifer was her name and she met his look with her large coffee eyes. A smidgen of pink shot across her ivory face and she ducked her head, taking sanctuary behind a curtain of curly ginger. Skittery stood up, walked around the table, and bent down to whisper to Jennifer.

“Meet me in da back alley, Love.” He said that before straightening up and heading out, leaving behind a tomato-faced Jennifer.


Skittery took one last long drag off his cigarette before flicking it to the clammy cobblestones of the alley. He tilted his head backwards; eyes turned up to the darkening sky. Skittery was being patient in waiting for Jennifer’s arrival.

He wondered for a brief moment if he should have brought out an oil lamp or a candle or some form of light. Dusk was falling rapidly and the alley that Skittery was standing in was dark even during broad daylight.

The thought—and almost everything for that matter—left Skittery’s brain when he heard the creak of the back door. Footsteps approached him and Skittery waited patiently for the right exact moment. He pounced on the opportunity when it came, seizing the shoulders of his girl and pulling her forward as he found her lips.

Skittery could feel the astonishment, apprehension, and hesitance throughout her. He kneaded her shoulders, finding himself surprised at the solid physique there. Jennifer soon relaxed into Skittery and replied. Again, he was thrown off guard by her eagerness and the sort of feeling it gave him…like he was flying.

I’s nevah felt dis way ‘bout a goil befoir… Skittery thought. No goil’s made me feel dis way evah. She must be dat ‘one’ dat we’s suppose ta be searchin’ foire all our loives.

Skittery’s thoughts were washed away and he willfully abandoned his musings. He was a tad more focused on what was happening now.


Skittery’s troublesome mind muddled through the mud puddle that his mind had recently become and began to think again. He pushed back the thoughts and carefully began etching every bit of Jennifer into his memory.

And then it hit him. It was like a sharp blow to the stomach with brass knuckles, the kind that leaved you winded and struggling to gain back your breath. Skittery’s mind yelled, “I tried to tell you!” at him. The body pressed up against his wasn’t female. For one, Skittery had been pretty sure that Jennifer had had breasts and for two…she sure as hell wasn’t as tall as Skittery himself was.

Skittery jerked back when his fingers brushed over suspenders. His mind raced in little circles around his head, making him considerably dizzy. Skittery must have stumbled because strong hands reached out and gripped his arms in a steadying sort of grasp.



“Youse ok?”

“Foine…I’s foine…”

“I’s sorry.”

“Foir what?”

“Foir comin’ in heahs unannounced. I just didn’t expect no one ta do dat.

“I should be ‘pologizin’, den.”

“I ain't sayin’ I didn’t loike it…” Came the hesitant and quiet reply. Skittery felt a rough hand touch his cheek gently. “I t’ink…I t’ink I might love youse.”

“Ya mean it, Pie?”

“I’s means it, Skitt.”

~*~ Fin ~*~

Closing Comments: YAY! All done in one day! For once. ^^;; But, yeah…tell me what y’all think.