Title: Five Days
Author: Lute
Email: snitchslashgoil87@yahoo.com
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Race/Blink
Status: Complete, PWP
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Archive: STN, The Refuge
Summary: Blink gives Race math lessons after school, but he's the one who ends up learning something new.
Disclaimer: Don't own the newsies
Warnings: Bondage, mild S&M
Notes: Written for Sita

Five Days

Race stared hard at the paper in front of him, and Blink watched. Race's hair gel wasn't the good 24-hour kind, so his hair kept falling in thick locks into his face. He would brush them back, then five seconds later, they would be in his face again. His mouth was pursed into a perfect, purple-rose circle, except when he stuck the pencil into his mouth, displaying strong, white teeth.

Blink shook his head and inspected the floor, trying to control his mind. He'd been tutoring Race after school for a week now, and it was always like this. Blink would come in, smile, sit down. Race would shoot a snarky comment in his direction, then smirk and take his feet off the desk as Blink reached for a worksheet and helped him through the problems. And then, Race would get to doing new ones on his own, his face would get that set look, those knotted eyebrows, nose wrinkled, eyes narrow... and Blink would stare. He would stare and stare, and then he would catch himself and turn away, embarrassed. It had been like that every day for the past week. Yes. And Blink was tired of it. Yes. He wasn't used to feeling like this, although he'd heard of it before... but only from his male friends referring to females, or female friends referring to males. Blink was a male feeling it for a male. How peculiar.

How queer.

Blink sighed heavily. Race glanced up at him, smirked slightly, then went back to his worksheet. "I'm almost done."

"Good." Blink smiled; that meant the tutoring was done for another day, and he could go home and not worry about the stupid situation again until tomorrow.

Race chewed on the end of the pencil again, then finished the last problem before handing it proudly to Blink. "Check it. I think I did good this time."

Blink shrugged and brushed his hair out of his eyes before leaning over the paper to inspect Race's answers. He tried to concentrate on the work in front of him, tried to ignore Race's curious brown eyes, but the other boy made it so difficult. It was almost as if he knew that Blink was attracted to him

(is that the word? yes yes that's the word i'm attracted to him)

and he didn't care. The smirk on Race's face almost hinted that he enjoyed Blink's secret attraction.

But that was ridiculous, of course. This was a Catholic school, both boys and girls for a taste of difference, but still with the uniforms and the nuns for teachers and the teaching of how it was completely inappropriate to have such feelings as Blink was feeling.

But even though that was the case, Blink couldn't help noting how good Race looked with his tie loose, his jacket hanging off the back of his chair and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

Blink turned quickly back to the paper, blushing again and quickly checking Race's work. "Hm... okay, yeah. You're doing better. You still have trouble with logarithms, but that's okay, we'll go over those tomorrow." He smiled and handed the paper back to Race. "We might finish these lessons sooner than Sister Wright expected."

"That'd be too bad." Blink stared, then blushed again when Race pursed his lips and winked. "I like this alone time that we have."

"Uh... okay. Me too." Blink bit his lip and ran his hand through his blonde hair, suddenly uncomfortable under Race's gaze. The other boy's lips twirled into his usual smirk, and he stood up suddenly, horrifyingly and excitingly close to Blink. He seemed to do it on purpose to tease the blonde boy, not only forcing a good view of his crotch into Blink's face, but also making a big show of turning around to grab his jacket and thrusting his ass up as well. Blink was blushing when Race turned around again, and the dark-haired boy smirked before lithely jumping over the desk and leaving the room.


The next day, Blink quickly checked Race's work and smiled at him. "You're doing really well," he said, handing the sheet back. "Honestly."

Race continued his eternal smirk as he took the paper back. "Do I get a reward for being a good student?"

"Reward?" Blink tugged on the string of his eye-patch, blushing slightly as impure thoughts entered his head. "What do you mean?"

Too quick for Blink to protest, Race grabbed the back of his blonde head and kissed him fiercely, hot lips and thrusting tongue, sweet and spicy in a way Blink had never before experienced. His single working eye shut briefly as he leaned into Race's touch, putting his fingers delicately on Race's shoulder.

Then the Italian boy broke away. He watched Blink for a moment, then smirked again, stood up, and left the room. Blink stared after him, then sighed heavily, scared to death, feeling things he had never felt before.


Wednesday. The sheet of paper passed between the two boys again, their fingertips brushing together, Race teasing Blink by toying with golden locks of hair as the blonde boy bent over the work and tried in vain to ignore him. Finally, the one-eyed boy slapped Race away.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm playing." Race pursed his lips. "I'm bored."

"Stop playing with my hair. I don't like it."

"Aw." The Italian pouted. "That's too bad. Your hair's so fine..." Race dragged his hand through Blink's hair and smirked when Blink's face softened. "It's almost like a girl's... only better 'cause you're a guy."

Blink blushed and shook his head, freeing his hair of Race's firm hand. "Don't do to me like you did yesterday. I didn't like it."

"Uh-huh. I'm sure. That's why I felt your dick against my leg, right?"

Blink's face flamed and he turned back to the worksheet, chewing on his lower lip and attempting to ignore Race's movements. It was difficult; he was no longer touching Blink's hair, but he was making a lot of noise, pushing desks back and everything. Blink had no idea what the other boy was up to, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to know.

Then Race was kneeling behind him, and Blink gasped when he felt cold fingers removing his shirt from his pants. "Race, what are you doing?"

"Sh!" Race hissed; from the sound of his voice, Blink knew that his face was pressed against the back of the chair, but that didn't heed his journey into Blink's pants. "What do you think I'm doing, stupid?"

"Something you shouldn't be doing! Stop that!" Blink gripped Race's hands and tried to pull them away from his already undone fly, but he stopped fighting when he heard Race groan.

"God, it's hot when you fight back."

Blink tried to keep himself from shivering at Race's whisper, and failed. Race's fingers crawled under Blink's boxer-briefs, brushing the treasure beneath. Blink shivered again and released a whimper. Race's voice breezed up to his ears again: "Keep quiet, asshole. We don't want to get caught."

Blink gasped, then roughly bit his lip, trying to keep from making any noise. Race stroked and caressed him, almost teasing. Finally, Blink could keep it in no more; he arched his back and let out a groan. To his surprise, Race let go. Blink's breath moved in and out in short gasps, and he opened his eye to see Race stand up, towering over him as he lay in his seat. Race stood there and stared at him, almost unblinking, until Blink started to writhe in discomfort, needing to be released from his pleasure prison and not wanting to do it himself, not in a classroom, not where he could be caught. Race could do it; Blink could tell it like it was if Race were caught touching him; "He snuck up on me, I couldn't stop him!" he could say, ignoring the fact that he was enjoying it more than he had ever enjoyed anything else in his life.

Then Race smacked his head, and he saw a brief flash of white before pain spread through his skull. He reached up and clenched the spot where he'd been hit, looking back up at Race with a hurt look.

Race just smirked.

"I told you not to make any noise."

Then, to Blink's horrified surprise, Race grabbed his jacket, blew him a sassy kiss, and left the room.


The following day was Thursday, and Blink felt a sense of mild apprehension throughout the lesson. He didn't want to be left hanging like he had been the day before; the poor boy had been forced to stumble through the hall to a bathroom, to touch himself in a way that always made him feel both like scum and like paradise.

But so far, the tutoring session had gone without issue. Race had told Blink what he needed help with, Blink had explained it to him and given him problems to do, Race was doing the problems.

And Blink was staring again. The sunlight was veiled today by silver clouds, and the different shades on Race's skin were as interesting as the different shine in his eyes. Blink shivered slightly, and Race glanced up. "Cold?"


"Heh." That tasty smirk appeared (tasty since when did it become tasty?) and Race shifted slightly. "Me too, kinda."

"Uh-huh. It's the rain."

"It's the school. Too much air conditioning."

"Whatever. Are you done yet?"

Race turned back to the paper, made a few more marks with his pencil, then handed it to Blink with a pleased flourish. "Tell me how I did."

Blink went over it, checking with his green pen. "You did good. Wow, Race, you're really catching on." He grinned despite himself. "You just needed a little extra help, that's all."

Race took the paper that was handed to him. "Can I be rewarded again?"

Blink's head jerked up and he stared at Race. "... A, um... another kiss?" His face flushed pink, and he ran a hand through his hair. "Well, I um... I guess-"

"No, not a kiss." Race's hands shot forward and locked around Blink's neck, drawing him forward and touching their foreheads together. "I deserve more than that, don't you think?"

Blink's breathing quickened. "More... more than a kiss?"

Race grinned and brushed his lips against Blink's. "Yeah. More than a kiss."

"How much more?"

Race pulled back slightly and studied him. The hand on the back of Blink's neck traveled up over his jaw and ear to brush over his lips in a gentle, tender way that made Blink shiver roughly. Race smiled at the reaction and leaned back fully, turning so that his entire body faced Blink.

"A lot more."

As Race's hand shot forward to grab Blink again, Blink made a mental note

(remember how fast this boy is and learn to be faster)

before his right cheek collided with Race's crotch. "Race, what are you-"

"Suck me."

Blink looked up, surprised. Race stared down at him, still smirking. "Are you seri-"

"Dead. Do it."

"But Race-"

"Do it."

"This isn't-"

"Do it."

"We shouldn't-"

"Do it."

Blink's shoulders were heaving; he was panting and he hadn't even realized it.

(i didn't realize a lot of things oh my god i want to my mouth feels empty i want to do it oh my god!)

The blonde groaned, the sound muffled slightly by Race's thigh against his mouth.

"You're gonna do it?"

Blink nodded, and the friction between his cheek and Race's crotch created a sudden flicker of firmness beneath the cloth of Race's pants.

"Good. Go for it."

Blink shut his eye and got on his knees, gripping Race's legs for balance; he felt suddenly lightheaded, almost drawn by some unseen force he couldn't comprehend. His mind told him not to, to ignore Race, to shove him away and run out the door, to never look him in the face again. But something else called to him, the lure of taking Race into his mouth, of making Race sigh and groan.

Eagerly, he grabbed the button on Race's pants, undid it, drew the zipper down and wrenched Race's clothes away, revealing a hidden treasure like Blink couldn't believe. Race's fingers caressed his hair and he whimpered softly, raising his eye to look at the Italian boy.

Race pursed his lips, smirking again. "Do it. Before I get up and leave."

Blink didn't want him to leave. Oh no, he'd do anything to keep Race here. He whimpered again and kissed the tip of the cock in front of him, trying to relay this message to Race. The Italian boy, however, was apparently not in the mood for sentimental drivel; he smacked the side of Blink's head again, and making the blonde boy's face crash inward with surprise and suffering.

"Don't tease," Race commanded. "Just suck."

Blink hesitated. Race raised his hand in threat, and Blink whined before opening his mouth and taking the head of Race's cock into his mouth. Race's fingers trailed lightly down the back of Blink's neck, only barely touching the fine hairs that rested there in a golden forest, and Blink shivered yet again. He didn't want to feel this way, didn't want to need Race like this... but what could he do?

His tongue twirled around Race's dick, and he slid his hand over Race's inner thigh when the other boy twitched and almost choked him. Race seemed to enjoy this familiar touch, and Blink stroked the surprisingly smooth skin with his thumb, attempting to take Race further into his mouth and only getting slightly further.

Race groaned and dipped his hand into the soft honey of Blink's hair, firmly gripped the skull beneath. "Keep going," he demanded when Blink faltered. "Deeper."

Blink whimpered

(if i go deeper i'll suffocate myself oh my god)

but continued on, slowly, relaxing the muscles in his throat and diving in. Another moment where he panicked, thinking he was choking, then he forced himself to loosen up, told himself he would be all right.

Suddenly, Race smacked his head again, and he winced, wondering what he'd done now.

"Suck it, I told you. Now."

Blink whimpered, but did as he was told, sucking fervently on the rod in his mouth, still stroking Race's inner thigh. He whimpered again when he realized that his pants were abruptly all too tight, and he knew that he would be forced to find the bathroom again; Race wouldn't stay around long enough to help him any.

As his mouth created a suction that, judging by the brutal grip on his skull, was sending Race into a frenzy, Blink wondered why he was turned on in this way. Was it the domination, Race's irrefutable demands? Knowing that if he didn't obey, he would be hit? Was the exhibitionist side of him suddenly showing itself? He didn't know, found he didn't care to.

Race's grip in Blink's hair tightened yet again, and he groaned briefly before hissing, "When I finish, I want you to swallow it all."

Blink murmured his response.

"Every drop."

Blink whined loudly to let Race know he heard, then continued his suction, trying not to let the pressure of Race's fingernails trying to pry the skin from his skull get to him. After a few more seconds, Blink became aware of the noise emitting from Race's mouth, and was able to prepare himself for the sudden gush of hot fluid that invaded his throat, scalded his tongue and gums. He did as he was told, catching every drop of semen and taking it into his mouth; the taste was bitter, and left behind a flavor that reminded him of copper.

Race's fingers loosened finally, and the dark-haired boy slumped backwards, resting against the bar on the opposite side of the desk. Blink leaned back and rubbed his mouth clean, watching Race intently, waiting for reprimand or compliment.

Finally, Race lifted his head and looked back with raised eyebrows. A smirk tilted his mouth.

"Not bad," He said. "I enjoyed that."

"I could tell."

Smack. Blink moaned softly, clutching his head again. "Don't talk back," Race ordered. "Now pull yourself together so we can go. We'll see what good you are tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Blink flinched when the hand was raised.

"Don't ask questions." Race's fingers found Blink's hair again, touching softer this time. "Don't worry. I'll take care of everything."

Blink wasn't sure if he wanted to anymore... but maybe the distrust was another part of the seduction.


Friday. Blink was jumpy the entire day; his mother noticed, his friends noticed, even Race noticed as they sat, close and alone, in the classroom after school.

"What's wrong, Blink?" Race asked, placing his hand on Blink's thigh, making Blink jump. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah," Blink stuttered, trying to keep himself from blushing. "I'm okay."

"Finish looking over my paper yet?"

Blink noticed he was shaking slightly, and the side of his head was throbbing gently; Race had hit him there a few too many times. "Uh, yeah. Here." He thrust it in Race's direction, not looking at him. "Good job."

There was silence for a moment. Blink finally looked up at Race, curious about the odd quiet.

Race was staring back at him, a knowing look in his eyes and a subtle smirk on his lips, dimpling the skin beneath one eye. "Good job?" he said. "Is that all?"

Blink's heartbeat sped up

(fear or excitement? both? )

and he inhaled slowly. "Uh... yeah?"

"I don't get another reward?"

Blink chewed on his lower lip; he didn't feel much like kissing Race today, let alone sucking him off. His lips felt almost chafed, and he hadn't known before yesterday that the tongue could get tired and sore just like any other over-used muscle. "Uh... I dunno."

Race studied him for a crucial moment, during which Blink could feel sweat dripping between his shoulderblades.

Then Race gave him a friendly smile and stood up. Blink's mouth dropped open slightly in surprise. "Are you leaving?"

"Yeah. C'mon. We'll go together."

Blink thought it over, then smiled hesitantly back. "Okay." He stood up and shook hair out of his face, tugging slightly on the band of his eye patch to adjust it. "Let's go."

They headed for the door, and Race grabbed the knob, pushing the door open and glancing out in the hallway before stepping back and letting Blink through. Blink smiled, pleased, and stepped out into the corridor.

The next instant, he found his face pressed into the wall, his arms over his head, and Race's voice at his ear, whispering in a hot breath, "You and me, we're alone here. Just you, me, and maybe a few janitors, and who cares what they think? Not me." A gust of heat against Blink's ear made him moan softly, stirring in his slacks. "I want to chase you. You're going to run, hide, pretend I'm trying to hurt you. Anything. Just run. I'll chase you down, and when I catch you..." He chuckles, trailing off, letting the sudden pressure of his pelvis against Blink's backside finish the sentence. Blink grit his teeth and moaned again. "Now," Race continued, stepping back, "you get a twenty second head start. Go."

Blink turned and stared at him, unbelieving. Race's face coiled into a scowl. "Go!" He lifted his hand, and Blink took off, running as fast as he could, pretending the pleasant little Catholic school was actually one of the side alleys of the city, where the drug dealers and murderers played their silly life games and killed one another if they won.

Blink ducked into an empty classroom, slammed the door shut and hid under the teachers desk, attempting to catch his breath. As he sat, panting, he found that this game excited him in a way he had never been excited before. There was a dreadful heat that lay in his lower abdomen, rumbling like a thunderstorm, and he leaned his head back, waiting for Race. He didn't wait long; a shadow passed on the fogged glass, came back, paused outside the started to turn the knob. Blink gasped and held his breath, shaking

(anticipation? dread? both?)

as he watched Race enter the room.

"Yoo-hoo," Race called in a whisper. "Blinky, you in here?"

Blink almost answered, but that would have ruined the game. He stayed quiet.

"Blink..." Race drawled. "Hey Blink..."

The blonde curled up under the desk and waited, waited either for a time to escape or for Race to find him, and as he waited, his arousal deepened.

"Blinkyboo," Race laughed. "Blinkay, donde estas?"

Blink remained silent.

"Hey!" Race shouted suddenly, frightening Blink into a jump that cracked his head on the underside of the desk. "I know you're here!"

The crash of metal-plastic desk against metal-plastic desk forced Blink to peek out from his hiding spot. Race was violently shoving rows of desks against the wall, grunting and grinning pleasantly as he did so. Blink watched the peculiar frenzy for a moment, then shot up and bolted out. He heard Race yelling after him, but kept running, feeling an odd rush of ecstasy and need as his feet fell in rhythm against the tile floor. More crashing behind him; Blink turned into the bathroom, stumbled on the floor and crawled into a stall, hoisting himself up onto the toilet, standing on the rim and crouching down to hide.

Race followed him in; Blink heard his heels clicking and the shift of his clothes; both sounds furthered his arousal.

"Blink, we're playing chase, not hide and seek," Race chided, opening a nearby stall. "I want to run, to tackle you, to roughly mangle my body with yours on the floor. Doesn't that sound nice?"

(oh god oh no oh yes)

"So stop hiding. Come play chase." One, two more stalls. Blink's foot started to slip, and he fought to stay standing. Race's heels continued to click, agonizingly slow, teasing and taunting Blink. "Come on out. Come run from me. Listen, Blink." A slight whistling noise, then a flash of green and yellow cloth in an arc outside the stall. Race's tie. "I'm taking off my shirt, Blink. Do you want to see? Do you?"

Blink whimpered ever so slightly, then silence fell in a heavy, almost palpable tension. It held, thick and dizzying, until Race slammed the door open on Blink's stall.

"Here's Johnny," he whispered, eyes glistening.

Blink gave a little cry and attempted to crawl over the barrier, to run away, but strong hands gripped his pants, pulled him back, clung roughly to his arm as he was dragged from the stall and shoved against one of the sinks. "Caught you."

Blink gripped the milky, broken porcelain. "Now what?"

Colors flashed when Race smacked his head again. "Don't ask questions," Race said as he reached around to undo the belt, buttons and zipper on Blink's slacks. "I'm going to do to you what I've wanted to do to you since I first saw you."

"What?" Blink gaped at Race's face, bare shoulders, bare chest in the mirror.

Smack. "No questions!"

Blink's chin dropped into the hollow of his throat, and he tried to control his breathing as Race undressed him. His uniform lay in a black and white heap on the floor, and Race snapped the tie in the air, smirking as Blink paled.

"I won't whip you, stupid."

Blink's relief showed in the mirror's face, though his eyebrows raised when Race started to fidget behind him.

"I'm going to tie your hands together," Race continued, grabbing Blink's wrists and tying them tight behind his back; only the long fingers were mobile.

"Now." Race was all business, gripping Blink's shoulder in one hand and his hip in the other. "I'm going to take care of you, then myself. Let me work, don't ask questions, don't make noise. Got it?" Blink nodded silently. "Good."

And Race worked. He balanced Blink against the sink, and his fingers slid softly over the bare skin of Blink's back, worked the muscles of his lower abdomen, drifted back up his arms. Blink was shivering, and the shivers worsened as Race started tracing the muscles of his stomach and chest, gently fondling the skin, pinching a nipple. Blink was unable to keep himself from gasping briefly when the wetness of Race's tongue drew intricate designs on his back, tracking the curve of his spine; Race was on his knees now, and Blink felt himself harden further as his inner thighs were moistened by Race's traveling tongue. He couldn't keep in the stubborn whimper behind his lips, and when he released it, he winced, certain now that Race would abandon him, probably without even bothering to untie him. He would be found, nude and bound, Monday morning, and he would bring unthinkable scandal to his prestigious school and to himself.

(oh dear god, please don't let him leave me here, please please please)

But Race laughed, his breath whispering against Blink's bare skin, exciting Blink all the more. The Italian's hand reached up and gripped Blink's erect dick, massaged it.

"You're taken care of," Race said when Blink writhed at his touch. Blink moaned, frightened again; he hadn't finished, he wasn't taken care of.

(race don't leave me don't do this please)

Race stood up and Blink stared at the figure in the mirror. "Race, what are you-"

"Shut up." The sound of clicking metal, collapsing cloth. "Speak when you're spoken too."


"My belt is off. Don't make me hit you with it."

Blink fell silent, but a thrill charged through his veins; Race's belt was off? The other boy was undressing

(oh god undressing we're going to be naked together what's he going to do?)

and the thoughts of what could be done to Blink, tied up and vulnerable, brought his erection to a parallel with the floor.

(when did this happen to me when did i become submissive a masochist an exhibitionist?)

(when i met race)


Blink felt pressure against his back and he looked up at the mirror. Race was draped over him, resting his chin on Blink's shoulder, smirking slightly.

"What are you thinking?"

Blink stared at the boy in the mirror. "...About this."

"About what?"

"About what we do."

"What do we do?"

Race's hand was trailing circles on Blink's stomach, and the blonde wished the other would just touch him and get it over with. "You steal kisses and I enjoy them."

"I thought you did. What else?"

"You jack me then leave me hanging."

"You didn't obey me. I told you not to make any noise."

"I had to make a noise. You're good."

Race's fingers moved to Blink's chest, teasing the sensitive skin and pale pink nipples. "I know. What else?"

"You command me, order me around, like I'm your slave, and it excites me."

"I know. It's what I wanted. I always get what I want."


Smack, then back down to the chest. "Don't ask questions."

"Sorry." Blink shuddered; the skin of Race's chest and stomach against his back, the feel of Race's hands on his chest; he just wanted to be allowed to release himself from this sensual stockade.

"I've wanted you since the beginning of the school year, since I saw you at the front of the classroom in math. I know how the world works, and I manipulate it; you were good with numbers, so I pretended not to be. It worked; the teacher insisted on tutoring sessions. I knew from the way you stared at me that you wanted me too, but you wouldn't ever do anything about it. So I took charge." Blink gasped shortly when Race's firm cock pressed against his ass. "You've never said you wanted me. Do you?"

Blink was sweating with want, his eye rang with it; his obedience should have been proof enough. "Race, I-"

More pressure; Blink groaned. "Do you?"

"I can't-"

"Do you?"

"Race, we-"

"Do you?"

Blink leaned over the sink, his head dropping away from the mirror as Race skimmed one hand over his pelvic bone and used the other to squeeze his chest.

"Do you?" Race repeated, his breath fogging hotly on Blink's ear. "I know you do, but I want to hear you say it. Say you want me."

Blink muttered a response. Race smacked his head. "Say it," he hissed.

Louder now: "I want you."

Race glanced around the bathroom, looking for something, anything, to make it easier to slide himself into Blink. Liquid soap; that would do. He reached around Blink, pumped some into his hand and lathered it on. "Say it louder."

Blink was panting and shaking in his hunger, and he jumped when he felt Race's cold hands on his waist. "I want you," he cried.

"I don't believe you yet." Race's grip on Blink's waist tightened, and he positioned himself for entrance. "Say it again. Louder. Make me believe it."

Blink's fingers twitched rapidly, and he shut his eye. "I want you!" He yelled. Race shook his head, and smacked Blink, knocking the blonde's chin forward.

"It's not enough!" Was it sweat or tears on Blink's face? Neither boy knew. "Scream it!"

Blink hesitated, and for a brief moment, it seemed the power had shifted, that Blink had realized all he had to do was say no and Race would back off.

But Blink didn't want to say no.

"I want you!" He shrieked, his voice shrill and cracking. "Please Race don't tease me anymore just fuck me and oh God I want you so bad!"

With that, Race smirked and forced his way inside. Blink gave another scream and came almost instantly, his back arching and his head flying back. Race forced him back against the sink, cracking the other boy's head against the wall and not entirely caring. He pounded himself inside of Blink, always pulling himself away when he felt he was nearly ready; he wanted Blink to come again, to exhaust himself, to rest over the weekend and come back for more after school on Monday.

Blink started to pant again, and Race moved his hand to feel Blink's physical reaction. The blonde was hardening between his fingers, and Race groaned; that was the delicious part, and he gripped Blink's erection, focusing, trying to time it just so, so they both came in the same moment.

Race kissed Blink's shoulder. "What do you want me to do?"


"Tell me what to do."

"But you-"

Race bit into Blink's shoulder, hard, making the other boy cry out. "Do it."

Blink moaned softly. "Jack me, please?"

"Don't ask, tell."

"Jack me."

"What? I can't hear you."

"Goddammit, jack me!"

Race shuddered and said, "That's more like it," before stroking Blink up and down, matching the rhythm with his own; the blonde would be raw and sore all weekend, probably longer, but that was fine. There was plenty else they could do until he healed up.

The bathroom echoed with their lusty sounds, filled with their lusty scent, thrived on their lusty image. Race slammed his hips against Blink's ass, Blink moved with the force, both of them grunting and groaning until Blink's face clenched in the mirror and he came again, coating the floor. Race thrust into him one, two, three more times before climaxing as well, digging his fingernails into Blink's waist.

There was a moment of hazy comfort, Race sprawled over Blink's back as Blink rested against the sink, both gasping to catch their breath.

Then Race pulled away, moving to the next sink and washing his face. Blink watched him curiously, sighing with every breath. "Race..."

The Italian glanced up at him. "What?"

"My arms..."

Race's eyebrows furrowed, then he chuckled. "Oh yes. Forgot." He returned to his place behind Blink and undid the complicated knot of Blink's tie. The blonde shook his arms out, forcing the blood to return to his fingers. Race watched, pulling his clothes back on. "That was fun," he commented.

Blink was silent; he stared at the mess on the floor with a self-conscious look on his face. "Yeah," he whispered.

"What?" Race demanded. "What's wrong?"

"...Nothing. I just... I liked it, but I..." Blink chewed on his lower lip, paying more attention than necessary on returning his clothes to his body.

Race's smirk returned. "You wanted something better for your first time."

Blink's silence was response enough. Race leaned against the wall. "Understandable. But I think that you were just under the stupid romantic fog that this whole world is under. If you'd waited for someone who would give you exactly what you thought you wanted, you would have waited a long time."

"What I thought I wanted?"

Race walked back over to Blink, cupped his face in his hands and kissed him softly, rhythmically moving their lips together until Blink's hand covered Race's neck.

"Is that what you wanted?" Race asked, pulling back slightly.

"I guess so..." Blink stared at him. "But I liked what we did too."

"I can give you both, if you want."

Blink exhaled slowly. "What?"

Race moved away, and Blink realized that the other boy was blushing; it was the first time he'd seen Race show some kind of face besides that haughty smirk or passionate craving. "I don't care, really. I knew that if I wanted you to admit you wanted me, I had to force you to do it, but now that you have, I don't really care where we go from here. I'd like to go with you-"

"Wait... what are you doing?" Blink stared at Race, confused. "You dominate me, order me around, hit me when I don't do what you tell me to do... and now you're standing here telling me you want to be my boyfriend?"

Race raised his eyebrows. "...Sure."

Blink pursed his lips. "...Can I be the master sometimes?"

Race's head reeled back in surprise, then he laughed. "Sure. Why not? Might be fun."

"All right then." Blink held out his hand to shake. "We're boyfriends."

Race took the hand that was offered, squeezed it, then pulled Blink into a solid embrace. They stood in the middle of the bathroom, gripping each other tight, before pulling away and walking out, ignoring the mess they made and leaving it to the confusion of the janitors.


"Sister Wright," Blink said on Monday afternoon, speaking to the tiny woman in black, "I haven't seen much improvement in Leo's case. I'd like to work with him for another week or two, just to see if he can get any better."

Sister Wright sighed heavily, glancing at Race, reclining in his desk. "If you think that's what he needs, Louis, then please. Help him as much as you think necessary." She sighed again, then nodded at Blink. "I'll leave you two to it."

As soon as the door shut behind her, Race drawled, "You hear that? Help me as much as you think necessary, Blink."

Blink smirked and slid onto Race's desk, leaning over the other boy. "I will." He kissed Race's forehead, cheeks, mouth. "But you'll have to catch me first."