Title: Fuck Mistletoe
Author: Mayhem
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Skittery/Dutchy (mentions Mush/Blink, Jack/David)
Summary: PWP Christmas Eve, Skittery has had enough about watching Blink and Mush together and decides to finally get some action for the evening.
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Notes: This is a Christmas gift to Wisecracks. All rights are hers.


The decked table was covered with the remnants of their christmas meal, which had mainly consisted of the charity donations the lodging house received every year: a leg of lamb, a pot of irish stew, several loaves of bread, an apple pie and some chocolate pudding. Boots and Snipeshooter molded little figures out of the wax from the dozens of candles Kloppman had lit to make the boys forget that they couldn't afford a tree. The younger newsies were struggling to keep their eyes open at this late hour, but they wouldn't let the old man usher them to bed, not that night.

The punch the older boys had pitched in for together was almost entirely finished. Before anyone else could have a chance to empty the bowl Skittery poured himself another glass. He'd had more than his fair share of it already, but the other boys didn't seem to notice, or maybe on Christmas Eve they just weren't in the mood to put up with his crankiness and decided to let him be.

He sat down grumpily and watched a certain couple on the other side of the room. Blink was in the middle of a poker game with Race, Snoddy, Pie Eater and Jack, and Mush had taken a seat directly next to him, seemingly just interested in the game. Skittery shook his head as if to clear it as he saw Blink's hand lightly brush over Mush's thigh while taking a sip from his glass. Damn, am I the only person thinkin' dese two are wrong tagetha? What's goin' on heah?

His stomach wrenched as he watched Blink say something laughingly and then look into Mush's face, an almost tender expression in his eyes. Not even half a year ago he used ta look at me like dis!

A sudden cheer made him glance up.

"It's past midnight!"

The younger newsies jumped up with as much sprite as they could still manage and crowded around Kloppman, who was handing out small packages to them. Skittery smiled weakly, remembering how much he had loved christmas when he had been younger, and how he had always tried to save up the candy and nuts in these parcels for as long as he could.

Several of the older newsies stood up now to assist Kloppman bringing the young ones to bed or to retire as well. Mush came back from carrying Snipes to the bunkroom and Blink met him at the door.

"Well, look who's under the mistletoe!"

Blink used the spur of the moment and brushed Mush's lips lightly with his. Skittery watched them with burning eyes, unable to look away as their kiss increased in passion. God, I t'ink I'm gonna puke!

"Hey Skit. Merry Christmas!"

He glanced up to see Dutchy sit down beside him. "Fuck Christmas!" he snorted, his tongue heavy with alcohol. Dutchy chuckled.

"I think ya had a bit too much a dat punch, man."

Skittery shrugged, not sober enough to care about that anymore. He'd have a hell of a hangover the next day, but what the heck. Blink and Mush were still making out under the mistletoe, and Skittery wondered if Blink would have kissed him as well, had he been the one standing underneath it. Too late now.

"Fuck mistletoe!"

He hadn't meant to say that out loud. Dutchy sighed.

"Skit, dey've been tagetha for almost four months now, an' ya been in a bad mood evah since. Don't ya t'ink it's about time ya forgot Blink?"

Kloppman was going around the room extinguishing the lights, leaving only a couple of candles burning, but the few remaining newsies didn't appear to mind that much. Skittery didn't even notice, he was busy taking in what Dutchy had just said.

"I don't give a damn about Blink! Him an' Mush can get married fer all I care!" he growled, his reaction a little delayed. The doubt in Dutchy's face didn't please him at all.

"I don't care 'bout dat suckah, an' I'll show ya dat!" Blink can rot in hell! he thought stubbornly and pulled Dutchy near, covering his lips with his own, not surprised at all when his tongue was welcomed readily. He'd had the feeling that Dutchy had looked at him strangely for quite some time, now was the moment to find out what these looks implied.

The soft, light hair in his hands gave Skittery the strange feeling of deja vu, only this time when he opened his eyes the patch had been replaced by a pair of spectacles. He closed them again and concentrated on exploring the other boy's mouth with his tongue, his head spinning with alcohol and a sudden desire.

Dutchy surprised himself by putting a hand behind Skittery's neck, pulling him closer, longing for his touch. I can't believe I'm really doin' this, aftah all dis time!

His thoughts were put aside quickly as Skittery pulled him down to the floor and started to open the buttons of his shirt without hurry, running a hand over Dutchy's smooth chest when he was done. Skittery broke the kiss and began to suck lightly at Dutchy's nape while the other boy tried to make his trembling fingers get rid of Skittery's shirt as well, but after a good deal of fruitless efforts Skittery removed it on his own.

Their mouths found each other again as the discarding of clothes continued, the two boys totally oblivious of their surroundings. Nothing seemed to matter anymore apart from the sizzling heat that built up between them. Not that it mattered, the few remaining newsies were too much absorbed with themselves at that time anyway.

When they were both completely naked Skittery drew back and studied Dutchy from head to toe, which made the other boy blush. Although the newsies lived very close together at the lodging house Dutchy wasn't used to anyone seeing him without any clothes. Just as Dutchy thought he couldn't bear Skittery's gaze any longer the other boy stood up and walked out of the small circle of light.

Dutchy blinked and started to wonder nervously if Skittery would just go to bed and leave him sitting alone on the floor with an enormous erection. He became painfully aware of what a pathetic sight he would present to anyone watching now. Looking around he thought he could see a vague image of Jack and David kissing in one of the corners, but then again the light was too dim to really make out anything.

Then Skittery came back, carrying a bowl in one hand.

"I brought us some fun."

Before Dutchy could ask anything or have a look at that bowl Skittery's lips were on his again, and once more he just gave in to the feeling. As Skittery collided with Dutchy's spectacles he tried to take them off the blonde's nose, but Dutchy held him back, blushing a little.

"No, please don't. I want to see everything."

Skittery grinned and kissed Dutchy's nose.


He turned around. Suddenly Dutchy felt a sticky finger slip into his mouth. He smiled at the taste. "The pudding!"

"Would be a shame ta let it go ta waste, wouldn't it," Skittery whispered hoarsely into his ear. Dutchy felt a trail of pudding being painted onto his chest, and he shivered as Skittery began to slowly lick it off. When Skittery's agile tongue took a nip of his bellybutton Dutchy couldn't supress a low moan. Still applying more and more pudding Skittery's mouth determinedly moved south on Dutchy's body, hesitating slightly when he reached the hard member.

Just as Dutchy's brain had almost cleared again Skittery coated his dick with chocolate stickiness, causing him to gasp. At first Skittery just carefully nuzzled around the side. Then to Dutchy's surprise he licked the very tip, caressing the little slit with his tongue, and the blond boy had to bite his fist to prevent himself from crying out loud. When Skittery took him all the way into his mouth and started to suck gently Dutchy felt as if he was going to explode.

He began to writhe helplessly under Skittery's moist pressure. The dark haired boy covered another finger with pudding and Dutchy felt it caress his puckering opening and then softly slide inside. He started to whimper, sensations of hitherto unknown pleasure overtaking him.

As Skittery inserted a second finger Dutchy went over the edge, coming fiercely into the other boys mouth. Skittery swallowed and freed Dutchy's cock from the little traces of pudding left, then slid up to him again, planting a trail of little kisses from his abdomen to his mouth.

"I t'ink chocolate puddin' on Dutchy's my new favorite dish from now on," Skittery whispered huskily into the other boy's ear.

Dutchy who had only just gotten back from his trip to the moon smiled slightly, surprised that his body already reacted again to Skittery's kisses. He stretched out his hand and lightly stroked Skittery's erection, admiring the skin, soft as silk. Skittery enjoyed the feeling for a moment, then he pulled Dutchy up to his knees.

Dutchy started to get slightly nervous. He had never had real sex before, and although he had tried to imagine quite often what it would feel like, now he was a little afraid. But then his brain went numb as he felt Skittery smear his cleft with chocolate pudding, and his tongue licking it away, gently prodding the opening.

Having covered his own dick with the sticky substance Skittery sat up behind Dutchy and slowly began to enter him inch by inch, giving the other boy's body the chance to adjust to the new situation. Dutchy moaned as Skittery pulled almost all the way out again only to slowly slide back in, the pain being ten times exceeded by the waves of pleasure rolling over him. Skittery started to build up a steady rhythm which grew faster as he came closer and closer to his own relief. He reached around the blond boy and clutched his new erection, producing another deep moan as he ran his thumb over the head.

Skittery's thrusting became fiercer and he held Dutchy by the hips to keep their balance. As he repeatedly hit Dutchy's prostate the blonde boy came for a second time that night, yelling Skittery's name, and he felt the heat suddenly flood through his veins, the tension released.

After a short while he slid out of the other boy, even with his alcohol-impregnated mind careful not to hurt him too much. They lay beside each other, panting. Skittery lightly kissed Dutchy's temple, deeply breathing in the other boy's scent.

Dutchy rested his head on Skittery's chest, unable to wipe a satisfied grin off his face.

"Man, I'll nevah understand how on earth Blink could leave ya."

Skittery put an arm around him and answered sleepily:

"Blink? Blink who?"

The End.