Title: Happy Hour
Author: Wisecracks
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/David (surprised?)
Summery: Oh, just the classic drunken confession story...or is it?
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Disclaimer: The only thing I claim would be the personalities us fans have to develop ourselves. Psh. No, Jack, David and the whole Newsies shebang belong to Disney. I bow before them.
Notes: This is just something that popped into my mind yesterday before I took a nap and it wouldn't go away. I know, I have more important fics to be working on but the plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone, dagnabbit!
Dedication: To Jazz, cuz every other day she asks, "So, did ya write anything?"
Warnings: Um, underage alcohol use? But since this whole fandom deals with underage SEX i doubt that would squick ya.


It was the middle of the evening when a handful of newsies waited outside an alley for their leader to emerge. When he finally did, they all nearly attacked him for the bottle covered in a small paper bag he carried, but he held it out of their reach.

"Hey, c'mon, Jack! It ain't all yours!" Kid Blink protested. Jack smiled teasingly before taking a swig then handing it to him.

"Fine, fine, don't have a heart attack ovah it." He sat down by the only one there who wasn't excited. "What's wrong, Dave?"

"I thought you said you were getting medicine."

"Yeah, and?"

"Jack, that's beer," he pointed at Blink, Skittery and Racetrack taking turns and sighing with contentment.

"Same thing. We'se just celebrating." He winked. The others joined them on the sidewalk, snickering like fools. David raised a brow.

"Celebrating what exactly?"

Skittery took another sip. "That we're still alive," he said mournfully. Jack rolled his eyes at the answer but smiled anyway.

"That'll work."  He snatched the bottle away from Skitts. "Take it easy, you can be a moody S.O.B.  when ya drunk."

Dave looked around at his friends, at Jack. He quickly made his decision and unconsciously sat up straighter. "Hey, uh, let me have a go." They all stopped short to stare at him. Just as he started to wonder if they all had x-ray eyes, they began laughing. "What? What's so funny?!"

Jack laughed so hard he choked. "That was a good one, buddy! You drinking? Priceless!" David gave him one of his patented annoyed looks and grabbed the bottle away from them. They continued laughing until he actually drank a generous portion of it. Then they just stared like deer in headlights... If that had been a common thing back then.

"Jack! Jack, did ya see that?!" Blink pulled on the Cowboy's sleeve.

"Naw, Blink. I'm only a foot away from him." He spun back around to David. "Now, what the HELL do ya think you're doin?!"

"Just having some MEDICINE with my friends. Is there a problem?"

"Yeah, you CAN'T!" Jack took the bottle back.

"Oh, I just think I proved i CAN." Dave took the bottle again.

"No, you can't!"

"Yes, I can!"





"Lord Almighty, Jack! Let him before I kill ya both!" Race screamed. Jack sighed loudly and took another glance at his best friend's stubborn expression then gave in.

"Fine. Bottoms up."

A few hours later....

"I love you guys," David slurred. The other three snickered as Jack rubbed his temples.

"I can't believe I agreed to this."

"Now there's a boy who can't hold his liquor," Blink chuckled.

"Aw, look on the bright side, Jacky-boy, at least he's a lovin' drunk." Race slung an arm around Skittery's shoulder. "Not like Skitts here."

Skittery shrugged him off. "Don't touch me."

"NOOOOOOO!" All eyes turned to David, who was shaking the empty bottle upside-down. His lip trembled and his voice sounded like a five-year-old's, "S'all gone."

Jack looked skyward and mouthed a 'thank you' then stood up. "Well, guess we should get goin' now. I can't wait to explain this to Dave's family then get killed. They seem to like me so it should be a quick death. I'll see you guys on the other side."

"No! I d'n have to g' home, I could sssleep at yer place," Dave smiled at them innocently.

"Aw, so you'd rather have your family worried sick instead of killing me. That's sweet, David. I'm deeply touched."

Blink smiled back at Dave and patted his head. "Yeah, let 'im stay at the lodging house tonight, Jack. He'd prob'ly pass out before you'd get him home anyway." David nodded his head vigorously, lost his balance and fell forward.

"Okay...," Jack stared for a moment, "I'll take 'im. You guys go ahead and we'll meet ya there." He watched them go then looked down to see Dave waving in their direction with his face still against the ground. "This is gonna be a looong walk." He got David to his feet and helped support him as they went.

"I love you, Jack." David leaned closer, clutching handfuls of Jack's shirt for extra balance.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, Dave. Ease up or you're gonna rip my clothes offa me," he joked.

"That's not such a bad idea," David purred. Jack's eyes briefly widened as he looked over at his friend's impish smile. He laughed nervously at first then with more confidence.

"Remind me not to let you drink no more." They walked in silence for a little while, stopping every time Dave thought a streetlamp was following them. Finally, the lodging house was in sight.

"You have a nice nape, Jack."

Jack nearly tripped, "Excuse me?"

David sniggered, "The back of your neck, it's really nice." He rubbed a thumb lightly across the end of Jack's hairline. "It's a shame your bandana covers most of it."

"Um, yeah. Ahem! Here we are, Dave. Stay here while I get the door." He leaned David against the side of the building. He was about to go for the door when David slipped his arms around his waist and pulled Jack against him.

"Heh, Dave, what are ya--" He was cut off by is partner kissing him softly on the lips. Jack pulled away in shock only to be pulled back into it by his bandana.

David smiled, "The bandana does have its uses."

"Um, apparently so." He took hold of David's wrists and pinned them to the wall, but the only effect that got him was a leer. "Look, I doubt you'll remember this in the mornin', but if ya do you're gonna regret it."

"Oh, I'd never regret you."

Jack shook his head. "David..."

David's expression changed in an instant. His eyes lowered and his lips stuck out in a pout that would melt Antarctica. "You mean, you'd regret ME."

"No!" Jack winced, that had come out a little faster than he wanted it to.

"But you don't want me?" David sounded lost.

"Uh, er, I..." This wasn't a conversation he wanted to get into right now. "That's besides the point! You're DRUNK, got it? Your slur is gone so it looks like it's wearing off but your brain still ain't workin' right. Now please get inside." Dave stayed silent for a long time, shuffling his feet and keeping his eyes safely on the ground. "Well?"

"Jack, I just... Please? Just...just kiss me?" David finally looked up at him and Jack swore his friend would cry soon. He kissed David's forehead and hugged him close. David returned the hug full force, wishing, hoping. Jack pulled back just enough to lean down and give him the kiss he had wanted. They both wanted.

Dave didn't want it to end, only allowing their lips to separate to get an annoying necessity like air. Jack didn't complain. He slid his fingers through Davey's curls, sometimes pulling him in closer, sometimes just enjoying the feel. His tongue explored Dave's mouth, whimpering when Dave sucked on it, whimpering when he didn't. He tasted, of course, like beer but it wasn't as strong as it should have been. Besides that, Dave tasted how he expected he would.

It was when Dave lightly tugged on the waist of his pants that Jack snapped out of it. He shook his head to clear it and grabbed Dave's arm. "OKAY, let's go in now!" David put on a far away smile and allowed himself to be dragged into the lodging house. They walked into one of the sitting rooms where there were chairs, tables and couches.

"The bunks are all full, so ya have to use a couch. Or I could sleep out here and you could have mine?"

Dave shrugged, "How about we both sleep out here?" Jack blinked and went to get an extra blanket and pillow from the closet.

"Uh, no." He cleared his throat then unfolded the blanket and laid it and the pillow on the couch. "There." He turned around to find a half-naked David wearing only his underpants, and those were about to be taken off as well. Jack stopped him, "Whoa! Maybe you shouldn't do that, okay?"

David leaned closer, making sure at least some parts of their bodies were touching. "Oh so YOU wanna take 'em off for me?" Jack dared to glance down at the other's obvious erection.

"No, let's just leave them on ya. It's distracting enough you have your shirt off." He was having a hard time looking only at Dave's face.

Dave pouted again, "Leave them on?" Sigh. "Fine, it'll take some of the fun away but we can work around that." He nipped at Jack's jaw while trying to unbutton his shirt as well. Jack pushed him away, not hurting him but also not being as gentle as before.

"Would you just stop?! We're not working around ANYTHING. I'm gonna go upstairs and you are gonna go to sleep out here." He sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than David.

David heaved a disappointed sigh. "Okay, you win. If you won't help me out with this I'll do it myself."

"Thank you!" Jack took two steps then turned around, curious. "Uh...with what?" He watched David lay on his back and shift to a comfortable position with his knees bent lazily.

"Nothing. Goodnight, Jack." He closed his eyes, exhaling deeply, as his right hand slowly ran down his chest, then his stomach. It stopped at the waste of his underwear only for a second before sliding under. He inhaled sharply and he arched his head back into the arm of the couch.

Jack stood there speechless. His mouth was moving but no sound came out. He had to be careful his knees didn't buckle. He could only watch, unblinking, as Dave's hand moved under the cloth in a steady rhythm and his other roved his chest, moving in slow circles then over to lightly thumb a nipple, making him breathe heavily.

Just then, Dave's hand obviously did something right because his whole body jerked. His nails scratched down his chest leaving dark pink marks and he bit his lower lip as a low whine came from his throat. Another thrust into his hand freed his lip and he moaned softly. "Jack..."

That brought Jack out of his trance. Drunk or not, Davey wanted him, needed him. And who was he to deny his best friend happiness? He kneeled down beside the couch and covered Dave's hand under the cloth with his own, stopping it from pumping.

David stopped altogether and slowly opened his dilated eyes midway to pin Jack with a lust-filled stare. Jack stared back into the thin rim of blue remaining. He pulled Dave's hand free and climbed on top of him, bending down to lick the scratch marks. Shaky hands brushed through his hair then fell down to tug at his shirts.

Jack sat up and quickly removed them, working on his pants next. Dave looked at the ever-present rope tied around Jack's waist and helped untie it. "We don't need the rope, Jack. At least not the first time." Jack looked shocked.

"FIRST time?"

David's grinned and his eyes took in Jack's young body. He ran his hand over the chest and sighed. Jack tossed the rope and removed his pants with more of Dave's help, then stripped Dave of the remainder of his own clothing with aching slowness. Jack gently covered Dave's body with his causing them both to gasp.

Dave thrust upwards and Jack thrust his hips back down with a growl. He attacked David's mouth hungrily, sucking, licking, biting, while their bodies fell into their own rhythm. David untied Jack's bandana and pulled it off with his teeth. Jack chuckled at the sight, then took it in his own teeth, making sure his tongue and lips touched Dave's own. He pulled the bandana away and flung with a quick toss of his head.

Dave wrapped his legs around his partner and kneaded Jack's neck and shoulders. Jack returned the favor with his mouth on Dave's neck, unconsciously marking him. But just the neck was not enough.

He slid down David's body, leaving possessive marks anywhere he saw fit. He kissed just below his navel then slid even lower. David's hand shot out to seek purchase in Jack's long hair, nearly coming at the thought of what would happen next. Jack smirked and kissed the tip of Dave's cock before letting a small amount into his mouth.

"Oh God! Jack!" Dave bit his tongue and fought not to buck his hips. He could only handle Jack working him a little longer before he urgently started tapping him on the shoulder. "Jack," he whimpered, "Jack, Jack, please!"

Jack crawled back up David's body and caressed his cheek. "Shh. I'm here, Dave." He kissed Jack desperately. Their thrusts sped up and soon they were both coming, calling out the other's name and any other words they could fit into one breath, not caring if anyone else heard them.

After a while their breathing returned to normal. One of them a little too normal. Jack pulled back to look at David, sleeping. "Great. Now you decide to pass out." He brushed a few curls away from Dave's eyes, wondering if what he just did was worth it. Jack carefully got up, covered Dave with the blanket, put on his pants and carried the rest of his clothes with him upstairs to bed.

The next morning, Jack met David going out the door for work. "Heya, Dave! How ya feelin'?"

David winced and rubbed his head. "I've got a killer headache but besides that I'm just peachy."

"Uh, do you remember what happened last night?"

"I remember going with you to get MEDICINE, thanks very much. Everything else is still fuzzy. I'm sure it'll come back to me later, though."

Jack didn't know if he should be relieved or disappointed. "Let's hope, eh? Heh, c'mon." He walked with some others down the street with David following at a slower pace. Dave suddenly got a glint in his eye and walked faster to catch up.

"Hey, Jack, did I ever tell ya you have a nice nape?" He ran his fingers lightly across it, took a sideways glance at Jack's stunned face, then ran ahead to walk with Skittery, Blink and Race. Jack's open mouth shortly turned into an unbelieving smile as he stared at his friend's--very nice--retreating form.

Skittery slung an arm around Davey. "Mornin', Mouth! So...did the plan work out for ya last night?"

David licked his lips. "Like a charm."