Title: Illusory
Author: Stage
Rating: R
Pairing: Specs/Dutchy
Status: Incomplete 1/?
Feedback: Sure.
Archive: Slashyways and STN
Summary: In a heartbreak town, two unlikely people find love.
Disclaimer: I don't own newsies. I own…six cents.  ^^;
Notes: Well, my first (successful) AU.  Hope y'all like it.  About Pip, I know that's really close to "Pips", whom is owned by Bluehag.  Pip (or Philip) started out as a boy…then changed to some other girl, then back to Pip-but not a boy.  O.o Complicated, I know.


It wasn't much.  Just a small building on a dimly-lit street corner.  Graffiti littered the back walls but pity the idiot who ever dared to make an attempt to scrawl on the front of the building. 

The neighborhood was dangerous, inhabited by-if you weren't making it by a crooked business-death-defying citizens.  It was otherwise filled with drug dealers, crooked pawn shops, gangs complete with shootings, and prostitutes.  The sinister streets were every mother's nightmare.

The grimy building crouched on the corner.  A swinging door gave access into the inner part.  Neon signs hung in the dingy windows, broadcasting their alcoholic wares that were sold within in a blurry light.

The smoke-laden main room was empty, save for the barkeep and a single customer.  The barkeep was a young woman who looked as though she was barely old enough to run the bar.  The customer-a man with brunette hair-sat hunched over.  His left arm rested on the bar top and the right hand swirled his drink.  He shifted slightly, the vinyl cushion squeaking underneath the change in weight.

He didn't so much as glance up when the little bell above the door rang, announcing a new arrival.  The barkeep's fingers instinctively moved underneath the counter, feeling safer once she felt the cool metal of a pistol.

The new arrival nodded towards the barkeep whose face showed understanding as she slipped into the back room.  And yet, he-the first-still sat in the same position on his stool.  The click-clack of shoes approached him, echoing throughout the room.  The arrival sat beside him on another stool.

The first felt the other's eyes studying him with interest.  Starting with the hair twisted into several one inch spikes; the blue eyebrow piercing; moving to the silver ring in his ear; a spiked collar clasped snugly around his neck; the leather jacket; a white muscle shirt; the matching leather pants; and the biker boots.

"Done?" He asked, his brown eyes sliding over to the rest on the other.  A silver flash revealed the tongue piercing.  The new arrival looked right back.  A black newsboy cap was pulled over a mop of blonde hair.  Light-rimmed glasses balanced on the end of his nose and a shadow of a smirk across his lips.  A black overcoat hung on his shoulders, reaching to his knees.  Upon there, the black slacks were revealed with matching socks and loafers.

"Come here often?" The blonde asked.

"Does it matter?"

"Just making conversation."

"With a pick-up line?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"Should I?"

"Depends on who you are."

"How so?"

"It just does.  Trust me."

"Since we're 'making conversation', what do you do for a living?"

"I kill people."

The brunette snorted.  "Don't we all."

"What do you do then, rebel?"

"That isn't any business of yours."

"I told you what I do."

"Then you're a sucker, ain't ya?"

The blonde leapt off his stool, grabbed the other by the front of his jacket, and shoved him into a nearby table.  The blonde pressed the tip of a knife to the brunette's neck where the pulse throbbed underneath flesh.  He was glaring down at the other, who simply had a sardonic smile.

"Go ahead," The brunette said.  "Kill me."

The blonde studied him for a moment more before retracting the knife and slipping it back into his belt.  He strode away from the table and the brunette sat up, expression blank.  He straightened his jacket and then hopped off the table.

"Pip, I'm leaving now." The brunette yelled to the back room, not taking his eyes from the blonde.  He walked over to the counter as the barkeep-Pip-emerged from the back room.  The blonde watched the brunette out of the corner of his eye as he paid and walked towards the door.

"G'night, Specs." Pip called after him.  Specs made a half-wave as he exited from the bar.  The blonde continued to watch him as he walked down the street, hands stuffed in his pockets.  When he disappeared from view, the blonde sat down at the bar.

"Taken a fancy to him, Dutchy?" Pip asked, seeing the look of concentration on Dutchy's face.

"Don't be ridiculous, Pip.  He's a boy." Dutchy replied, not yet tearing his eyes away from the bar counter.  "What did you say his name was?"


"Last name?"

Pip shrugged.  "Beats me.  Are you havin' anything tonight, Dutchy?"

"I think I'll head home.  See ya, Pip." Dutchy got off the barstool and walked out the swinging door.  Pip watched him for a moment before shaking her head and wiping down the counter with a rag.

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