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Updated: 9/3/04

Welcome to this great collection of slash fanfic based on Disney's 1992 musical Newsies. Have you ever noticed the meaningful glances between Jack Kelly and David Jacobs? Do you think Ractrack and Spot Conlon spend way too much time side-by-side? Or are you the type who stongly believes in one big Lodging House orgy? If you can think it up, we'll take it! So which ever your prefered pairings, I invite you to come Seize The Night!

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DISCLAIMER: Newsies, all its characters and everything related is the sole property of Disney and no copyright infringment is intended. No newsies or extras were harmed in the making of these stories...They all enjoyed themselves very much, trust us. Please don't sue, I'm harmless and broke anyways. Plus, I want to work for you one day so that would kind of put a damper on things, wouldn't it? Um, I love you?
DISCLAIMER 2: All the authors featured here have strict claim to their works. If you rip-off one of the stories we will hunt you down and kill you. If you take a story or pic without the author/creator's direct permission we will raise hell, then hunt you down and kill you. I know these people, man. They're unstable. But seriously, don't abuse your rights to view these wonderful works of fiction and artwork. Thank you, have a nice day.