Title: More Than He Lets On
Author: Racetrack Conlon
Email: another_stepping_stone@yahoo.com
Rating: G
Pairing: Implied Jack/Crutchy
Status: Complete
Feedback: Yes please.
Archive: STN, anywhere else, please ask
Summary: David sees that there is more to Jack and Crutchy's relationship then the boys are letting on.
Warnings: A mention of violence but nothing really bad
Notes: This is my first fanfic so be kind. This story was inspired by the look Jack gets when Ten-Pen says "the gimp." Also very short.

From the first day I saw them together I knew there was more than simple friendship between them. I wondered if the other Newsies notice and don't say anything or they are able to hide it well. It's little things that tipped me off about their relationship, the way Jack acted towards him, and the sullen mood he fell into after Crutchy was jailed. I had only seen Jack lose his temper twice before the night that he beat the piss outta the Delancy bothers after we left the Refuge. I think it might have something to do with Crutchy because he was in very bad mood after we left. I don't know if Jack is ever going to clue me in about what's really going on between them. If he doesn't, I hope they're happy and I wish the best for them.