These are separated into non-slash and slash. If you only want slash links scroll down the page because general sites are listed first. If you see your site here and would not like it linked, email me.


The Cracked Library
A page for all my innocent Newsies fiction.

Mayhem's truly amazing site. This girl can manipulate Newsies like no other! Go, laugh, be afraid. You'll love it!

May's done it again! This site is filled with great animated gifs that anyone and everyone is certain to love!

As The Newsies Swerve
Coneflower's hilarious new Newsies soap opera of sorts. Watch the boys hit on girls and either get black eyes, or heart attacks if their moves work.

Harly's Newsie Nuthouse
A totally insane place to be! The Nuthouse is all you need to amuse yourself for hours. While you're there, be sure to visit me in the laundry room. What better place for a dirty mind like mine, eh?

A collection of great works from various fandoms by various authors. Brought to life by Sassy, this site is in a league all its own.

stone biscuit
A wonderful and a tad...different site made by a dear friend, Cats. The above description fits her pretty well too. The amount of work that went into this should truly be applauded.


The Cracked Slash Library
A page for all my slash for other fandoms.

Aim's FanFiction
Jazz's fanfiction site. There you'll find great slash works from the one's here to BtVS. Be sure to check out her proud Stargate SG-1 collection.

As The Newsies Swerve
Coneflower's hilarious Newsies soap opera spoof. Yeah, it's also in the slash section because there's a Jack/Davey plot line. I'm also in it as their protective matchmaker. I'm special!

The site responsible for sucking me into the slash world. I can't tell you how wonderful this site is! Darth Maul/Obi-Wan is a strong plot, but that doesn't even begin to cover it. Mainly, these stories are nothing short of hilarious. Definitely worth a look.

A great archive for the Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel mailing list featuring some amazing authors!

Area 52
Another wonderful archive for Stargate SG-1. Any pairings are welcome and the list of stories is huge! I'm archived there under the name 'Leesha'.

Deadboy and Xander: A Love Story
The very best archive for Angel/Xander luvin, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So run on down to see just how much Xander loves his Schmoopy.

The Wonderful World of Make Believe
An archive for...well, damn near everything!

Newsies NC-17 Fanfiction mailing list
The spiffy mailing list for NC-17 Newsies fic of both Het AND Slash! Head on over and join! Ya horny buggers ;)

(more links coming soon for both sections)

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