By Wisecracks

Spot stared up into the bright sun and tilted his cap down to shade his eyes. He wore mostly green on this particular day, most of the guys were. Today was St. Patrick's Day! Yes, that great Irish saint that...did Spot didn't know exactly what, but what he did know was that to display your Irish pride, you wore green.

He hopped down off his lookout perch and headed across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. He left a guy called Big Al in charge until he returned. Al was as dumb as snot, but he had a lot of muscle and could handle the gang. In face, almost everyone in the Brooklyn gang had muscles except himself. 'Note to self: Exercise more'.

Meanwhile, back with our good ol' Manhattan gang, the boys were celebrating the way any Irish-blooded kid would--by drinking! Actually, having a drinking contest, and Jack was beating the pants off of everyone.

"All right, all right, hush up! Who's next?" he looked around. Blink took a seat in front of him and looked him straight in the eye.

"I am."

Jack looked skeptical,"It's yer funeral, Kid."

"We'll see 'bout dat," he responded confidently. Racetrack counted to three and the contest was on! Wisecracks pretended to be a sports announcer.

"It's Cowboy in the lead followed closely by Kid Smiley! Cowboy's almost done, it's gonna be close...OH! Cowboy wins!...Big surprise."

Both boys gasped for air. Blink was only a second behind, but it didn't matter. He shook Jack's hand and got up from his chair.

"Next victim," Jack smiled. Just then Spot walked in.

"My turn, Jacky-boy," he went straight for the chair and more liquor was poured into a mug, "Prepare to lose."

Jack smirked, "Well, it's 'bout time I'se had a lil' competition here!"

"Shut up and count." Race counted and the war began. Wisecracks stood this one out with a jaw dropped. David reached over and shut it.

"You're catching flies."

A second after that comment, Spot slammed his mug on the table and wiped his mouth triumphantly. He had won! Jack nearly choked. Now David's jaw dropped.

"Ha!" Wisecracks said smugly,"Look who's catchin' flies now, Mouth!" She walked over to Jack and patted him on the head, "Stick a fork in 'im, he's done!" Then she looked at her greasy hand, grimaced, and wiped it on the back of his vest.

"N-no, I was...then he...but...erk," Jack stuttered in denial. Spot beamed with pride.

"S'ok, Jacky-boy, you were jus' outta yer league. Staht smallah and woik yer way up."

"Wha...No...I...Damn." David, who had finally moved his jaw, edged 'Cracks out of the way and talked to Jack, "C'mon, it's only a game. Someone was bound to beat you sooner or later." Jack mumbled and left. Wisecracks leaned on Racetrack and watched him go.

"Touchy, ain't he? All right guys! Time to pinch whoeva isn't wearin' green!" Racetrack and some others who weren't scooted away from her while David, Spot and Les went after Jack.

"Jacky-boy, take it easy!" Spot called as they caught up with his pace. Les piped up just then.

"Why couldn't I play?"

All three looked at the boy like he had six eyes, then looked away. Just then Jack spotted something run down an alley.

"What was dat?!"

"What was what?" David looked in the direction Jack was.

"I saw something."

"Good fer you, yer eyesight ain't failing. Now let's walk," Spot said annoyed. Jack didn't answer, he just ran down the alley. The others called after him with no success. David and Les started to follow, but Spot stood his ground.

"I ain't goin nowheres." David went back and pulled him by the suspenders "Whoa!"

They ran until they came to where Jack had stopped and was now looking this way and that, searching. He saw something out of the corner of his eye only to turn and see nothing again.

"Why are ye followin' me?!" said a small voice from behind them. They yelled in surprise and spun around to see a leprechaun standing there.

"AAAH!" David screamed and jumped into Spot's arms. Spot rolled his eyes and dropped him on his butt. Les tugged on Jack's shirt.

"Why does that little boy have a beard?" The leprechaun 'humph'ed and answered.

"I ain't be no lil' boy, ya twit! I'm a leprechaun! Were ye born backwards?!"


"Thought so."

David cleared his throat and stood up, trying to act like what he did a moment ago hadn't happened. "But I thought Leprechauns were fictitious beings?"

"That's the trouble wit society today. Everythin' people cannot explain gets labeled as a fairy story," the leprechaun spit. "Now, why were ya followin' me?"

Jack snapped out of whatever trance he was in,"I just saw youse and was curious."

Spot stepped forward, "Wait, wait, wait! I knows da story here. Aren't you supposed ta show us yer pot o' gold?"

"Ach! Who taught ya dis gibberish? The lil' twit?" he said pointing to Les.

"Nuh uh, ya can't fool us! I knows da story too. You have gold!" Jack said. The leprechaun sighed. Man, he hated kids.

"Fine, fine, I'll take ye to me gold. Come wit me, this way."

They started walking down side streets and alley ways. It would look a little weird to see four boys following a leprechaun, don't ya think? On the way, Les spoke again.

"Where's your kilt?" Everyone groaned. Spot moved to smack the kid but David stopped him.

"Don't you DARE hit him!" he whacked Les on the back of the head, "That's my job." Spot smirked and nodded. Les only spun around in circles, trying to figure out what hit him.

They ended up at Irving Hall and the leprechaun ushered them inside the back. Jack and David looked at each other, their expressions saying "What the hell?".

Les smiled and ran for the boxes. "YAY! I get to play with the neat toys!" He picked up fuzzy handcuffs and a whip.

"OH MY GOD!" David grabbed the things from him.

"Hey, look at that. I'll have ta ask Medda if I'se can borrow some things for my date wit Sarah tomorrow," Jack joked. David glared at him, unwrapped the whip and skillfully let it fly, hitting Jack with a loud CRACK!

"OW! HEY!"

"SHH! Break it up, goils!" Spot got in between them, "Youse want ev'ryone ta know we's down here?"

Jack rubbed his side and whispered, "Have you used one of dose before?!" David only smirked and dropped the things back in the box. "Uh...Nevahmind, I don't wanna know."

"Pst!" the leprechaun waved them over to a secret area and held up a black pot. They all crowed around and Spot rubbed his hands together.

"Oh boy, jack pot!"

They all looked inside to gold coin.

"Hey, what gives?!" Jack exclaimed. The leprechaun shrugged.

"Tax season and the IRS sucked me dry. The thieving bastards!" The three older boys frowned and walked away. Les stayed and picked up the coin.

"Can I have it?"

"Aye, I dun see the others exactly fighting for it. Enjoy it, twit!" he said, then he was gone. Les eyed the coin, smiled and ran to find Toby. 'Maybe I can buy some of those neat toys and candy from Medda!'

Spot walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge and was greeted by his fellow newsies. Big Al gave him a dopey smile with a few teeth missing before leaving Spot's perch.

"So, boss, anything excitin' happen wit Kelly's gang?"

Spot just made a face. 'Next year, I'se stayin' HOME!'