Title: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Author: Stage

Email: NillaWuchachacha@aol.com

Pairing: Kid Blink/Mush, Mush/Blink??

Summary: On his wedding day, Blink realizes that he doesn’t want the bride…he wants the best man…

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Opening Comments: La, slash fic.  New pairing, aren’t y’all so proud of me?  ^_^  Um, the title’s kinda fecked up, but I don’t care.  This is set about a year or so after the strike, so they’re all still newsies.



Kid Blink paced furiously in his dressing room.  His shirt was half unbuttoned and –untucked.  Blink’s dress coat hung on the back of a nearby chair along with his tattered old eye patch.  His bow tie wasn’t even done up and hung loose around his neck.  Blink murmured to himself and resisted the urge to run his fingers through his gelled-up hair.


There was a light knock on the open door and Blink turned.  Standing in the doorway was Mush Meyers, Blink’s best friend and Best Man for that special day.


“What's all dis I’s heahin’ ‘bout da groom goin’ nuts?” He teased.  “S’mattah, Kid?  Ya noivous?”


Blink crossed the room and motioned Mush to step out of the doorway.  Mush moved a few steps into the room and Blink shut the door behind him.  He turned to his friend with a dead-serious expression.


“Da weddin’s awff.” Blink said in a low tone.


“What?” Mush hissed.  “Look, youse just havin’ last-minute jittahs.  Heah, I’ll tie dat.” Mush started to turn the bow tie into its namesake and Blink obediently tipped his head back.


“I’s mean it.” Blink said.  “I’s serious, I can't do dis.  Dis ain't me!  I’s too young!  Dere ain't no eyepatch, dere ain't no old comfy clothes…me hair looks like Denton’s for cryin’ out loud!”


“Aw, cut it out, Kid.  Youse ain't too young…youse already past middle age, no offense dere. [1]  Youse snagged yaself a gohgeous goil who loves ya and wants ta spend da rest of hoir loife witcha.”


“I don’t t’ink I feel da same way.”


“Shoa ya do.  Youse just scared.”


“I don’t t’ink I’s known hoir long enough.  She don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout me life, Mush.  She don’t know me story of how I ended up at da Lodgin’ House.  She don’t know ‘bout sellin’ papes.  She don’t know ‘bout da strike or even da streets of New Yawk!” Blink insisted. 


“Does she hafta know ya loife story?”


“At least a part of it.  She’s a country goil…she don’t know dat I spent a good portion of me loife in dat bunk house, crammed tagadda wit all of me best friends.”


“So I guess dat if I was a goil, I’d be poifect for youse?”  Mush joked, finishing off the bow tie.  He nearly jumped when two hands cupped his cheeks and titled his face upward.


“Youse already poifect…” Blink murmured.  He leaned forward and this time, Mush did jump.  Mush took several steps back and sucked in a breath.


“Everyt’ings gonna be ok…” He said weakly.  “Youse getting’ married ta da love of ya loife…”


“Da love of me loife’s standin’ right in front a’ me.” Blink took another step towards Mush who took three backwards.  “Mush?  What’s wrong?”


“Y-ya ain't t’inkin’ straight!”  Mush sputtered.  “Youse just noivous!  Youse gettin’ married ta a goil dat you love!”


“I don’t love hoir.”


“Yes, you do!”


“Mush, I t’ought you’d be happy.”


“I’d be happy if ya went and married dat goil.” Mush said in a soft and anxious voice.  He was leaning against the wall, shaking madly.  Blink studied Mush carefully and then walked pat him and out the door.


Mush tipped his head back and it hit the wall with a dull thud.  He crumpled slowly to the floor, sliding down the wall.  Mush rubbed his face with his hands, not knowing what to think…or do for that matter.  How was he supposed to react to something like that?


“Oh, God…” He mumbled.




[1] It was either ToT or P-chan that told me that thirty or so was the life expectancy.  O.o Or maybe it was Skitch…I really can't remember…