Title: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Author: Stage

Email: NillaWuchachacha@aol.com

Pairing: Kid Blink/Mush, Mush/Blink??

Summary: On his wedding day, Blink realizes that he doesn’t want the bride…he wants the best man…

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Opening Comments: ^^;  The wedding doesn’t go “traditional”.  I had to tweak a few things for the sake of how I wrote this.



Blink waited nervously at the altar, listening to the murmurs and chatters that were coming from those also waiting for the ceremony to begin.  He shifted from foot to foot, licking his lips in a nervous manner.  Blink drew in a deep breath and exhaled through his nose.


Glancing over one shoulder, he spotted Mush shuffling to his position behind Blink.  Mush lifted his head and Blink’s steady gaze.  Turning pink, Mush looked away.  Blink turned around as well when the steady beat of the music began.


He looked to the end of the church and watched as the bride appeared.  Elle—the bride—walked slowly up the red carpet and up the steps of the altar.  She smiled at Blink and took his offered hand.


“We are gathered here today…”


What am I doing?!  Blink demanded to himself.  I don’t want to get married!  What was I thinking!  I don’t love her.  I can't love her.


“Mathew?” The priest asked.


“What?” Blink snapped back to reality.


“Do you take Elle to be your ___ wedded wife?  TO have and to hold; in sickness and in health; ‘til death do you part?”


Blink hesitated and dropped his head.  He felt Elle squeeze his hand and he looked up at her.  Blink placed his hand over hers and smiled weakly.


‘I can't.’ He mouthed.  Elle’s face fell and Blink squeezed her hand.  He leaned forward and kissed her forehead.  Turning with apologetic smile, Blink walked slowly down the steps.  He was about halfway down the aisle when Mush jumped into action.


“Kid!  Kid!” He yelled, dashing after him.  Blink turned around and faced Mush.  “Whadd’ya doin’?!  You’re supposed to be getting’ married, ya bum!” Mush yelled, whacking him over the head.  Blink growled, grabbed Mush’s arm, and yanked him forward.  Mush’s expression went from angry to panicky.  Ignoring the murmurs around them, Blink pressed his mouth to Mush’s…the murmurs escalated to gasps.


“I can't do dis.” Blink hissed when he had pulled back.  Mush was looking as though Blink was threatening him with a gun.  “I can't get married to a goil I don’t love!”


Blink released him and fled the church.  Mush raised a shaking hand to cover his mouth.  He fell backwards onto the carpet and a strangled sob escaped his lips.  Mush heard footsteps rushing to his side, hauling him up to his feet, and taking him into a comforting hug.  He sobbed, pounding his fists on the comforter.


“Ouch!  He’s violent!  Specs, you take him!”


“T’anks.” Specs said sarcastically as Mush changed hands.


“Why me?  WHY ME?!!” He yelled into the dress coat.


“Mush, pull yaself tagaddah, heah.” Mush sniffled and looked up at Specs who smiled down at him.  “It’ll be ok.  Ya just have a few misundastandin’s.”


Dutchy snorted and was promptly elbowed sharply by Specs.  “Oh, yeah…”


Mush pulled away from Specs and realized that Specs had primarily been holding him up.  He staggered before gaining his balance. 


“YOU!” Elle shrieked, pointing a shaking finger.  “You!  You and him!”


“No!” Mush insisted.


“You ruined my wedding!  You turned him against what’s right!  You did this!”  Elle threw herself forward, towards Mush.  Jack—literally—jumped into action, throwing his arms around Elle and holding her back.  “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”


“I DIDN’T DO IT!” Mush yelled, frantically.  He stumbled backwards, glancing from one accusing look to another.  Mush turn and took flight from the church, cursing Blink for what he did.




Closing Comments: o.O That took a new route from what I had planned.  XD;;