Title: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Author: Stage

Email: NillaWuchachacha@aol.com

Pairing: Kid Blink/Mush, Mush/Blink??

Summary: On his wedding day, Blink realizes that he doesn’t want the bride…he wants the best man…

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Opening Comments: La, slash fic.  New pairing, aren’t y’all so proud of me?  ^_^  Um, the title’s kinda fecked up, but I don’t care.  This is set about a year or so after the strike, so they’re all still newsies.



Blink blew the smoke form his cigarette out through his nose and leaned his head back.  It made a barely audible thunk against the outside brick wall of the Lodging House.  He had taken refugee on the fire escape and sat wondering if he had done the right thing.


Better now than a week after we’re married. Blink told himself. 


Hearing sniffles and choking sobs along with stumbling footsteps, Blink leaned forward and peered over the edge of the fire escape.  A red eyed Mush was stumbling up the steps of the Lodging House.  Blink felt guilt seize his stomach…he had made Mush cry.


He opened the window behind him and slipped into the room.  Mush entered and saw him waiting.  He stopped his sobs and sniffed.


“Mush…” Blink began, quietly.  “I’s nevah meant…”


“WHY DID YOU DO DAT?!” Mush bellowed, throwing up his fists.  I’s accused of runin’ your weddin’!  I’s kicked outta da church!  I’s da one ta blame ‘cause you decided on your weddin’ day dat youse was gay!”


“I didn’t mean for them to blame you!”


“Maybe you should have t’ought of dat befoir you kissed me, huh?!  In front of everyone dere!” Mush yelled.  He pushed Blink as hard as he could.  The other newsie staggered back, not expecting the attack.  Mush lunged forward again but Blink was ready this time.  He grabbed Mush by his forearms and held him still.  Struggling and still sobbing, Mush continued his verbal abuse.


After a few minutes, Mush’s threats and insults became quieter each time.  His throat was sore and raw; his eyes were red and swollen.  Dry sobs still shook his body and Mush didn’t object when Blink pulled him close and into a hug.  Slowly, Mush’s sobs ceased and he fell asleep in Blink’s embrace.  Blink towed Mush towards his bunk and laid him down.  He covered up the sleeping newsie and pulled a chair up to the bedside.  Blink waited.




Mush opened his eyes slowly.  It was pitch black outside and the room was deserted.  He looked over the side of his bed and picked up the low-burning oil lamp.  Mush heard creaking and sat up, putting a hand to his forehead.  How could he sleep with that creaking?  Mush swung his legs over the side of the bed and got up.


He staggered for a moment, but regained his coordination quickly.  Mush padded across the bunkroom and shivered.  It was creepy with only him around.  Mush assumed that they were still out, looking for him and Blink.


Speaking of Blink, he was nowhere in sight.  Mush wrapped an arm around himself as he got closer to the creaking sound.  He entered the bathroom and jumped.  Mush breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that what he thought was an intruder, was really himself reflected in twenty mirrors. 


Mush whirled when he felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned up the oil lamp and was staring at a black shoe.  Mush’s gaze traveled up the leg, past the chest, up the neck, and to the face.  He shrank back in horror and revulsion as Mush stared into the glassy dead eyes of his best friend, Kid Blink. 


Blink—or the shell that had been Blink—was hanging by his neck from a rope tied to the rafters.  Slowly, the dead weight moved backwards…and then forwards.  Creeeeak, creeeak…




“Mush!  MUSH!  WAKE UP!” Mush jerked awake and was looking right into Blink’s very much alive face.  He blinked when he saw two eyes instead of one eye and a patch.  Mush looked down to his shaking left fist wherein he clutched the eye patch.  Blink breathed an explosive sigh and let go of Mush’s shoulders.


“Kid…youse got two eyes…” Mush said, slowly.  Blink unwrapped Mush’s fingers from the death grip they had his eye patch squeezed in.  He retied it around his head.


“Sellin’ tactic.” Blink said with a shrug.  “Dat was a pretty nasty dream youse was havin’ dere.”


“I’s sorry!” Mush exclaimed, leaping into Blink and throwing his arms around him.  Blink was again surprised.


“For…for what?”


“I had a dream and youse was dead and I’s kinda wanted it and I’s sorry I never wanted dat to happen at all and it was horrible!  Youse was hanging in da bathroom by your neck and your face was all pale and your eyes were glassy and your tongue was hanging out and I was scared.  It was dark and nobody else was around!” Mush blurted, burying his face in Blink’s neck.  “I’s sorry, I’s sorry, I’s sorry…”


“Shh, Mush.  It’s all right.  It was just a dream.  I’s still heah and alive.” Blink murmured.  He squeezed Mush briefly in a hug.  Mush sighed and snuggled up closer to Blink.


“I like youse, Kid.” He mumbled before falling asleep.  Blink rested his head on Mush’s and soon too fell into a peaceful slumber.


~ Fin ~




Closing Comments: KAWAII!!