Title: A Month in Brooklyn One Night
Author: Mayhem, inspired by Wisecracks
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Spot
Summary: Boots is going to find out just how long a night in Brooklyn can
actually be...
Archive: Seize The Night
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Notes: I imagine Boots to be about 12, 13 years old, just having hit puberty. This is my very first attempt at writing slash, so please be gentle with me.


Boots was running through Brooklyn. He knew he shouldn't be out that late, he knew it was a bad neighborhood, and he was scared out of his mind.

He stopped at a corner to catch his breath and look for any sign of familiarity in the surroundings, but no such luck.

Suddenly he heard a cold bemused voice. "Now what would ya be doin' in Brooklyn so late?"

His heart skipped a few beats. Boots knew exactly who this voice belonged to. Just as he was about to turn around to the Brooklyn leader a second voice startled him by speaking up.

"Well, since ya note sounded quite urgent, Conlon, I figured ta come and have a look at what's buggin' ya."

Boots flinched at the familiar voice. He quickly hid behind a crate, his heart pounding, as Spot came into view, a trademark smirk on his face.

"How nice ta know yer always dere when I whistle, Cowboy."

Boots gulped. A leader meeting, and he was secretly watching! If anyone found him he was dead.

Now Jack came into view as well, slowly strolling towards Spot, who was watching him with amusement sparkling in his eyes.

"Let's see how well ya whistle now, Brooklyn," Jack growled and grabbed Spot's shirt.

Oh no, they're gonna fight, too! I'm in trouble! Boots mind reeled.

His eyes nearly popped out as he watched his fearless leader kiss the skinny boy in front of him fervently on the lips.

Dis can't be happenin'! I'm seein' things! Or maybe he's trying to bite off his tongue! Yeah, yeah, dat's it, it's Jack's plan ta take ovah Spot's territory!

As he saw Spot tear open Jack's shirt and Jack quickly discard the famous red suspenders all ability to think clearly left Boots' mind.

The cold night air made the Brooklyn leader shiver, and the small kisses with which Jack covered his chest seemed only to increase the sensation.

Spot's moan as Jack cupped his groin with one free hand edged itself into Boots' brain. He was horrified to find that he couldn't take his eyes off the two leaders, not even when Jack slowly began to undo Spot's pants as his mouth traveled south on the other boy's body. Jack's tongue trailed a circle around Spot's bellybutton while he edged his underpants down inch by inch.

"Jack, don't."

Somehow Spot had managed to get enough breath and stop the Manhattan leader right as he was about to free Spot's hard member.

Boots mind flipped. Okay, it was just a mistake, they didn't really mean ta kiss, now they'll both go away, and I can go home at last. Oh god, how I wanna go home!

But somehow a part of him was disappointed at the abrupt ending.

Jack looked up, puzzled. Spot raised an eyebrow.

"I t'ink last week we said dat I get ta suck ya off foist dis time!"

Jack smiled at the adorable pout the other boy displayed, it never failed to arouse him.


Brooklyn wasted no time in undoing Jack's pants, while at the same time kissing him hungrily. Jack ran his hands through Spot's sandy blonde hair, a loud moan escaping his throat when Spot pinched one of his nipples.

Boots started to feel slightly lightheaded. The strange thought of how Spot's smooth skin would feel under his hands entered his mind. He almost felt like slapping himself.

When Spot freed Jack's already hard erection and began to kiss along its sides a huge gasp escaped Boots, but to his immense luck the two other boys were too absorbed with themselves to notice. Spot stopped to slowly lick the precum off the tip before taking Jack's dick almost all the way into his mouth.

Jack groaned as Spot massaged his balls as well while sucking him off, and Boots was amazed how quickly the tension seemed to rise between them. An unfamiliar throbbing in his groin made him blush.

Very soon afterwards Jack came fiercely into Spot's mouth, and the Brooklyn leader knew better than to swallow the sticky substance. He saved as much as he could and spat it into his hand, then covered his own huge erection with it while being impatiently kissed by Jack.

"C'mon now, Brooklyn, I wanna feel ya inside me!"

Although the words were huskily whispered into Spot's ear Boots could hear them quite clearly. He thought he was going slowly insane as he watched Spot sit up behind Jack and suddenly thrust into him. A small whimper escaped his throat when Jack cried out in equal pain and lust. Spot's plunging started off slowly, but he quickly increased his pace, and Boots seemed to feel every shudder that wracked his slim body.

Spot held Jack tightly at the hips, unable to control the rising heat which made him thrust even harder. Jack slid one hand around his lover's thigh and pressed hard as Spot's passion started to overcome him as well. Spot found Jack's hard dick again and clutched it tightly when he felt himself being pushed right into the abyss.

"JACK!!! Oh god, yes!!!"

As Spot yelled Jack's name in ecstasy Boots suddenly imagined it was himself lying underneath the Brooklyn leader, and the thought triggered an orgasm as intense as he had never experienced in all his short sexual life.

Caught in his own fantasy he didn't pay much attention to the two leaders before him who had collapsed onto each other. Spot slowly pulled out of Jack and lay down beside him, trying to catch his breath.

Jack lit a cigarette. "Man, ya seemed ta have needed it real bad tonight, Brooklyn."

Spot smirked. "Da night's not ovah yet, Cowboy." Then he frowned. "What's dat heavy breathin'?"

He took his shirt and went to have a look behind the crates.

The end.