Title: Mary Sue Gone Wrong
Author: VinylNoMiko
Pairings: Mary Sue/Spot, ?/Spot
Summary: We all know them, we all hate them. This is Mary Sueís tale. The real tale.
Rating: R
Status: Complete, One Shot
Archive: Seize the Night (http://insanity4ever.tripod.com/index2.html), Colour Overs (www.colourovers.net)
Feedback: Necessary for survival
Disclaimer: Do not own Newsies.
Warnings: HUMOR, Mary Sue, OC/Spot, parody, fluff, surpriseslash ending


Mary Sue walked down the street. She had easily sold her two hundred papes in under three hours. She groaned as she saw Spot Conlon come into view. Spot Conlon. She rolled the name on her tongue. How she hated him. He was arm in arm with his latest girl, a girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was nothing compared to Mary Sue. Mary Sue had brilliant blue eyes and dark brown hair. She was sweet, sensitive, smart, funny, and loved everyone- except Spot.

Mary Sue hated her leader. Hated him with a passion. He was cocky, and thought that every girl wanted him. What Mary Sue hated more was the fact that every girl did want him. Including herself. As much as Mary Sue denied it, she found Spot attractive.

"Hey Mary Sue." Spot parted ways with his girl.

"Hi Spot."

"You finish selling papes?"

"Yeah, did you?"

"Of course. Wanna walk back to the lodging house with me?"

Mary Sue smirked, "Well, I am going in that direction."

She and Spot began to walk down to the lodging house.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Bed," Mary Sue answered.

"Yours or mine?" Spot asked grinning devilishly.

"How about the hallway?"

Spotís smirk enlarged. "Tell ya what," he whispered huskily, pressing her up against the wall. "You come up at midnight and Iíll show you something really big and amazing."

"Mmhm, sounds good. Maybe Iíll show you something of mine."


"Hey Spot," Mary Sue called. It was four hours to go, and counting.

"Hey Mary Sue."

She pushed him against the wall in the deserted hallway. She pushed a finger down his chest, and slid it into his pants. Spot groaned. "I heard that Jack is coming over tonight.."

"Mmmmhmm," Spot moaned.

"Will it conflict with our plans? Cause if it will we could skip the bullshit and just screw now.."

"No, itís okay.. I havenít thought of enough ways to have you gasping yet."

Mary Sue grinned. She removed her hand from Spotís pants and licked her fingers clean. "I look forward to it."

-3 hours left-

"Hey Jack," Spot exclaimed spit shaking. Mary Sue watched from the doorway of her room.

"Hey Spot."

"Can we adjourn our meeting a bit early tonight?"

"Why, Brooklyn, you getting some?"

Spotís eyes met Mary Sueís. "You know it, Cowboy."

"Some hot chick, right?"

"You could say that, Jack."

Jack grinned, "Itís okay, I got a girl waiting for me back home too."

"Do ya now?"

-2 hours later-

"Hey Meg."

"What Mary Sue?"

"Did Jack leave?"

"Yeah, said something about having sex."

"Oh, okay. Thanks."

-1 hour left-

"Hey Mary Sue."

"Hey Spot."

"You looking forward to tonight?"

"Mmhm, of course."

He pushed her against the wall. He kissed her with a passion she had never felt before in her life, and she felt that this was love.


Mary Sue walked up the stairs to Spotís room. She wore her best dress even though she knew it would be in a pile on the floor of Spotís room soon enough.

She knocked on the door, and went in.

She looked at the sight before her. Jack Kelly was carressing Spot Conlonís bare chest on Spotís bed. Spot reached up to Jack, and the two boys exchanged a passionate kiss.

"Oh, Mary Sue, can you pass the lube while you are over there?"

Mary Sue fainted.

"Mmhm, I donít want to get up to get the lube, Spot.."

"We can do without it, Cowboy..."

"Should we just leave her like that? The door is open.."

"Donít worry about it.."

"But, Spot.."



-The End-