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“Two Bit Juice Joint 1/10”

By VinylNoMiko (vinylnomiko@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: And I don’t own it.

Warnings: SLASH (ooh yummy), adult themes (ooh, yummy), Spot/Jack (ooh, yummy), humor (oooh, yummy), romance (oooh, yummy)

Notes: Rock on, may I introduce my three latest muses: Drew Anna, and Hoshi?  Dedicated to you, my lurvellies.




“Now for your viewing pleasure- and your dreams tonight, folks, may I present our feature presentation, Brooklyn!”  Shouted the announcer, a girl named Hoshi.


A spotlight flashed on the curtain.  A single solidary figure stood behind it.  The person ran a hand down their body, caressing themself.


The curtain slowly opened revealing a tousled blond haired figure.  Flashing blue eyes caught the light.  The boy tossed his hair and walked out on the catwalk.  He was dressed in a long white sleeved shirt and baggy brown trousers, which didn’t exactly fit his smudged eyeliner, flaming magenta lips, glitter, and black eyeshadow.  And then it made sense as he pulled off the trousers, and began to slowly unbutton the long sleeved white shirt.  The end result was a pair of tight, black vinyl pants and a tight black muscle tank. 


Almost lazily, the tank was slooowly removed.  The boy ran a hand down his now bare chest and rested it atop his pants.  He did a pelvic thrust, and licked a finger on his other hand.  He dragged it down his chest and brought it to the zipper.


He unbuttoned the pants and began to slowly unzip his pants, his scarlet underwear now showing.


“Take it off, you little whore!!”  Spot’s eyes rounded on the blue eyed man who had just spoken.  Spot continued to dance, and noticed someone sitting next to the man.  He clearly looked uncomfortable and looked out of place.  He was trying not to watch Spot, and yet was aware that Spot was was watching him.  He could feel Spot’s eyes roam his body, from his dusty shoes to his blue shirt to his sexy brown eyes.


Spot finished dancing, and took a rose from the stage manager.  He walked up to the brown eyed man he had been admiring, bitch boots clanking every step of the way, and held out the rose.


“Jack,” the friend said, clearly excited.  Jack, the boy in question, looked up and met Spot’s gaze.  He took the rose from Spot, neither ceasing their stare.




“You know what that means?”


“No, David, I don’t.  Unlike you I don’t spend all my time in strip joints.”


David laughed.  “I know, you’re so underprivileged!  Anyway, this means that Brooklyn, the best stripper in New York City, wants to meet you.”


“Whoop de do.”


David smirked, “I can’t believe that your first time in a strip joint, you get invited to a dressing room.”


“Yeah, now that you’ve seen him take his clothes off, you can watch him put them on again.  Besides, I don’t want Drew to worry..”


“I’ll stop by your place before I go to Denton’s.  Besides, Drew’s your roommate, he’d want you to get some just as much as I do.”


Jack had run out of excuses, and an employee approached him.


“Hi, I’m Anna.  I’ll be taking you to Brooklyn’s dressing room.”


David looked at his watch, “Ooh, I gotta run.  Enjoy yourself, okay?”


Sighing, Jack got up and went with Anna.




“You were great tonight, Spot.”


“Thanks, Three,” answered Spot.  She pushed up her sequioned black lace-up corset.  She wore a black satin garter belt, black fishnets, and a crimson feather boa.  She was a pretty girl, and if Spot wasn’t gay and she wasn’t being seduced by four men all at the same time.  Spot found it quite amusing that they all loved Three, and didn’t mind she was dating other men.  Besides, Spot felt extremely short next to her when she wore the six inch, black, tie up, vinyl boots she wore.  And also, he didn’t know who would wear the pants.  (1)


Spot continued down to his dressing room, and found the invited man had already been settled in his room by Anna and her boyfriend Race.  Spot didn’t much care for Race- he gambled too much and was a bit too pimpish for his tastes.




“Ever gambled before?”


“No,” Jack answered.


“Is this your first time in a strip joint?” Anna asked, kinder than Race had been.


The door creaked open.  The stripper winked at Jack.


“Hey Anna,” he said smiling at her.  His voice got cold, “Race.”



“Hello Spot,” Anna grinned.  “We’ll leave you two alone.  C’mon, Race.”


A devilish gleam appeared in her eye as she pulled Race out.  “Have fun you two.”


There was a silence as they left.  It was long enough to hear Hoshi, the announcer, introduce ‘this evening’s guest star’.


Spot grinned, “Three is so good.”




“The girl in the hall.”


“Ooh, her.”


Spot smirked, “Taught me everything I know.”


“And I’m sure you needed to know a lot to be a stripper.”


Fury escalated in Spot’s eyes.  He pushed Jack against the wall.  “Watch it, kid.  You insult Three and you’d be in deep shit.”


“Ooh, I’m scared.”


“You should be.  She owns the joint, and she dates only the biggest men in New York.  She could have a knife throttling your throat faster than you can say ‘Tom Felton’, jackass.”


Tension mounted, and Spot finally released Jack.


“I guess I should introduce myself,” Jack said.

“I suppose so.”


“I’m Jack Kelly.”


“I’m Spot Conlon,” Brooklyn told Jack.  Jack splutered.




“What’s it to you?”


“My roommate, Drew, has the same last name.”


“That’s probably because he’s my brother,” Spot replied collapsing on the couch in his dressing room.


Jack went rigid in his chair.  “He is?”


Spot got up from the couch and walked over to Jack’s chair, “Enough about Drew though, let’s talk about us.”  Spot sat down on Jack’s legs and caught his lips in a fiery kiss.  Jack had never contemplated his sexuality- or sex, for that matter- but somehow, this felt right.

“Mmhm,” Jack melted into the kiss.


The door opened, unbeknownst to the two deeply involved with each other’s mouths, until they heard the voice.  “Three?  I have a present!! It’s me Skitterey!  Are you naked?  Why do I care?”


The two pulled apart before Skitterey saw their compromising position.  “Skitts, Three’s dressing room is one down.”


“Oh, thanks Spot.”  He closed the door.


“I shouldn’t be here.  I have to go.”

“What?  Why?”


Jack looked up at Spot.  “I’ll come back.  I swear.  I may run, I may hide, but I never tell a lie.” (2)


Spot nodded, and handed Jack a card.  “My phone number.”  Spot gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and Jack left.


Two voices intertwined from opposite ends of the door.  "What just happened?"


Jack got half way out, and to the bar when he realized he had no car.


He asked the bartender, a pretty girl named Pandy, and she easily complied.


He called Drew, who was there within minutes. 


Drew came in, and walked to the bar.  He nodded to the bartender, and then looked at her again.  She was well-dressed.. for the joint, anyway.  She wore a tight silver shirt, and a short black vinyl skirt.  Just like everyone else in the club, she wore bitch boots and fishnets.  The only noticeable difference was that her fishnets were purple.


“What's a gal like you doing in a two-bit juice joint like this?”  Drew asked (3).


She giggled, winked, and went back to washing the bar.  She looked up at Jack.  “Hey, aren’t you Spot Conlon’s bitch?”


-To Be Continued-


I’m evil like that.


Rock on. 


(1) Kick ass, that’s from Rocky Horror per request of Three.


(2) From Gundam Wing.


(3)  The real Drew has spoketh those words.


Oh, I live on R&R.


“Two-Bit Juice Joint 2/10”

By VinylNoMiko (vinylnomiko@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: Newsies does not belong to me.

Warnings: Jack/Spot, slash, humor, romance, Pandy/Drew, Three/Davey Havok, Three/Skitterey, Three/Tom Felton, Three/Ewan McGregor, Greg/Tito Raymond, glammification, adult themes

Notes: Love you all.

Dedicated to Drew, Hoshi, and Half-Pint (my whorish muses [:: grins::], lurvelies)



Jack glanced over at Pandy and Drew and rubbed his forehead.  He didn’t know where to look.  There were half-naked girls all around, even on the table.  He would KILL David for taking him here.


He sighed in relief as he saw Anna coming towards him.  He thought of her as the only other normal person in this whole building, and motioned her over.  “Hey, Anna.”


“Call me Half-Pint.”


“Uhhh...  right..  Half-Pint, can you give me a ride?”


“Sorry.  I have to do Race’s laundry first.”


Jaded Jack looked up and moaning, asked, “What are you, his servant?”


“No,” Half-Pint glared.  “I am Racetrack Higgin’s bitchwhore.”  She stuck out her tongue and walked away.  Jack’s head slumped onto the table.


“And then I says to him, ‘Tommy, I am not going to cover you in green pixy sticks and lick you clean until you tell me you love me.’  And he looks at me, and doesn’t say it,” Three’s voice preceded her coming, and when Jack lifted his head he caught glance of the sexy girl with a man at her side.  He groaned, no doubt he wanted wild monkey sex from her.


“Well, last week when Tito and I tried pudding, he didn’t cuddle me.”  Apparently not.


“Oh, Greg.  Tito’s not a cuddler?”


“Well, he’s got stamina, but he’s just not cuddly.”


Jack was confounded about this conversation.


“THREE!   GRRRREG!!!”  The girl behind the bar, Pandy, jumped over the bar, and caused the most curious scene Jack had ever witnessed.  There was some serious mad glompage going on, and Jack was shocked.  Jack’s eyes got even wider as Spot strutted out from backstage to the pileup, and then joined in.


Then Spot’s eyes turned to Jack.  He licked his lips.  Jack suddenly got very interested in his watch.  ‘I’m at a strip club at four in the morning.  I’m in hell, and it’s David’s fault..’ ran through Jack’s mind.


“Ooh, it’s four..”


Three signaled Hoshi, the announcer. 


“Ladies and Gentlemen, The Two-Bit Juice Joint is now closing..”  Couples left left and right.  Drew and Jack headed to leave, but Hoshi ran up to them and held them back.  “You gotta stay for the party!”


Soon, the club was nearly empty.  The valet parker came in, a guy in a red jacket.  Jack jumped when he saw that it was actually Race.  Half-Pint ran up to him, gave him a quick kiss, and then buffed his shoes.


Jack looked around him, hearing snippets of conversations.


“You have no idea how yummy purple pixy sticks are on Davey Havok.”  Jack was beginning to think that Three had an issue with pixy sticks.


“You poor dear..”  Jack rolled his eyes.  Who knew what story Drew was feeding Pandy?  Probably some story about how his car flipped over. (1)


Spot was whispering something to Hoshi, who was giggling, and he had a feeling that they were talking about him.




“Ya know, we should give them makeovers,” Three commented, noting Jack’s lovely skin tone.


“Ooh, totally,” said Hoshi agreeing.


Jack gulped as Drew grinned.




Jack was done first.  He looked down at himself.  He bit his lip, and groaned as he tasted lipstick.  After finally giving in to having a makeover, Hoshi noted his perfect eyes.  “We simply *must* bring them out.”  Jack reached up to rub his temples, but brought down his hand.  It would wreck his makeup, and he didn’t want it done over.  It hadn’t been pleasant to hear people talking about which type of lipstick would work best.  They had finally chosen to go with a dark magenta, green eyeliner, silver eyeshadow with bits of star shaped glitter in it smudged all around his eyes, and had decided not to use blush- Jack was blushing already.


They had dressed him in a tight, feminine, green tanktop and a pair of black vinyl pants.  They had decided to tousle his hair, and let him wear converse.


Jack was annoyed.  People had been questioning his sexuality since childhood.  Remember folks, just because one’s favourite musician is Elton John, prefers ‘My Little Pony’ to ‘G.I. Joe’, and prefers to dress Barbie then chop off her head does not make one gay.  Just because one cannot help but notice a guy’s tight ass and how a girl doesn’t match, and not the reverse, does not make one a flaming homosexual.


Just because someone was replaying a male stripping in his head, thinking about kissing said male, and planned to imagine aforementioned male in his bed does not make one gay.  According to Jack.  And most certainly not attracted to said male, or in love with previously mentioned male specimen.  Right?


-To Be Continued-




(1) Drrrrew, I can’t believe that actually happened to you... my poor baby..  :: hugs::


-In the Next Part-

Ann Valentine makes her appearance


Drew gets a makeover!


"Two-Bit Juice Joint 3/10"
By VinylNoMiko (vinylnomiko@hotmail.com)
Disclaimer: Newsies does not belong to me.
Warnings: Jack/Spot, slash, humor, romance, Pandy/Drew, Three/Davey Havok, Three/Skitterey, Three/Tom Felton, Three/Ewan McGregor, Greg/Tito Raymond, glammification, adult themes
Notes: Love you all. Dedicated to Drew, Hoshi, and Half-Pint (my sweet muses [:: grins::], lurvelies)



Drew stayed perfectly still as Hoshi and Three fluttered around him, applying makeup.  They finished soon enough, and he looked at himself in the mirror.  He glanced down at his tight black vinyl pants and navy blue converse.  His favourite part of his outfit, he had admitted to himself, was the shirt.  It was a tight black shirt with white lettering that read ‘Sex Machine’.  It laced up at the sides with navy blue string.  He couldn’t tell which he had liked more- Pandy lacing it up, her hand grazing his muscular chest, or the shirt itself.  He brought his eyes up to his face in the mirror.  He had remembered the small fight that had broken out over his eyeliner, and laughed appreciatively.  It had turned out lovely.  He let himself feel the tiny bits of glitter surrounding his eyes, but avoided the eyeshadow.  He didn’t want to smudge the eyeshadow.  He walked out of the dressing room to be immediately hugged by Pandy.


“You look great,” she exclaimed.  There was a long, awkward pause. 


“Hey, let’s get the place ready for tomorrow,” said Hoshi.


Three nodded.


Jack stared dumbfounded as he watched furniture being moved to backstage, furniture being moved from backstage, curtains being opened, stage removed, and the bar had disappeared.  Jack looked around him.  It actually looked like a fitness club. 


“Two-Bit Fitness Club,” exclaimed Hoshi, smiling to herself.  “Doing yoga tomorrow, Three?”


“No, I’m going to do Stage’s sensational salsa class.”


“This is a fitness club??”  Drew asked.


“Well, strip club by sunset, and fitness club by sunrise.  We make a fortune,” explained Three kindly.


Jack stared, “So, like everyone has two jobs?”


Pandy’s face split into a grin.  “Well, some people only work for one.  But Three, Hoshi, Spot, Race, and myself all work both shifts.”


“I think it’s time to go home.”




Drew awoke the next morning yawning.  Pattering across the floor, his feet led him to the kitchen.


“Hey Jack.”




“It’s Sunday.  We should go somewhere.”


Jack looked suspicious.  “Like where?”


Drew, noticing a fly on the wall, answered, “Like a fitness club.”


Jack scowled.


“Good!  Let’s Go, Jackey Boy!”



Drew had decided to park the car.  He had heard many stories about Half-Pint and Race in cars that didn’t belong to them- and most of them included crashing the car, or road head.


Drew and Jack walked up to the door- surprised to see there was a bouncer next to it.




“Drew Conlon and Jack Kelly.”

“Come on in.”


The two boys walked in- and stopped.  Jack noticed Pandy was bartending a juice bar.  Then he noticed something Drew had already noticed.  This was the advanced Salsa class.  A beautiful girl at the front in a red dress, who was presumably Stage- was twirling and swinging with Spot.  Jack looked at Spot’s tight black pants and tight red shirt.  Jack couldn’t take his eyes off of Spot for a second.


Meanwhile, Drew had noticed Pandy talking to some guy.  They were laughing and giggling.  He glared.  And then he noticed the funniest thing he’d ever seen.  Three was dancing with Ewan McGregor.  But that wasn’t the funny part.  What was funny were the four guys all over the room glaring at him, and each held a different color of pixy sticks in hand.  Drew could recognize all of them.  That was Tom Felton with the green pixy sticks, Davey Havok with the purple, Skitterey (an ex drug dealer) with red, and Jonathon Rhys-Meyers with orange.  That girl definitely had an issue with pixy sticks.  But Drew was relieved when he saw the guy talking to Pandy, a guy with long blond hair and strong features, walked up to Hoshi and lifted her up to the air and kissed her.


Orlando!!” she exclaimed, giggling.


And then Drew noticed that Jack was still watching Spot.


He smiggled to himself, and walked away.


Stage clapped her hands.  “Class dismissed!”


She noticed Jack, and walked up to him with Spot in tow.


“Hi!  Are you new here?”


Spot smirked, “He’s my bitch, Stage.”


“I am not your bitch.”


“A feisty one, eh?  You always were like that, Spot.”  She kissed Spot on the cheek, and walked away to talk to talk to the attractive man in the corner.


They were left alone, and Jack pretended to be interested in the new girl at the front of the room.  She was quite attractive, and people clustered around her.  She laughed, dropped her bag, and dropped down next to it.  She zipped it open and pulled out a mat.  She put it on the ground.  As Jack watched her tug a stereo out of the bag, he was faintly aware of Spot studying him.  He tried to be interested in the dozens of people pulling out mats, sitting on them in silence.  But he was drawn to Spot’s eyes.  He looked up.  Before he knew what was happening, Spot had reached a hand out and cupped it under Jack’s chin. 


“You’re lovely,” he whispered.  Gently, Spot reached out and lightly kissed Jack’s sweet lips.  It was a short kiss- quick and tender.  Jack found his heart beating faster and suddenly, Jack was hit with a notion.  He liked this.  He liked being gently caressed by Spot, and he certainly found him attractive.  Jack paused and realized for the first time in his life- he was gay.


Spot had whispered a goodbye and Jack had stayed to try to do the yoga that Ann Valentine was instructing him.  But Jack had problems following the limber girl when all he wanted to do was brush Spot’s hair, and hold Spot.  Hold him close.


The class ended and Ann Valentine, the instructor, was embraced by a guy up by the front.  They whispered together, laughing, hugging, and kissing.  Jack was swept up in a rage of jealousy.  He wished Spot was there, so they could laugh and whisper and be caught up in a world of their own like Ann and her man were.


And then, Spot was back.  To strip before dozens of people, including Jack.




To Be Continued


"Two-Bit Juice Joint 4/10"
By VinylNoMiko (vinylnomiko@hotmail.com)
Disclaimer: Newsies does not belong to me.
Warnings: Jack/Spot, slash, humor, romance, Pandy/Drew, Three/Davey Havok, Three/Skitterey, Three/Tom Felton, Three/Ewan McGregor, Greg/Tito Raymond, glammification, adult themes
Notes: Love you all. Dedicated to Drew, Hoshi, and Half-Pint (my pimpish muses [:: grins::], lurvelies)



Jack tried to get comfortable in his chair.


“Strip joints should get more comfortable chairs,” David said, speaking Jack’s mind but sounding incredibly stupid.  Everything sounds more stupid coming from David.  Especially when David is wearing an orange see through plastic shirt and thinking to himself that he looks pretty hip.  “Don’t you agree, Jack?”


“Yes,” Jack answered a bit distracted.


“How about you, Denton?” 


“Mmmhm,” Denton answered as he slipped a twenty dollar bill into the thong on the girl at the table.

David, however, seemed not to notice Denton carressing the girl on the table, and turned to Jack, “I think Denton is going to marry me.”


Jack turned to him, suddenly alert.  Jack would lose his job if David married Denton.  David would have no use of a companion.  He faked a smile, “Good for you.”


“Ooh!  That hot stripper is dancing!”


Denton looked up, “where??”


As they both turned to the stage, Jack slipped away.


He walked backstage and trying to muffle his tears before he saw Spot.  Unfortunately, Lady Luck is a bored bitch whore, who insisted to Fate that they should run into each other.  Fate agreed because Fate wants Lady Luck, but that’s for another time.


“Jack?  Are you crying?” 


Jack cursed Fate and looked up into Spot’s baby blue’s.  “Yeah.”


Spot took Jack into his arms, and held him.  He stroked Jack’s hair, “What’s wrong?”


“My boss is getting married,” Jack sniffed, “He’s going to fire me.”


“Why would he fire you?”


“I’m his companion, if he gets married, he won’t,” Jack began to blubber.


“Ssssh.  It’s okay.”


“Don’t you have to,” sniff.  “perform?”


“I’d never leave your side, Jack.”


And that’s how Sab found them.  Sab was a new on the security force, but she thought for sure that this was definately some guy picking up a hooker, and she knew that the Two-Bit Juice Joint would not involve itself in such unpleasantries.


“Take this elsewhere, boys?”


The blond haired boy looked up and Sab gulped.  That was definately Spot Conlon.  She gulped.  “Carry on.”






“Yes, Race?”


“Will you go home and bake me some cookies, I’m hungry.”


“Of course, master.”



Stage and Ann Valentine walked into the bar a bit quietly.  They were bored and had nowhere else to go, so the two roommates had decided to come here.


They quickly noticed two guys in the corner.  A guy with an eyepatch and a muscular guy proudly showing off his legs.


“Hey ladies.  I’m Mush and this is Blink.”


The two girls giggled, extremely happy with their new form of entertainment.




Spot and Jack had walked for seemingly a long time until coming to a bench in a peaceful park.  They sat down together, and Jack leaned his head on Spot’s lap.


“What did you want to be when you were older?  I assume not a stripper.”


Spot paused, breathing in the night air of New York.  He leaned his head back and looked at the sky.  “A singer.”

“Were you any good?”


“Hells yes.”


Jack sat up.  “Sing to me.  Anything.”


Spot looked at Jack, took a breath, and began. 

“My time of day is the dark time. 

A couple of deals before dawn.

When the street belongs to the cop.

And the janitor with the mop.”  Spot looked up at the dark, midnight sky.  He closed his eyes and sang.

“And the grocery clerks are all gone.

When the smell of the rainwashed pavement

Comes up clean, and fresh, and cold

And the streetlamp light

Fills the gutter with gold.”

Spot looked down from the sky and looked to Jack. 

“That's my time of day

My time of day

And you're the only doll I've ever wanted to share it with me.” 

Spot picked up Jack’s hand, and kissed it.







“I think that’s everyone,” Three said, looking around the room.  “Wait- where’s Tom Felton?”


Tom Felton quickly stood, “Sorry, I was licking your shoes.”


“It’s okay, darling.”


“Why’s you call us here?” Ewan McGregor asked, adding a wink.


Three giggled.  “Well, I’ve decided whom I am going to spend the rest of my life with.  I certaintly cannot wear this many wedding rings anymore.  There is only so much a girl can take.”  The five men all looked to her ring finger, where five rings could easily be located.

“I have made my decision.  I’m sorry that you all can’t stay on, but you know.  I love you all, and if you ever need a helping hand, just give me a ring ding, okay?”


“Tell us.”


“Skitterey, Tommy Felton, Ewan McGregor, Jonathon Rhys-Myers, Davey Havok, I have decided to-”




To Be Continued


"Two-Bit Juice Joint 5/10"

By VinylNoMiko (vinylnomiko@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: Newsies does not belong to me.  The Two-Bit Juice Joint does.

Warnings: Jack/Spot, slash, humor, romance, Pandy/Drew, Three/Davey Havok, Three/Skitterey, Three/Tom Felton, Three/Ewan McGregor, Greg/Tito Raymond, Tom Felton/Daniel Radcliffe, glammification, adult themes

Notes: Love you all. Dedicated to Drrrrew, Hoshi Bloom, and Half-Pint (my cherished muses)




“Boys, I have decided.”




“Okay, I have decided to live with Ewan, Skitterey, and Tom Felton.  Jonathon, I’m sorry but you did not make the cut.  Davey, whenever you’re in town- feel free to stop by,” Three winked.  Jonathon Rhys-Meyers convulsed into tears, and the others comforted him, thanking their higher deity (Three) that Three had picked them.  “Jonathon, as a going away present, you may come home with me tonight.”  The other four men saw green.  Green, green, green.  Jealousy and envy enveloped them and they were enraged.  Eyes narrowed, teeth clamped, and fists were clenched.




“They FOUGHT over you?”


Three nodded.  “Yeah, Tom is in the hospital.  Broke a leg, I think.”


“Aw, shit,” Pandy exclaimed.


“He’ll be fine.  He was just glad it wasn’t his you know what.”


“His liver?”


Three blinked.  “Yeah.  His liver.”




Tom Felton sat on his hospital bed, sighing as the nurse told him that another doctor would have to see him.  In a couple of minutes, aforementioned doctor came in.  Tom stopped complaining as the cute male doctor began examining his leg.  Tom wondered what “Doctor Radcliffe” thought of the aqua nailpolish perfectly applied to his toes and he smiled to himself as he noticed that Doctor Radcliffe wore black nailpolish.  (1)



Three reclined in her chair.  Ewan was massaging her back, Jonathon Rhys-Meyers was giving her a manicure, Davey Havok was feeding her grapes, and Skitterey was taking Tom Felton’s usual place and painting her toenails.  As Skitterey messed up, she sighed.  “I miss Tom.  Alas, the poor lad is in the hospital.  Alas, I am talking like I am English which I am not.  Alas, I believe I have lost more sanity.”


“Alas, we’re out of black nailpolish,” Jonathon Rhys-Meyers said.



Hoshi sat next to Pandy and Drew.  The three of them, laughed and talked up a storm.  Pandy jumped as the Mexican Hat Dance played from seemingly nowhere.


“My cell phone.  That’s Orlando’s personalized ring, he likes it,” Hoshi smiled apoligetically.  “Hello Orlando!!  Okay, ask away.  Orlando..  No, I don’t care about color..  I dunno..  A medium, I’d say..  No, that isn’t an insult..  No flavoring..  Fine, Strawberry.  Orlando, this is an embarrasing phone call.  Sweetie, I don’t care.  Yes, I want some.  Trojan!  No, no.  No, I don’t want any of that stuff.  We can make whipped cream at home.  Check to make sure that they are comfort lined..  Okay, if they are on sale...  Orlando!  I don’t like talking to you when you are in one of those stores..  What??  Of course I love you..  Bye, sweetie,  See you at home.”


Drew and Pandy exchanged looks.  Hoshi coughed, and blushed.  “My boyfriend, Orlando, he always forgets what brand of um,” Hoshi lowered her voice, “condoms we like.”


As the Mexican Hat Dance rang out again, Hoshi cursed.


Pandy turned to Drew. “Don’t you ever call me about something like that.”




Jack was making himself some awesome shit, Top Ramen, when the doorbell rang.  Jack, who wasn’t expecting anyone, walked to the door a bit confused.  A guy stood at the door. 


“Is,” he stopped and read the card on the flower he held as Jack’s heart sped up,   “Jack Kelly here?”


“I’m here, uh, I’m him.” 

“This is for you.”  He walked out, and Jack was too shocked to yell a ‘thank you’ back.  Who would send him a flower?  Much less a single red rose?  It couldn’t be Treize or Tuxedo Mask, his two favourite anime characters.  Trembling, he opened the envelope, sketched with his name on the front.


Jack didn’t recognize the long, sweeping handwriting, and was still confused about who would send him a flower.  His heart told him Spot, but he ignored it because he didn’t want to be disappointed.  But he wasn’t.


“Beloved Jack,

I’m quite positive you do not know what a scarlet rose means, but it means passion.  I didn’t quite know either, this is the first time I’ve bought any flowers.  Well, except one time for my mother on Mother’s Day.  Right, this is supposed to be about my undying passion for you.


I love you. 

I love your innocence, and your sincerity.

I love how you always ask about me and never talk about yourself.

I love how you let me push down the boundaries in your mind and your heart.

I love your beautiful, dark brown eyes and how they always tell a story.

I love how your hair is always tousled, as if you just got out of bed.  Because you did.

I love how you always tell the truth, and how you always listen,” Jack noticed that the writing was starting to get really tiny.  “I’d tell you more, but I’m running out of room.  Passionately yours, Spot.”


Jack noticed that somehow, he had managed to close the door and get himself onto the couch.  He stared at the card, and strange feelings overwhelmed him.  Was this passion?  He knew it was certaintly more than love, and Jack knew he was beyond moved.  No one had ever done something like this for him, and he had to stop his tears.  For Jack knew, that he wanted his first love, to be his only love.


He wanted to marry Spot.




Pandy reclined on her couch, laughing at the crazo antics of those crrraazzzoo Three Stooges.  Drew walked into the room, throwing her a soda.  She caught it, and made room for Drew to sit down.






“We should move in together.”

Pandy paused, obviously pondering.  “We’d never get anything done.”


“Well, eventually we would.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked angrily.

Drew cowered back a bit, “Nothing?”


“Are you saying our sex life would dull out?”


Drew hesitated, “We’d have a sex life?”


To Be Continued



(1) My ode to Three.  Go read “I Will Be Good at Making Bad” it’s so kick ass it’s unbelievable.


"Two-Bit Juice Joint 6/10"

By VinylNoMiko (vinylnomiko@hotmail.com)

Disclaimer: Newsies does not belong to me.  The Two-Bit Juice Joint does.

Warnings: Jack/Spot, slash, humor, romance, Pandy/Drew, Three/Davey Havok, Three/Skitterey, Three/Tom Felton, Three/Ewan McGregor, Greg/Tito Raymond, Tom Felton/Daniel Radcliffe, glammification, adult themes

Notes: Love you all. Dedicated to Drrrrew, Hoshi Bloom, and Half-Pint (my luscious muses)




Jack walked into the Two Bit Juice-Joint, scanning the room for Spot.  He immediately spotted him at his usual spot at the juice bar.  He and Pandy were watching Drew and Stage demonstrating the tango, and they seemed pretty amused.  Spot seemed to sense someone watching him, and turned around to meet Jack’s eyes.


Spot reached a hand out, and Jack took it.  Spot spun Jack into him, and whispered charmingly, “Did you get my rose?” Jack spun himself out.


“Naturally.  It was quite lovely, like you.  Thanks.”  The two did a fancy step across, and Jack dipped Spot back, and brought him forward, every inch of Jack’s body grazing Spot’s.  Spot seemed to take charge again, and pushed Jack forward, their arms going up and down.  They seemed unaware of the fact that everyone had turned to them.


“So you enjoyed my flower?” Spot asked spinning himself into Jack.


“Without a doubt,” Jack spun him out again.  As the song climaxed, Jack felt an urge to pick Spot up, and did so, lifting him into the air and bringing him down again.  Spot spun Jack into him, and the song closed.  They could feel each feel the other’s heart racing and breathing hard.  “Let’s go out to eat.”




“Three, I have discovered that I am a homosexual.  A flaming fag, if you will.  And I have discovered that Daniel Radcliffe is my manwhore,” Tom Felton said stroking her hand.


“So, does that mean no more wild crazy pig sex?”

“Of course not.”


“Okay, good.”


“Like I could give up my sensual Three time.”


“Oh, I know.  I know.”



Spot leaned onto Jack’s warm body, holding on to Jack’s arm, he whispered, “Where do you want to go?”


Jack smiled down at Spot, “Where you go, I’ll follow.”


Blushing and laughing, Spot answered, “McDonald’s it is.”


“I was hoping for something a bit more..”


“Hey, follow me!  Attend me, come on!  Chop, chop, let’s go.”


Jack laughed as he followed Spot.




Davey Havok reclined in a chair, and Three sat across from him licking a caramel apple pop.





“I wanna be that lollipop you are sucking on.”  Davey Havok reached across the table, and pulled Three into a tonsil hockey kiss, rubbing her head.


“Mmhm, Davey?”




“Can we get a room?”




Orlando tossed his pretty blond head to Hoshi, “We run out pretty quickly..”


“Orlando has such a sex drive.”


“Mmhm, baby, you know it,” answered Orlando kissing Hoshi on the lips.  Drew and Pandy shared a glance, and Pandy decided it would be best to change the subject.


“Ehhm,”  Pandy cleared her throat.  “Orlando, I have a question for you,” Pandy said.  Pandy was behind the bar serving Orlando, Drew, and Hoshi some juice drinks.


“Ask away.  I’m completely open with anything.  No embarrassment here.”

“Tell me about it,” Hoshi mumbled, still thinking about the numerous phone calls Orlando made to her from the Seduction Store.


“When you and Hoshi moved in, after awhile did the sex life slow down and then die out?”

“Hells no.  I can’t resist her.  I just told you, I have a libido you wouldn’t believe.”


“So it didn’t?”


“Well, there are some days when it seems like we don’t get out of bed at all and then there are days when it’s like only once or twice.”


“That’s a large libido.”


“Hoshi’s a sex machine.”


Hoshi blushed and looking up (clearly wanting to change the subject from whether or not she was a sex machine) asked, “Why do you ask?”  Drew blushed and took a long sip of his juice.


“Drew says that our sex life would slow down after we would move in with each other.”


Drew managed to choke out, “Well, there’s still the matter if we would have a sex life that could die out.”


Hoshi smirked, “Well, you’ll never find out with that attitude, will you?”



Jack and Spot entered the McDonald’s and Spot happily approached the counter.


“Uhh, I’ll have a six piece of chicken nuggets, two whoppers, two orders of French fries, a large drink, and a McFlurry,” Spot said gleefully.


“Will that be all sir?” answered the girl behind the counter, Paige.


“Oh... hmm..  Jack, do you want anything?”  Jack blinked.


“Uh, a cheeseburger.”


“And a cheeseburger.”


Paige rang up the order.  “Okay, that will be 2.96.”


Jack insisted on paying all two dollars and ninety six cents, so Spot went and got his drink.


He sat down at the table and looked at Jack.  “Mmhm, I can smell the dead animal fat in the air.  I love McDonald’s.”


A guy delivered their food, and Spot finished all of his meal before Jack finished his single solitary cheeseburger.


“How do you do that?”


“Fast metabolism,” Spot supplied.


Jack laughed, and then stood up.  He stretched, and walked over to Spot.  He sat down on the floor, and pulled one leg up.  Up till now, this could be considered just coincidence and not a marriage proposal.  That is, until Jack pulled out the black velvet box.



End Part Six


Who’s the most evil of them all??


(the next few parts are in the next email I'm sending you.  :)  Thanks again!  You rock hard, dear!)

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