Title: Staying
Author: Hoshi
Pairing: Jack * Spot
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings:...uh, graphic SEX (yay!), Slash...need I say more....mebbe slight OOC
Disclaimer: I do not own Newsies or any of the characters or anything involved with Disney...So don’t sue me.  I’m broke anyways. *Maybe* you’ll get a pickle.  And some cheese.
Notes: I wrote this for Vinyl no Miko’s birthday. ^_^ Happy birthday, me dear!

“So you decided to come back, then.”

Jack turned and found himself staring into a pair of defiant dark eyes. “Yeah.  Couldn’t stay away, ya know?”

Spot smirked and looked away, rubbing his thumb and forefinger over the silver pommeled cane.  “Couldn’t wait to come back to this rat-hole, y’mean. Why did you come back yesterday?  You had a way outta here.  Stupid.”  A brief moment of eye contact.  Burning.

Turning away, Spot casually sauntered through the gates, resting the cane on his shoulder.  He didn’t need to wait for an answer.  As long as Jack was here, and he would *never* let him know this, he could be happy.  Just to know he was around, near enough to see if he wanted to, whether he actually did or not, was enough.

Puzzled, Jack gazed after Spot.  The look on Spot’s face yesterday, before he had gone back to Brooklyn, was imbedded in Jack’s memory.  Jack had ooked up from kissing Sarah, and found himself peering into those intense eyes, his very soul nearly sucked out of him right there by the power of that gaze.  And why did he come here, now?

Trying to shake that slightly disturbing memory off of him, Jack grinned and picked up his papers.  Dave was waiting for him outside the gate, their agreement still standing.
    Time to make some money.  Time to continue living.


“Whaddya want?”

Jack looked into the face of the person who had been haunting him for two weeks now, knowing that his face must seem just a tad on the edge of desperation.  “I needa talk.  To you.  Alone.”

Spot raised an eyebrow.  Though his heart had sped up just hearing Jack’s voice, he was well learned in hiding what he was feeling.  “Gonna give me a good reason, Jack?”  A chuckle.  “I’m not a trained monkey, y’know.”

Spot was slightly surprised to see Jack Kelly, his only real competition, the only person to ever really mean anything to him, blush.  “I know.”

Spot rose and spat in his hand, offering it.  Jack completed the motion. “C’mon then.”  Jack followed him down the dock, quickly stepping in beside him.


They walked in companionable silence, wandering until they found themselves on a rooftop, overlooking the harbor.  Still silence dominated.  Jack couldn’t stand it.  “What’s wrong with you?”

Shocked, Spot took a step back.  “What did you just say ta me?  What’s wrong with *me*?”

Jack, trying to find an outlet for the turmoil inside of him, moved towards pot. “Just what I said.  What do you think you are doing?”  He gestured wildly.  “Everything.  I see you everywhere.  It’s makin’ me crazy, Spot.”  His hands locked tightly on Spot’s shoulders.

Spot was finding it harder and harder to breathe.  Was it true?  “Unless y’want a fat lip, Kelly...”

His words were hushed quite effectively by the sudden pressure of Jack’s mouth on his own, firm and insistent.  His body was crushed into Jack’s, the clatter of the cane on the stone roof startling them enough that they broke apart.


“Those eyes...Show...”  Jack’s voice was hoarse and deep, his face flushed with emotion.

Spot looked up, his own face burning, and gave Jack what he asked for.  He broke his own promise to himself to never let Jack know.  He knew he was letting everything shine through, all the feelings he had.

He stepped forward and grabbed Jack’s face between both his hands, and sealed their mouths together, twining his tongue with Jack’s.

Jack returned the kiss fervently, wrapping his arms around Spot until there wasn’t room for a whisper between their two bodies.

Forever they lingered together, sharing the same breath, caressing with lips and tongue and teeth, until Jack felt the cold stone against the thin material of his shirt. Spot ended the kiss, pushing himself up so he was looking down at Jack lying on the stark roof underneath him.  “This what y’mean by talk, Kelly?”  Meant to be snide, but instead came out husky and yearning, igniting Jack further. Spot sucked in a sharp breath at the look that passed over Jack’s face.

Jack grabbed Spot by the waist, thrusting up with his hips while pressing Spot down onto him, their legs scissored together.  Caught up in the sensation of pure rough friction, they clutched at each other, moaning.  A quick bite on Jack’s neck.

Jack rolled over top of Spot, pinning him beneath him.  “Yeah.  Talk.” Another kiss, a sheer joining of wills, of strengths, of souls.  Spot twisted his fingers in Jack’s hair, his other arm wrapping around the waist of the young man who was on top of him.

Almost tenderly, Jack pushed the hair away from Spot’s face, tracing the shell of his ear with a fingertip, moving down the line of his jaw, down his throat.  He gently sucked on Spot’s lower lip, their gazes locked together.  Jack pulled away and trailed his finger over Spot’s mouth, where Spot caught the finger and sucked firmly.

Jack gasped and thrust against Spot, going with the rhythm of the warm mouth on his finger.  The night air against his newly bared back shocked him slightly into awareness.  “What..?”

Spot shoved Jack off of him, onto the shirt that he had thrown beside them.

Straddling Jack, Spot deftly unbuttoned his own shirt, slipping his braces over his shoulders, then leaning forward to pillow Jack’s head with the shirt.

Jack tilted his head up to taste the flesh that was now present for him, reveling in the feel of the small nipple in his mouth, the sound of Spot’s voice its own reward.  Jack dragged his teeth over the sensitive nub, moving his mouth so he could devour the rest of the smooth chest above him.

Spot closed his eyes, breathing shallowly, part of his mind still not believing this was happening.  He pulled away, suddenly suspicious.

Jack stared at him.  “What?  C’mon, back down...”  Sultry.

Resisting, Spot looked away.  “Why.”

“Why?”  Jack was staggered.  “Because...it’s good, y’know?”

“Is that it?”  Spot glared down at him, moving so he was resting on his haunches above Jack.  An unspoken demand.

Hesitation.   “Spot...”

“It ain’t just what I want, Jack.”  Not able to stop himself, Spot felt his voice rising.  “I don’t want t’just do this!  I wanna be able to see ya, knowin’ that we can be together, knowin...”  Exasperated.

Jack felt his heart thrum.  “Yeah...”  Breathless.  “I know.”  A sharp look from above him.  “I do.  I...I need this, I need t’have *you*, Spot Conlon.”

Is it enough?  Spot hesitated, yet pressed himself back down on Jack, resting on his elbows, gazing down at him, nose to nose.  “Yeah?”  An answering nod.  “Good.”  He crushed his lips to Jack’s, sealing them together.

Jack could feel fingers dextrously opening his pants, pushing them down his body until he was bared to exploring hands.  Spot gripped Jack’s rigid member firmly, sliding his hand over it, eliciting small groans.

He worked his way down Jack’s planed chest, his stomach, finally capturing the stiff flesh in his mouth.  Jack threw his head back and tried to yell, only a hoarse whisper escaping him.  Spot indulged in the taste of his lover, feeling him grow harder still.

Spot stood quickly, ignoring the protestations of his partner.  He shed the rest of his clothes, finally standing nude before Jack.  Jack, silenced effectively by the display before him, merely let his gaze roam over Spot’s smooth body.

He reached up and pulled Spot down beside him, wanting to reciprocate the pleasure he had received.  He lay on his side, leaning up on one elbow, and licked Spot from base to tip in one smooth motion.  Spot moaned and gripped Jack’s hair tightly, then yelled when he felt himself being submerged in the warmth of a wet, gently sucking mouth.  He could feel himself getting close to his climax, yet he didn’t want to come like this.

He pushed Jack off of him, then sat up, kissing Jack hotly.  He leaned down and sucked hard on Jack’s member.  Quickly positioning himself atop the throbbing hardness, Spot lowered himself, impaling Jack’s entire length into him in a swift, painful motion.  Jack threw his head back and a yell ripped out of his throat, as Spot gritted his teeth against the pain.

He slowly began moving against the member inside of him, caressing it, moving the experience to a realm of pleasure.  They sat up against each other, bare chests rubbing, slick with sweat, Spot’s own swollen hardness receiving welcome friction from the hand Jack snaked between their two bodies.

Jack luxuriated in the bliss of being joined so intimately with this strong young man.  He could feel Spot’s insides pulling at him, coaxing him closer and closer.  His lover’s moans fueled his desire, urging him on.    He felt Spot tighten almost unbearably around him, a hoarse shout complementing the warm wetness suddenly coating their stomachs.  Jack tensed, his own orgasm imminent.  He melded their bodies together even more, wanting to be just one.

Spot felt Jack throb inside of him, spilling his essence deep into his body.  Jack shuddered and buried his face into Spot’s shoulder.

The sound of fast, erratic breathing slowing to a regular, almost dozing pace.


Still joined with Spot, Jack lay on his back, pulling the smaller one down on top of him.  He reached over and grabbed the one shirt that wasn’t underneath him, and covered both of them up.  “Not much, but it’ll do...”  Jack kissed Spot’s lips gently.  He was already sleeping.  “I don’t wanna go yet..I think I like Brooklyn.”  A smirk, and another kiss on the slumbering figure above him.  “A lot.”