Title: Surprises, Surprises
Author: Wisecracks
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/David
Status: PWP. Complete.
Feedback: Whatever floats yer boat.
Archive: Seize The Night
Summary: Jack has a surprise in store for Davey.
Disclaimer: Not mine, nuh uh. Disney owns them, the lucky ducks.


"Jack, where are we going?"

With a blindfold covering his eyes, David couldn't see a thing. All he knew was that Jack had come to him that night, promising a surprise. Now, he was being led down the dirty street to who knows where.

"I told ya, it's a sa-prise! So keep ya trap shut or I'll forget about da whole thing."

Even though David's curiosity was begging to know more, he did as he was told. The reassuring hand on his forearm guiding him gently pulled and pushed him along to their destination. Still, Dave couldn't help but worry about colliding with a street lamp or building. No, Jack would never let that happen. Would he?

"Heah we are!" David could "hear" Jack smile his toothy grin.

"Finally!" David said as he reached around to untie the blindfold. He was stopped by rough hands.

"Not yet, Dave. Da sa-prise is inside."

"Oh for the love of--" A finger came to lie on his lips, shushing him.

"Shh. Soon, Dave, I promise," Jack whispered against David's ear, then kissed it quickly. David's mouth hung open, but he didn't say another word. Jack smiled at his handy work and moved to open the door. He carefully lead David inside, through narrow hallways and finally to a plain looking door. Jack opened the door and guided David in from behind. David heard the door shut, tilting his head to the side.

"Okay...Now!" Jack whipped off the blindfold. David had to blink a few times to get used to the light in the room even though it was dim. When his eyes adjusted, he started to take in his surroundings. It was an average size room with candles glowing from their holders on the wall. The wall itself was a dark pink. //Well, that's disturbing// The big attention-getter was in the middle of the room--a bed. Not just any bed, but a nice, big one with curtains that went all the way around it. The sheets and pillows on the bed were a red, shiny material. Maybe satin?

David was so occupied with gazing around the room that he didn't notice Jack come up behind him until he started to massage Dave's shoulders. He found himself closing his eyes to let the feeling wash over him.

"Look at the bed, Dave," Jack whispered hotly, his mouth an inch from the other boy's ear. David obeyed the order without a second thought. "Imagine. Me. You. Completely naked," he started, kissing David's neck each time he paused, "Laying on it. Our bodies pressed together," he pulled David against him for effect, "Me. Screaming out your name."

David closed his eyes again while the images ran through his mind. His mouth went dry and he inhaled sharply. Jack needed only to command one more thing.


And away we go. David opened his eyes and began to walk closer to the bed, Jack's chest right up against his back. Jack stopped them both just before they got there. He slowly spun Dave around to face him. Their eyes mirrored each other's, dark and dilated with desire. As if on a the same brain wave, they closed the distance between their mouths at the same time.

David's fingers found their way into Jack's long hair, brushing through it, digging into his scalp, fingers getting tangled. Meanwhile, Jack's hands were exploring his lover's middle, making sure to free a few buttons and loosen the belt while he was there. Their kisses were the same as they had been through many heated nights before--slow and seductive, yet always passionate in a way. Tongues fought for dominance though neither cared who would win.

Shirts were thrown out of the way quickly along with shoes being kicked off. Jack backed David up until his knees hit the bed, forcing him to sit down. Quickly kneeling on the floor and getting in between David's legs, he started kissing the boy's stomach through the undershirt. David shivered from the sensation, but craved skin-on-skin contact. He discarded the shirt then leaned back as Jack attacked his belly.

Something in the very back of Dave's mind nagged him--his damned curiosity again. He managed to get enough blood to flow back into his brain so he could satisfy it. "J-Jack."

"Hmm...?" came the distracted reply from the other.

"Where...exactly...are we?"

Jack's tongue rimmed David's navel causing Dave to fight to keep the blood in his head instead of wandering off to his groin again.

"A special little room in Irving Hall."

"Medda's place?!" David exclaimed, "Jack!"

"What's wrong? Ev'rythin's okay, trust me." Jack started to pull at Dave's pants with his teeth. "I got permission and all dat otha jazz. Heh, aren't ya prouda me?"

"No. I mean, yes. I mean...Medda knows?"

"She's like a mudda to me, so yeah, she knows. Are we gonna make good use of dis room or not?"

//Medda knows. Okay, no big deal, I guess. In her line of work she's more than likely seen worse// David wrapped his legs around Jack, pulling him close again. Knowing his answer, Jack set to work on David's pants. When Jack pulled back to stand up David followed, his pants falling around his ankles. He stepped out of them and took off Jack's undershirt.

Jack worked his way out of his own pants before kissing David and flopping them both down on the bed. They squirmed up the bed until they were satisfied with their position--David lying on his back, head resting on a pillow, Jack leaning on all fours over him. The urban cowboy raised up to shut the curtains surrounding the bed. Now only the faintest of candlelight allowed them to see. Jack turned to see David fingering the sheets.

"They *are* silk."

Jack raised an eyebrow, smirking, "Uh, youse want I should give you and da sheets some time alone?"

David grinned wickedly before yanking Jack back down on top of him by his bandanna. Jack laid inside David's legs gently rubbing their hard-ons. His mouth and tongue roamed David's neck while the other caressed his back. Jack's hand reached down to slide under David's underpants leg. He moved his hand higher and higher. David encouraged him by lifting his leg to allow easier access.

Then, his hand was gone and both hands slid away the pants and tossed them God knows where. David's hips bucked when Jack grabbed a hold of him and started to pump. The movements were fast and determined. "Oh God, Jack!" he gasped out.

"Come quickly for me, Davey. I can't wait to be inside you."

David moaned, tossing his head back when he finally came, splattering his stomach and Jack's hand. He laid there panting and Jack gave him a breather before coaxing him back to arousal. It didn't take much for it to happen. Jack's promise of being inside him helped more than anything. Of course, the other things helped an awful lot too. Like Jack kissing the underside of his cock and thumbs skimming over his nipples making them harden.

When David was ready, he showed it to Jack by taking the hand his cum had covered and sucking the fingers into his mouth. Jack's eyes were glued to the sight. He allowed David to clean off one more finger before taking it away and seeking out a deep kiss.

Unable to control himself any longer, Jack broke the kiss. He rubbed his hand along David's belly, scooping up the semen then coated his cock until it was slippery enough. He slowly positioned himself. As much as he had a fetish with sucking on David's nape, he loved watching David's face as he orgasmed. They'd make love with David on his back.

Jack grabbed David's hips and looked him straight in his heavenly blue eyes. Suddenly he thrust into his lover. They both clenched their eyes shut and screamed out in equal pain and pleasure. David arched his back and brought his legs up to hug Jack's body closer. With the aid of that movement, Jack was able to slide all the way to the hilt. They stayed frozen like that for a moment to give David's body a chance to adjust. Then, Jack pulled out almost completely before taking that long blissful push back into David's tight entrance.

Soon, they were building a rhythm. Faster and faster, harder and harder. Jack swiveled his hips and drove deeper, hitting David's prostate. Dave nearly went over the edge.

"Jack! Right there! Oh, Jack."

It took a short delayed moment for Jack to register what the other had said, then began aiming for that spot. David grasped at the sheets and squeezed his legs tighter. A white heat started to climb in Jack. He wasn't even aware that he was moaning anymore.

"Yes! Oh God! David, I love you!"

Jack thrust one last time and came, biting his lip. David felt the warm fluid enter him and followed, clutching and milking Jack's member. They both collapsed completely sated. Their sweat-covered bodies hugging onto each other.

When Jack could at last move, he slid out of David and crawled to lay beside him. They worked together to pull the sheets over themselves. The silk helped to cool their still warm bodies. David sighed in contentment and snuggled closer against Jack's chest.

"Jack, do me a favor?"

Jack lightly rubbed one of his arms, "Anythin'."

"Surprise me more often."

"You got it."

The End