Title:  Warm as David

Author:  Shimmerwings

Rating: G

Pairing:  Jack/David

Status:  Complete, one-shot

Feedback:  Of course.  I’m a sucker for feedback, especially constructive criticism.  It really inspires me to write more.

Archive:  Seize the Night, any others just ask.

Summary:  A sweet and fluffy interlude in Jack and David’s relationship.

Disclaimer:  If I owned Newsies, I wouldn’t be writing crazy fanfic like this.  It’s all Disney’s stuff.

Warnings:  FLUFF!  SAP!  Run for your lives.

Note:  Jack and David’s cute moment is thanks to an RP between me and a fellow writer.  Only the second fanfic I ever wrote.   




The steps to the Lodging House were still warm from the sun.  Jack sighed and leaned into them, soaking up the heat.  New York was gettin’ cold, and newsboys weren’t known for having warm stuff at the best of times.


He could hear two voices coming down the street. One was quiet, the other raced on nonstop.  He grinned.  He’d know those two voices anywhere.  One of ‘em belonged to his favorite person.




There was the talker.  Jack looked up in time to catch an excited Les before he knocked them both over.


“Hey now, Les,” he laughed.  “Someday you’re gonna kill me like that, y’know.  Knock me right over and then who’ll teach you how to sell papes?”


“I bet I could do it all by myself.  Yeah, I bet I could sell a hundred papes in one day!”  Les waved his arms around.  “But I still wouldn’t want you to die.”


A short laugh and a warmth settling by his side.  Jack’s smile grew.


“I should probably be jealous that he’s always so excited to see you.”  David’s voice was as warm as his presence.  He leaned over, whispering into Jack’s ear.  “But I’m really just glad that he doesn’t knock me over anymore.”


“Hey!” Les shouted.  “I didn’t knock him over.  Did I, Jack?”


Jack tilted his head to look at David.  With the setting sun on him he was all welcome, glowing colors.  His playful smile and eyes reached inside Jack, tumbling around.  Maybe he wasn’t so cold after all.


“Yeah, Dave.”  Slow drawl.  “Your brother didn’t knock me over.”  Slower smile.  A challenge.  “But if you’re so jealous over gettin’ knocked over, me’n’Les can do somethin’ about it.  Isn’t that right, Les?”




David was looking nervous.  Jack laughed, motioned to Les.  “C’mon then!”


Jack saw David realize what was going to happen, but by then it was too late to do anything.  He tumbled David to the ground, making sure to grab his arms and legs so he couldn’t get up.  Les giggled and joined him.


David yelped and sputtered, laughing.  “That’s not quite what I meant!”


“Well, that’s what I heard.”  Jack caught his eyes, but spoke to Les.  “You know, Les, rumor has it that your brother here . . . he’s ticklish.”


His grin was wide and wicked.  David was hot and indignant.  Jack leaned forward, hair hanging into his eyes.  “But I can’t tell you where I learned that,” he murmured meaningfully, returning the warmth he felt.  Pulling back, smiling still.  “Let’s test it.”


The widening of David’s eyes, the growing flush on his cheeks, made it all worthwhile.  Then Les was tickling him and his eyes squeezed shut.  It was all Jack could do to keep his grip while David tried his best to squirm free.


It hit Jack hard as David was trying to curl up around Les’ fingers, shaking in silent laughter.


He was happy.


Not only happy.  David warmed him all the way through.  For the first time in as long as he could remember, he felt safe.


When David wrenched free and rolled away, Jack realized that he had loosened his grip.


“J-Jack?”  David was panting, looking at him.


Jack smiled, thanking David silently.  David grinned back, the look in his eyes saying everything.