Title: Winning Brooklyn
Author: VinylNoMiko
Feedback: Much appreciated
Rating: R
Status: Complete, One Shot
Pairing: Jack/Spot, Spot/that guy on the bridge
Archive: Seize the Night (http://insanity4ever.tripod.com/index2.html), Colour Overs (www.colourovers.net)
Summary: Jack has to go back to Brooklyn and revisit his old memories and his old love.
Disclaimer: If I owned Newsies, there would have been some kissing between Conlon and Kelly, so most obviously I do not own Newsies, but I do suggest you purchase the soundtrack and movie
Warnings: angst, slash, Spot/Jack, Spot/that guy on the bridge, Jack POV


I shuddered. Being back in Brooklyn was... interesting to say the least. I know Spot had easily found a replacement for me, and tended to have a tendency to have a different plaything a month. Occasionally it would be a girl, but it usually was a guy. Just the thought of meeting one of them made me internally scream.

Yes, I still love Spot. Who wouldnít? That mischievous blue eyed wonder can really get under your skin and into it, if you catch my drift. I walked down the Brooklyn bridge occasionally laughing or smiling, so Boots and David wouldnít suspect I was writhing from anger in my head.

I had heard Spot was semi serious about his current boy toy.

We arrived at the bridge, half clothed men swimming in the water splashed us as we got closer to Spot. When we were almost near enough to Spot to begin our discussion, a guy got out of the water, dripping everywhere. I looked up at Spot, who smirked down at this muscular confection of a boytoy. I knew who this was. It was Spotís first semi serious boyfriend since myself.

"Going somewhere, Kelly?" We glared daggers at each other, but Boots, David, and I just kept walking.

"Well, if it ainít Jack be nimble, Jack be quick." I noted the obvious reference on how I was in the sack.

"I see you moved up in the world, Spot. Got a river view in everything." Spot jumped off, and spat in his hand. I spat in mine, and we shook. I was surprised when Spot did this, he hadnít done it since we were together..

"Heya Boots. Howís it rolliní?"

"I got a couple of real good shooters." I ignored Spot and Bootsís small talk, and just concentrated on not jumping Spot there. I looked at David, and that calmed me down. Spot took the marbles Boots handed him and took out his slingshot. He took aim.

"Yeah. So, Jacky-boy. Iíve been hearing things from little birds. Things from Harlem, Queens, all over. They been chirpiní in my ear. Jacky-boyís newsies is playing like theyíre going on strike." He released the slingshot, and the bottle burst.

"Yeah, well we are." I probably should have said something more intelligent, but when Spot displayed his manliness, it was hard to resist.

"Weíre not playing. We are going on strike." I sighed internally, David was so stupid sometimes. You just donít talk to Spot Conlon like that.

"Oh yeah? Yeah? What is this, Jacky-boy? Some kind of walking mouth?" I could tell David was scared, and luckily, didnít notice how turned on I was with the saucy, evil boy in front of me.

"Yeah, itís a mouth. A mouth with a brain, and if you got half a one, youíll listen to what heís got to say," I said covering for Davidís insolence.

"Well, we started the strike, but we canít do it alone. So, weíre talking to newsies all around the city," David said a bit uncomfortable.

"Yeah, so they told me. But whatíd they tell you?" Spot questioned.

"Theyíre waiting to see what Spot Conlon is doing, youíre the key. That Spot Conlon is the most respected and famous newsie in al of New York, and probably everywhere else. And if Spot Conlon joins the strike, then they join and weíll be unstoppable. So you gotta join, I mean.. well, you gotta!" That was probably the smartest thing David had ever and will ever say in his entire life.

"Youíre right Jacky-boy, brains. But I got brains too, and more than just half a one. How do I know you punks wonít run the first time some goon comes at ya with a club? How do I know you got what it takes to win?" I winced at the nickname. And at the intensity of his voice.

"Because Iím telling you, Spot," I answered. Spot looked down, and smirked at my hard on.

"That ainít good enough Jacky-boy. You gotta show me."

I sighed.

-- Later that night--

I was walking. Trying to clear my head from thoughts of the one person whom I can never rid my mind of. I bumped into a shorter person, and gasped.



"Spot." Damn my fucking luck. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. I guessed Iíd be having wet dreams tonight.

"I was just looking for you.." He was looking for me! There goes any straight thoughts the next few days.. "Itís so hard not to jump you right now.."

"So, why donít you?" Spot looked up, surprised. He looked about as surprised as I felt that I had said that.

"Maybe I will." I could feel Spotís warm breath on my neck.

"Mmmh, Spot.." I whispered as his mouth touched my neck. I decided I was going to have to pinch myself in a second.

"Wait. No, this is wrong." No, this is reality. I cursed under my breath.

"I should have figured you werenít attracted to me."

"Are you kidding? I wanted to fuck you earlier today."

"And Iím damn attracted to you," I pointed out, gesturing to the new expansion on my pants. "Whatís the problem?"

"We are both dated up.."

"I have a boyfriend? Where?"

"That Sarah girl."

"Psh, no. And last time I checked, you donít mind cheating on people, Spot."

Spot looked at the ground. I could have sworn I saw a tear leak out of his eye. "I donít want to do that to you again, Jack. I.. I.. love you."

I rushed into his arms, his eyes and mine now pouring tears I whispered into his ear, "I love you Spot."

As we stood there, entwined in each otherís minds, a single thought strayed across my blissful mind. "Whatís going to happen tomorrow?"

"Before or after we soak the scabbers? Before or after I dump Rash?"

I grinned, and melted into Spot.

"Say it again."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

-The End-